You Can Treat to Cure Hepatitis C with Sovaldi and Olysio

You Can Treat to Cure Hepatitis C with Sovaldi and Olysio – 

no failure quote hepatitis
I want to attempt everything now!!! Yeah.

It takes a leap of faith to go through Hepatitis C treatment. Sovaldiand Olysio are being called the cure, yet it still takes a lot of courage to take the drugs. You can Treat to Cure Hepatitis C with Sovaldi and Olysio in combination with other drugs like Ribavirin, and Interferon. I was on the first wave of the protease inhibitors and got sustained viral response after my first undetected. It is exciting to know that many of you will be undected or  Hep C Free! I was going through some old books and ran across one that I first read years ago. One of the quotes that I had underlined jumped off the page. I thought of my Best Friends who are battling for their lives right now. The dog eared page asked this question:

What would you attempt if you knew you wouldn’t  fail? 

I’m pretty sure I bought that book at a garage sale.  It was one that I used during my early morning quiet time.  My morning time was much the same then as it is today.  I sit in my chair drinking coffee, with a notebook of some kind in my lap, trying to clean up my brain before I get the day going.

This particular line caused me to stand up and take notice. So much has changed since I first read that question.  It really made me stop and think about everything we are all going through right now.  For starters I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and end stage Cirhossis almost four years ago.  It was hard for me NOT to look at this question without taking a before and after viewpoint.

trying hepatitis c treatment
Failure only comes when we quit!

Before: I felt like I had reached a really brave time in my life.  I was an empty nester, and my daughter and her family were independent. While they didn’t need me as much, I enjoyed spending fun time with the grandkids.  I was reaching out and teaching more in new areas.  I was doing some travel and planning even more trips. I was sewing up a storm and gardening, reading and writing. Bike riding and learning Tai Chi took up my evenings when I wasn’t grading papers.

The bottom line is that I had begun to look at my life from a new perspective.  After age 50, you can do the math…. while it’s not over yet, it’s time to look at what you had dreamed of doing in your life.  With that in mind I began to look at what things I wanted to attempt.  Some of them were small things like seeing Eric Clapton live on stage.  I wanted to run a ½ marathon.  I wanted to learn karate. Teaching children to read in a third world country was on my list also. I wanted to run my own fruit stand from the back of a pickup truck. I’ll bet you have some cool dreams too!

This part is hard:  I knew that I had to stretch myself personally in ways that I had never done it before.  I had some wounds from the past, some habits that had not been confronted, and some anxieties that took up too much of my time.  I wanted to attempt to overcome these things.

No fail hepatitis treatment
Forget Failure – Then go full blast with your dreams.

I was working hard on getting enough momentum to get started on all these areas.  I was looking at it very seriously.  I was also battling fatigue and brain fog and did not know why.  It’s funny the way our minds work, I became almost like a stubborn child in my attempt to accomplish some of these dreams.

Did my body tell my mind somehow, subconsciously, that I was dying?  Was that the reason that I felt a sudden race to get all these things done at once?  The urge seemed almost to drive me at times.

After: if you’ve read the blog, you know about my story so I will not go into the details.  But, all of a sudden all the other dreams did not seem so important.  All of a sudden every breath that went out of me could be the last. All of a sudden I did not want a close my eyes.  All of a sudden every face, every tree, every cloud, everything – might be the last thing I would see.

Talk about a new perspective.  Going from a mostly pain free body compared to a less than two year death sentence was pretty radical.  The goals that I had looked toward now seemed truly impossible.

It was time to shift my goals and look at that question again.  I invite you to look at it with me.

What would you attempt if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Our lists may look somewhat alike. 

I would treat for Hepatitis C.

I would change everything about my diet.

I would stretch myself every day.

I would confront my anxieties.

I would let go of the past.

I would attempt to recover my life.

I would press toward the future.

