Liver Loving Recipes

Liver loving recipes are a good way of dealing with cirrhosis and surviving with Hepatitis C. One of the by-products of eating well is that your body will be stronger longer and can also respond to Hep c treatment better. Eating healthy is good no matter what your current liver health is. With with a virus attacking your liver, you’ve will feel so much better and have more energy if you eat healthy, well balanced meals.


Just hit the drop down menu on the home screen and click on recipes for:




Main dish and casseroles and MORE!


Check out my low sodium, liver loving recipes as I add them. I have started using Ziplist in hopes that it would be easier for you to read them. I am not real big on measuring stuff. I get out the measuring cups and spoons for sure. However,  I also use a spoon and taste as I go. These recipes have been a big experiment in my life since I was diagnosed with End Stage Liver Disease. I decompensated and learned quickly to eat low sodium and low fat.

Guys, most of these pics are in my little farm kitchen. I cook up love with every meal and hope that you can eat better and liver longer. So if you see paint peeling on the windows and a mess on the counter, please ignore that. My kitchen is clean. When the kids come over, they actually want to sit at the bar and eat. We rarely use the table!

I might have stage 4 cirrhosis, and just finished hepatitis c treatment, but I’m NOT eating boring food. Neither am I a slave to the kitchen.

Juicing for liver
Expensive juicers aren’t important. Go with what you can afford!

You’re going to love eating less than 2,000 mg. of sodium a day! Plus these are protein packed and low fat! You may have to make adjustments if you’re on triple therapy and need the fat grams. I aim for 1/2 my body weight in protein grams. 150 lb = 75 grams of protein daily to stay healthy.

Bon Appetit! Karen :)

I’m working more on juicing recipes and encourage you to do the same. I know that nausea can lead to malnourishment. We need out strength lovey’s!

16 thoughts on “Liver Loving Recipes

    1. Michelle –
      So glad you found the site. My funny home pics of food make me laugh. But I can assure you that it truly is a huge part of what saved my life.
      Will you stay in touch and let me know how nutrition helps you?
      Also, go to the contact me page and let me know if you need anything. I’ve got sources and resources. I truly wish you the best in your health journey. xoxo Karen:)

    1. I remember feeling so alone with my diagnosis. My poor brain was overloaded. I hope you can feel the hugs across the internet tonight dear one. When I say we are in this together, I mean it.

      No matter what you are facing, there is always hope.

      Let me know if you need something. xoxo Karen:)

  1. I was diagnosed with Hep C five years ago. Took the 52 week ribovivarin/pegintron treatment. Did not clear. I have a strain, unsure what its called at this moment . 4g.
    I have had it for 35 yrs with no trouble. Not sure why it raised its ugly head. Life was pretty good till then. In five years I have lost my husband and home of 25 years. Had to move in with my mother due to not having anywhere to go and no job in 10 years. I was lucky in the fact that I did not have to work. Anyway now Im scared and feel alone. Im trying to improve my health and not having very good luck. It is my crutch~ I eat a pint of ice cream every day. Very little protein and had no idea how important my diet is. I bought a juicer, a Breville and a bunch of fruits and veggies 10 days ago and have not touched any of it. I guess I’m wondering if it will work and I’m so tired I cannot seem to stand in the kitchen long enough to learn it all. Help Please just need some support and juicing ideas:) Debbie

    1. Debbie,

      Aw hunnyo – You’re never alone and you always have support. Check out my facebook and hook up with our private support. They’re a loving bunch of people who know exactly what you’re going through.

      As you can tell, I was the same: Long term HCV and didn’t know it. I’m wondering if you have some liver damage? The Hepatitis C will sap your strength. The virus keeps your liver full of inflammation. You are SO very smart in attempting to eat well to support your body until you can try treatment again. Maybe the newer drugs?

      My marriage failed also after over 30 years. Being sick is so hard on our family, finances, and our spirit, mind and body. A little ice cream may feel good. I have yet to give up my pop tarts! But by getting good protein, you will be stronger. Juicing is a good step. Here is my best tip on that: clean your veggies all at once and put em in the fridge. Work on it all day as you feel like it. Sit at the kitchen table with the garbage can beside you. Then each time you want to juice, it is much easier!

      Forming new habits takes time. I am concerned that you are eating, but not getting enough nourishment.

      Please write more or hook up on fb. What about blood lab levels? New treatment meds?

      And give you mom a hug for me. God bless moms. I am so happy that you have her right now. You WILL get a chance to start over dear one.
      Thanks for sharing with me. Keep in touch please! xoxoxo Karen:)

  2. So thrilled I found you! I was diagnosed with NAFLD last August. Scared me pretty good. I asked the doctor (he did a CT, ultrasound, colonoscopy, and throat scope) what to do? He said “Lose weight. I’ll see you back in 10 years for another colonoscopy unless you have other issues.” And that was it! He basically wanted me to go back to my internist for treatment. I had never heard of fatty liver disease (and I have a background in emergency medicine). So I have been doing as much research as possible – lost 15% of my body weight (almost 40 pounds) since August and then learned that if you lose weight really fast, it causes MORE damage to the liver! So many differing opinions on what you can and can’t eat with liver disease that I am totally confused and afraid to eat more than a handful of things. Now that I have found you and your blog, I can breathe again! I know that you have done more research and are confident in what can be eaten regularly. You are a blessing in my life! Thank you so much. I look forward to following you as I gain better control of my health.

    1. I’m thrilled that you found the blog too. It’s just my place where I’ve learned to live past that death sentence. You’ve done amazing to lose so much. I am glad to see that you are letting it level off now. Since the doctor didn’t find anything on tests or procedures, it means you are in pretty good shape! That is awesome news sweetie! You can keep your health in a good balance with diet and nutrition since it was caught early.

