Dr Seuss Quotes

Dr Seuss Quotes always cheer me up. I love alliteration. I love feeling good. I need a different way of looking at things sometimes.

Hepatitis C Care Troubles Dr. Suess

I actually have a big plastic bat. I swing it around now and then and take a swat at my troubles.  I never ever ever step off of home plate when I strike out.

Life will have to send in a new pitcher. See, I have already won the game. That is because I refuse to quit.

Today has been hard for me physically. I needed a Dr Seuss quote.

Swing batter batter swing! (spits on the ground)

Dr Seuss Quotes are probably in your kids toybox. Dig one out while you are dealing with Hepatitis C treatment or Cirrhosis. Cheer yourself right up.

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    1. Hello thank you for writing in, really nice to hear from you. There are so many articles written by Karen. She is so smart and I love all of her stories. I think there are close to 170 and each one touches me in a different way. 🙂 Dee

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