I do not know what your “before” looked like. You may have been like me and trying to sort out the past. You may have been preparing yourself to make some big changes in relationships, education, or your job.

You may have been putting those things off. You may have been sitting still. You may have been spinning your wheels. Maybe you were waiting for something big to happen that would kick start the rest of your life. Perhaps you were watching for a sign. I know a lot of my time was spent wondering what it would take to move me in the direction that I wanted to go.

I have a good idea what your “after” looks like. Been there. Still there in many ways.

When you get a diagnosis like Hepatitis C, it is devastating. Many of you may have gotten the diagnosis years ago. You may have even tried treating before. I know that some have relapsed. Others have had to discontinue treatment because they could not tolerate it. A lot of people have been non-responders. It makes me sad to think of those whose body has slowly declined. The liver is a hard working organ, but it eventually gives out, like mine did.

Now it is time for you to look at the question and ask yourself: What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?  What dreams do you have?  Getting rid of the hepatitis C virus is no longer just a dream.  It has become a reality for many of us.

success hepatitis C undetected
I can do anything!!

This is an exciting time for anyone with the virus. The word cure has been used and with it, a whole new perspective can be ours. The after is still being written. Yes, we will attempt treatment if and when possible. We will save our own lives by changing our diet and lifestyle.

We will stretch ourselves as far as we can to face off with our old fears, habits, and circumstances. We will get out the notebook once again, pour a cup of liver loving coffee, and start that list anew. We will attempt something new every single day that we breathe.

Some days I attempt to hold a yoga post for 10 extra seconds. Some days I plan an overseas trip. Other days, I plan to run another race. I also plan to stay connected with my Best Friends. I attempt to work on a blog every day. Stiff or painful joints from RSI will not stop me. You are deeply ingrained in my heart even though we have never met. I wanted to share this with you. I want YOU to think about what you would attempt if you knew you could not fail. Push, I say. And then push harder. We’re in it to win it.

Xoxo Karen:)

I hope You Can Treat to Cure Hepatitis C with Sovaldi and Olysio! What else will you attempt dear friends?


About Karen Hoyt

Karen Hoyt offers a no nonsense approach to living with Cirrhosis. A Hepatitis C treatment survivor, she created a liver loving diet and lifestyle that allows her to create awareness and advocate for her Best Friends at

30 thoughts on “You Can Treat to Cure Hepatitis C with Sovaldi and Olysio

  1. Hi Karen

    I don’t have your illness but I don’t have great health and have been searching for years to find out what is wrong. I think I have finally discovered it is probably candida. But I think it is all about finding what really works for ourselves. We have to be responsible for what works for us.

    Yes I think we do kind of wait around hoping that something will kick start our lives in the direction we should go. Yet all we end up doing is let life go on without us participating. We do have dreams as if we would live forever and yet never see most of them transpire into anything near like we imagined.

    But in the end unless we feel healthy nothing else matters much. It is not much fun if we are feeling poorly. So it is up to us how we help ourselves and view our lives.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted…International Happiness Day – A Good Reason to SmileMy Profile

    1. Mary,

      Candida can sure create a lot of problems. Absolutely! We have to be proactive in taking care of ourselves. Doctors can be a big help, as can modern medicine. I’ve always been a big believer in using nutrition in helping my body to heal. These days it’s a combination of both medicine and eating right!

      I feel fortunate in a way to have a second chance at life. It has opened my eyes in so many ways. It takes a lot of courage to fight through health problems. What is funny is that it also takes courage to see our dreams come into reality. The courage from one can feed the other!

      I’m always happy to see that you came by and thank you for your comment. Here’s to our continued journey to wellness!
      xo Karen:)

  2. >>I do not know what your “before” looked like.<<
    My before was that I had a hard childhood. I was raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic home. I went on to become addicted to drugs myself.

    At age 36 and at my bottom, I went away to treatment and to live in a recovery house for a year. This was in 1987. I've lived totally drug and alcohol free ever since.