      I’m so glad that the site has helped you. I’m working on getting the rest of my recipes up. I am constantly working on new ways of cooking that reduces my symptoms associated with liver damage. Promise to keep me posted on your progress … and let me know if you run across any great recipes. You sound like a really proactive person who is not going to take this lying down. All my best to you in the New Year!!!

      Much love,

  3. Just found this site. My husband is in the hospital as we speak with stage 4 cirrhosis. I cried for 3 days thinking he was dying. So, so glad to find out there may be more time for us with a proper diet. Thanks for posting and I intend to read this entire site – right after I wipe away my last tears. Thanks

    1. Hi Sweet Girlfriend,

      Isn’t the internet wonderful? Just when we need a hug wrapped up in hope, there it is. I’m glad you found the site. I’ll be looking forward to an update once you get your mind wrapped around the diagnosis. I’ve got your family covered in prayer and love right now. Keep me posted. xoxo Karen:)

  4. I’m so happy to have found you. I was diagnosed having Hep C virus a month ago and awaiting to start treatment after couple more tests. I’m not sure how I got virus… thinking through a blood transfusion for heart surgery in ’70s or via needle stick in performing patient care as a nurse. Even tho I’m in healthcare I’m not sure how to process all this and definitely feeling down. I feel that eating healthy will help restore liver tissue and help with forthcoming treatment. New meds for Hep C “CURE” has recently gotten FDA approval 2014 for success in clearing Hep C virus with a 12-24 week treatment. Needless to say, I’m hopeful and grateful for the research.

    In the meantime, I want to learn more about how to live with Hep C until cleared. Will be looking at those most delicious recipes and tips. I was told to stay away from alcohol (I drink rarely – 1 glass wine at most when dining with friends) and no Tylenol products. I like the idea of chicken a week. I’m thinking to stay away from Fat, Sodium, Red meats (beef, pork, lamb) which leaves chicken, fish and veggies. Does that sound right?

    Again, happy to have found a forum of “friends” who i can learn and share with.

    1. Gardenia,

      I’m happy that you found us too! It sound like you are up on all the latest meds and isn’t it amazing how far they’ve come in the last few years? I did the same thing you are doing. I “trained” for treatment and it totally gave me the strength I needed to survive and thrive. You sound great. I hope there is not a lot of liver damage. Even if there is, the diet modifications can get you through with many more years of a fruitful life!

      Thanks for dropping by and if you come up with any more good ideas for nutrition, let me know. I’m working on an ebook for readers to find the best diet for their stage of liver disease. Food is medicine as you well know.

      xo Much love, Karen

  5. Karen, can you tell me if molasses is a liver-healthy food? I know that sugar is not healthy and I have really cut it back to almost nothing. I haven’t been able to get used to plain oatmeal. However, I use stevia (sparingly) and berries. I was wondering how easy molasses is to digest.
    I try to do as much research as possible on liver health. I just keep running into so many varying opinions that it’s confusing.
    Currently I am on only 1 serving of fruit a day (only berries or apples) because of the sugar concern, no dairy (fat and sugar), no breads, no wheat, barley, etc. Options are kind of low with what I keep reading.
    I realize that NAFLD is different than Hep-C, but it also leads to cirrhosis of the liver which I am trying to avoid.
    Sure appreciate your help!

    1. Janis,

      The whole sugar thing is very confusing. I ended up letting go of all simple sugars for a couple of years too. I decided that the fear was probably killing me faster than liver disease. Now I kind of go with the 70-30 ratio. I eat perfect about 70% of the time and 30% of the time, I eat fairly “normal”. When I don’t feel good, I may go to 80/20 or even higher.

      So what does that mean with sugar in particular? Low glycemic is always best. Molasses and honey are still fairly high on the index. Stevia is NOT. I was restricting fruits for a while and have decided (like you) that they just make foods taste better. If you’re going to indulge, that is where to do it.

      I’m in awe of your ability to drop dairy and breads. I keep them at a “no or low” in my diet also. I found some soy based grated cheese food for my turkey and bean chili! I make nachos, which is a fave.

      Oatmeal is a love of mine and is so very safe. I’ve lived on it for most of my life. Even before I was diagnosed, it was one food that didn’t cause a food coma. That tells you something…. I alternate plain, coconut oil, brown sugar, banana, or blueberries. Back to that percentage chart I mentioned.

      You are a very disciplined person with a high drive to live. Bravo for all of your work. It’s hard to write about this subject because we all vary in those 2 areas, and also in our degree and type of liver disease. I hope that my writing have helped you to make sense of how to protect your liver and live your best life.

      Will you stay in touch? I think with the onset of Hepatitis C for baby boomers, that knowledge about liver disease will only continue to grow!


      1. Thanks for the quick response! I picked up some coconut sugar last night to see if that works occasionally.
        I’m working at putting together a group of recipes and meal plans that will work for me. I’m NOT good at eating healthy when I wait until the last minute! So I have to have some things on hand and ready (cooked brown rice, black beans, etc).
        Have you seen the documentary Forks before Knifes? I just watched it and it has given me more ideas for meals. It is a “plant based” lifestyle. There are recipes online for a few meals mentioned. I think it would give you some positive healthy liver ideas.
        Best wishes (and I’m thrilled you are doing much better now),

        1. Jen,

          You know I’ve heard a lot about Forks before Knives and need to watch that. Maybe a good movie for this weekend! Let me know how your group of recipes and meal plans go. I’m working on something also.
          I think the bowl of rice, beans, quinoa, etc is a big key. A quick snack is always at your fingertips!
          Maybe we should share ideas. xo Karen{)

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