Karen’s Hearty Hepatitis C Diet Potato Soup

I always love a hot bowl of homemade potato soup! I try and buy organic when possible, but mostly I use what’s on hand. I always have the ingredients for some kind of soup. For a hepatitis c diet, it’s easy on the tummy and fast to make. I just scrub the red potatoes and don’t peel them if I’m tired or busy. Of course the onion and carrots are optional. Tuck in the fridge or even freezer for a lazy night. It smells up the house and you feel better knowing your body is getting good nourishment. Try these easy meals if you have hepatitis c or are on treatment. My hepatitis c menu has protein and low sodium as part of a diet that is good for your liver.




6 or 8 medium sized potatoes cut into cubes (large or small, who cares?)

1 cup chopped celery hearts and stalk

1/4 onion chopped

1 or 2 carrots sliced or chunked (heck, throw the whole thing in!)

Cover it all with water and boil the life out of it. A pinch of rosemary, thyme, parsley or marjoram will jazz it up. Add mouscade when I want a rich hearty flavor. Use some low sodium chicken or beef broth in place of water.

When it gets cooked down, smash it up with a potato masher, add a spoon of  loso butter and some almond or rice milk. Once it heats up again, if it’s too thin, add some instant potatoes. I serve mine with a little grated cheese and loso crackers. If I have any chicken breasts cooked up, I might sautee some bites in curry and serve with it. If you’re really feeling bad, just throw chicken in. lol. I swear this saved my life on more than one occasion. There are many easy and delicious meals for those who have hep c or are on treatment. My daily menu consists of protein, low sodium, and a balance that is good for your liver.

Love your body, Karen 🙂




8 thoughts on “Karen’s Hearty Hepatitis C Diet Potato Soup

    1. I like to leave most of the peel on. Just remove the eyes and scrape the ugly parts off. Sometimes if the skin is rough, I will remove most of it. Making me hungry! I keep a pot in the fridge during the winter months. xoKaren:)

  1. Hi Karen,
    This sounds GREAT. I love almost any type of soup and I love potatoes not matter how they are cooked. To introduce myself I am Dee Dee and I have end stage cirrhosis. So far the only symptoms I have are swollen ankles and Jaundice. It came on a month ago. The jaundice is very embarrassing especially when people are not used to seeing me with yellow eyes. I have done quite a bit of research as well and started doing the beets, apples and carrots a few weeks age. I also, juice kale, avocado, flax seed, lime and little cuties. The juices are for flavor. You have built a great resource for those of us suffering and I am so blessed to have found your web site. This will indeed be a healthy and happy New Year for all of us. Thank you so much for the hope you have given. You are a GOD sent. P.s. Any ideas on how to work on the jaundice?

    1. Hi Dee Dee, I am Dee, it is nice to meet you. I am Karen’s friend. I am helping her out while she recovers from her liver transplant. Have you increased your water intake? Everything we eat drink put on our skin or in our eyes has to be processed by the liver. Try to cut out fried food, red meat, processed food including lunch meat.
      I think what you are doing is good. Has your doctor given any suggestions? I will try to find some answers. Thank you so much for writing. I had not seen the potato soup. Now I am going to read this. I will get back to you asap.

  2. Hi,
    I am so happy to have found your blog. It is 2/14/16 now and I do not know if you are still updating.
    My mother is 63, had HepC at least 15 years now and in the last 3 years become very ill. She is an RN and my have contracted HepC when she helped a young man who died in a car crash she witnessed. Anyway, she is also an alcoholic. She did interferon twice and is a non-responder. She has chronic HE and was told she was in ESLD after her gallbladder removal in 10/2015. But she has no ascites and no varices. However, she can barely walk, extremely weak, can’t drive, chronic brain fog, falls all the time, can’t seem to learn anything new or remember much. She is staying with me while she is ‘drying up’ but I am not here about her drinking. She has been told she could get on the transplant list but she has to be sober at least 6 mths. She can’t have any of the new shorter treatments till she quits drinking.
    I have been giving her Muscle Milk protein powder (she got this in the hospital recently and liked it) with spinach, strawberries, a carrot, half banana, chia seeds, walnuts, and low fat milk in my Nurtri Bullet and she loves it. I am researching Young Living Juva products for a healthy liver but I don’t know what else to do and what is safe. She LOVES salt and sugar and I’m trying to get her to lower it.

    Thank you for your advice!
    How is Karen doing post transplant?

    1. Hello there! It is nice to hear from you. It sounds like you are doing really well for your Mom as far as the Muscle Milk etc. I drink a protein shake every morning, I try to use Kale Spinach, apples or bananas. Is your Mom on lactulose to help the ammonia in her brain? That would help the brain fog quite a bit. Lactulose is cheap. It helps to remove the ammonia from the brain when the liver can no longer do it. I use it as a prophylactic. The best way to take lactulose is after a full meal. Then it just assists and doesn’t cause such awful diarrhea. Inulin is another good supplement if you can’t get the prescription for Lactulose. There is also an antibiotic but it is very expensive. I have read that acidolphilus and probiotics can help. They create “friendly flora” in our guts which is where most of our problems begin. Most are not aware of this.
      I’m sorry to hear she treated twice with no positive result. I had to treat twice. The first time was bad, I lost my job, the second one was even worse but at least I was retired so no more fighting with work 🙂
      I hope you can get some help asap. Take Care, Dee. Karen is doing well, sorry I just remembered the questions. She is very happy that she was given the liver.

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