High Protein Healthy French Toast Recipe

On a weekend, I enjoy making high protein healthy french toast recipe. They’re great for a late breakfast and also pack well for a tasty snack or lunch bag! If you read my recipes and think they’re boring, think again. I’ve had french toast in France and think that my Okie version can top it!

High Protein Healthy French Toast Recipe

5 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

6 Slices

2 - Depending on how you feel

High Protein Healthy French Toast Recipe


  • 6 slices of bread (I use Ezekiel no sodium)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/3 C. almond or rice milk
  • Cooking spray


  1. I mix the eggs and milk while the skillet is warming up with a little olive oil and low sodium margarine or butter. If you’re feeling a little tired – skip margarine or butter. It burns quickly and you have to watch it closer. Olive oil is fine – just pour on the bottom of the pan.
  2. Lay the bread in the egg mixture for a few seconds. Turn it over to coat other side. Don’t let it soak in mixture or it will be soggy. Plop it in the pan and turn when you see it’s a golden brown. A larger skillet will allow you to fix 2 slices at a time.

I serve this with organic maple syrup or Agave nectar.  I’m all about low glycemic since my liver does not do sugar well, so the Agave is perfect. Did you see the pic? The bottle is almost empty. If you have nausea or varices, it is also nice to the tummy.

It ends up being 25 grams of sodium and 10 grams of protein per serving. What’s not to love about that?  Protein is important for fibrosis reversal and low sodium helps you live healthier with liver disease like hepatitis c and cirrhosis. Check my recipes for the healthiest choices to live long while eating well!

hepatitis c high protein healthy french toast

Try this high protein healthy french toast recipe! Eating to live recipes from your bff, Karen:)



9 thoughts on “High Protein Healthy French Toast Recipe

    1. Jena,

      It is a great meal for guests! My family loves it and we spend a leisure morning hanging out while making French toast. I made a huge batch while we were snowed in recently and my granddaughters cut it in strips for the microwave. Then they could just dip it in their fave syrup. My friend in France makes it a lot. The french love their bread and make good use of the dried out loaf this way.

      I do a lot of work with students who have disabilities and can’t wait to read your blog! I’m glad you came by.
      Thank you,

    1. Yes! haha. I do both depending on my mood. Some days I like it heavier and put in on after it’s cooked. If you put in on while it’s cooking, the cinnamon can scorch a little. It shakes on great though with your syrup!

    1. Yes JoAnn! Cinnamon is good for your blood sugar and is a great addition to bread, coffee, or any baked foods. I sprinkle it on sweet potatoes and also baked squash! Thanks for dropping by. xo Karen:)

    1. Hi there, they used to think that protein was bad but more recently they have found that people with cirrhosis need protein.
      Karen was advised by her doctor to eat a lot of protein to keep her from being malnourished. Of course that need to be balanced
      with other nutrients and following doctors advise is best however the thinking has changed. I hope this helps you. If you look at the upper right hand side of the page there are many recipes to help the liver. Take Care!

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