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 Hey there Boo Boo! Many of our favorite  recipes call for high sodium mayonnaise. Your best friend Yogi is smarter than the average bear and has a solution for that! If you are not a Baby Boomer, you can skip the storyline and go straight for the recipe. The rest of us spent many Saturday mornings with Yogi Bear at Jellystone National Park.

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There are some pricey brands of low sodium mayonnaise. You can also make homemade mayo from scratch. I worry about the raw egg. With my liver, I don’t take chances.

I keep the regular grocery store brand in the fridge for the family.

I make mine up and keep it in a glass jar in the fridge. It’s for my use, but also for making a big dish that calls for salad dressing. It has about 20 mg of sodium per Tbl. I can use it to my heart’s content!

Here’s the trick to “Fake em out easy low sodium Mayonnaise ”: 

½ C mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

¼ C vinegar

1 C olive oil

2 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp dry mustard powder (or Westbrae mustard)

Take regular mayo or Miracle Whip and add vinegar, olive oil and stir it up!
Add lemon juice, dry mustard, and garlic powder to suit your taste.


low sodium mayo ihelpc.com
20 mg sodium per serving 

Eating a nutritional, low sodium liver loving diet is my key to a long life. Yours too! So be careful what you grab out of that pic-a-nic basket BooBoo.  Your best friend will be bringing some easy low sodium mayonnaise to help you avoid ascites.

With liver disease, whether it’s a result of Hepatitis C or not, you use a lot of low sodium recipes. Once your ascites has to be drained, you try and avoid having it done as much as possible. I know. Taking diuretics and then indulging in high salt food is counter- productive – and just plain silly. xo Karen

Learn how I went from ascites drain to low sodium and ate delicious meals here

Does having low sodium mayonnaise help you come up with better ideas for fixing quick meals in the summer?

31 thoughts on “Easy Low Sodium Mayonnaise

  1. this is the first time I came across this site it was by accident. I have granulomas hepatitis which is rare I don’t know where or how I got it. I have to be on a low sodium diet as well I have had my abdomen drained a number of times and had a bad case of ascites once and almost died. I don’t know of anyone having this disease and could use some more information.

    1. Maaria, Thank you for writing. I read quite about about granulomas hepatitis. My what a rare genetic disease. I hope you will be able to use some of my low sodium tips. The draining can be scary. Diuretics can ususally help with that. But I am so glad you are looking for ways to eat low sodium. Did you check out the low sodium shopping list?

      I also checked out http://www.ibdsupport.org. It looks like a good website for support and information. Let me know if I can ever be of help. xoxo Karen:)

  2. hi karen i realiy thankfull 2 u givn us many helpful tips abut heppatitic c my 7 years old daughter also hv heppatitis c and im so worried abut her .her liver is healthy but her alt is 550 wht kind of food i can give her. she luvs 2 eat dates,honey and cheez and olive oil can these things r gud 4 her heath? and i also want 2 knw that wht things help her to low her alt level plz help me she is my heart im nothing without her .

    1. Sadia,

      It is a precious mother’s heart who is looking for good for for your daughter. Bless you. Her ALT is high. Do the doctors advise treatment for this? Taking care of the liver includes many things such as natural food that you cook. Not so much sugar except from fruit. I have written on this under the diet for liver blog. Go to the START HERE button with the black and white flag. Look for many articles on diet and food.

      A healthy diet is good for the liver in general. She needs good protein from quinoa, nuts, and nut butter. Some meat is good also, but not red meat. Olive oil is healthy and is the best oil to use. Fat is NOT good for ALT and AST because the liver does not like it.

      I too love cheese. It makes a lot of sodium and has to be taken in small doses. I eat some every day with no problem. Can you find Swiss cheese? It is the healthiest for sodium. Maybe not so tasty as cheddar. 🙂
      Are you using natural soap on her skin? Less perfumes are good.

      Bless you in your efforts. Love is healing and she has your love to help her through this.
      xoxo You both have my love also… Karen:)

      1. thx karen 4 replying me .im frm pakistan .im very upset abut my daughter dr says tht she can eat every thing .can she?and dr onliy give her liprotek-a seyrep and no give any other medicens bcz she says tht her liver is healthy onliy alt high but i cant understand can she acure again ? is she heppatitis acured?
        Gog bless u karen.

        1. Sadia,

          I want to say again how I love your mother’s heart toward your daughter. I am not sure of the medication here in the US and can’t understand what it is. She is young and the liver can be healthy for many years. One girl waited until she was 22 to start the treatment. She was born with hepatitis. She is clear now and has finished at the university! So yes, your daughter WILL need treatment. Maybe your doctor waits until she is older and also because the treatment is coming out better every year with new drugs.
          God bless you dear one,

    1. Sadia,

      Yes, Eggs are a good source of protein for us with liver disease. I eat them quite a bit. Spinach and any vegetable that has iron is also good. Iron is hard for the liver, but spinach gives a natural source for this! I wish you could come to my house for New Years Day. We are having black eyed peas and kale for dinner. It is a tradition here for luck. But it is also good protein!

      Happy 2014 to you!

    1. Sadia,

      You posted this twice and I sent one through. I kept this and I’m glad because I have been wondering how your daughter is doing? The new drugs are getting better and better. This will be wonderful news to you my friend.

      Keep me posted,
      xo Karen:)

    1. Sadia,
      I always look for those little comments that get missed. Now I am finding this and so happy! How is everything going? I know you are busy, but I want you to know that I think of you a lot and send you prayers and love, Karen

    1. I do. You might start with 3/4 cup and mix. You can add the rest slowly to get your desired thickness. I use olive oil in a lot of recipes since it’s a smart fat and not a saturated “sat fat”.

  3. Hi ..like a little more info on turning kraft calorie wise or hellmans into low sodium….what is th recipe and how do you figure out what calorie ,fat and sodium is after….and do you know off any store bought low sodium mayo….thanks for you time..

    1. Hey there Brian. I see that Karen has a recipe for her low fat mayo on the page you posted on. I’m sorry I don’t see any other recipes. You could always buy the low salt at the store. I think she was just trying to give an example of how you could have a lower salt mayo. If you come up with anything please let us know. Thank you for writing in. Dee

  4. Gawd, I love people like you Karen! I stumbled upon this site looking for a yummy low sodium recipe for my Menier’s and you have touched my heart with your kindness and sweet spirit. We need more people like you in this world precious lady 🙂

  5. Hi Karen,
    My wife and I require a low sodium diet due to heart issues.
    This recipe looks very promising and I am very excited to try it out.
    I noticed other homemade mayo recipes use apple cider vinegar. What type of vinegar do you use?

    1. Hay Dave, I think any kind of vinegar works. I keep apple cider vinegar and get the one with the “mother” in it called Braggs. It may take a little less because it’s got a lot of kick it in.

      I’m happy to hear you’re helping each other. The condiments are the hardest to live without! Let me know how it worked for you.
      xo Karen

  6. Thank you for giving me such Information about Mayonnaise because it really used in daily life in eating fast food .These taste of this Mayonnaise is like little bit seat and salty.

    1. I play with the olive oil to change up the consistency. If it is too runny, it may be that you need to add a little more mayonnaise? Just be sure and count in the sodium. Also, try adding nonfat plain greek yogurt for thicker texture. Sorry I’m writing back so late. xo



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