    I mention my background because your beautifully written post shows that you understand that in many ways it is the challenges we face – the crisis we overcome that reveal to us where we really need to be.

    So yes, after. Just last year a routine blood test revealed I had caught hep c probably 30 years ago or more. I love what you asked about what you would try if you knew you wouldn't fail, because after surviving narcotic addiction, and a long period of post-acute withdrawal, I changed the way I look at life's challenges.

    I wouldn't say I'm glad to have hep c, but I'm glad I was diagnosed now when Sovaldi became available. I know there are lessons I will learn through this and that I will not fail.

    I will finish my 12 week treatment for gt 1a with Sovaldi, ribavirin, interferon in 11 days. I saw the awesome results in my labs almost immediately. My viral load began at 2 million, after 5 days it was 63! I was undetectable after aprox 14 days. My alt which at times had been over 600 is now down to 15!

    So yes, like you said I will move toward the future, and learn what lessons I'm supposed to along the way. I feel thrilled to be in the first wave of the new treatments which will only get better in the next few years.

    So I'll have a final lab right after my last meds on the 27th then a final appointment with my nurse practitioner. I'll return for the follow up 12 weeks hence and with the rapid response I've had I'm feeling very hopeful I'll be told at that time that I've cleared the virus.

    Thanks for your upbeat positive messages Karen. I've read so much about the side effects from the meds but I figured from the beginning I would get through this and I have without any serious issues. I'll be sure to drop in and let you know what my final results are

    1. Hello Dave,

      While your story really amazes me. You have truly faced the challenge is and allowed it to forge a better life for yourself. Some people buckle under during a challenge or crisis. In many ways it really does hurt that after you spend all that time becoming clean, you end up with hepatitis C virus.

      I honestly didn’t know if anyone would get this post. You know what I mean? The before and after. I’m really happy that you got it. I’m actually laughing out loud right now. We really can’t fail, as long as we stay in the game. Most people wouldn’t understand about how much we learn from our diagnosis. I had goals and dreams before, and you do too. But there is nothing like a death sentence and then waking up virus free and still kicking. It changes everything. One exciting future we have!

      Honestly, you are all but home free. I don’t know what condition your liver is in, but everything is possible now! You certainly have gotten through it without too many bad side effects. It makes me happy to think that so many good things are going your way. There is the purpose for your life Dave. I for one am going to keep my eye on you and see what wonderful things are coming into your future.

      Thank you so much for keeping me posted. Huge thanks for the feedback on this very personal blog. Again I’m so glad you got it.

      I hope you have an awesome week. 10 more days!
      xoxoxo Karen:}

  3. Dear Karen. This post is highly inspirational thank you so much. I had my first banding last Friday and have felt rather tender since. In fact I’m going through a breakdown, and have been put on citalapram ssri anti depressants low dose to help me. All your posts lift my spirits and pave the way for all of us still non responding to treatment hope and courage. Love and peace Joe xx

    1. Hi Joe,

      I’m so glad you were inspired by this one. Dear friend, I know exactly how you feel right now. When I first read about bandings it terrified me. I never dreamed I would have to have them myself. It can feel like an ugly dream that that you don’t want to be in. Except we wake up, and it’s still our life.

      I really hope the anti-depressants help. It may take a little bit of time for them to get into your system. Surely you will be able to treat with the new drugs soon. I refuse to believe anything different, don’t you? I write for all of us. We have to keep our courage up no matter what!
      Your comments always encourage me.. so much. Thank you for stopping by again. Keep me posted.
      xo Karen:)

  4. Hi Karen,

    You’ve certainly gone through a great deal and I admire you for the way you share it all with us, which inspires so many of us, especially those who are going through the same problem.

    I wouldn’t have an idea about the problems you have faced and all that you’ve gone through – the hits and trials you must’ve done to make things work. I think you just need to be so careful and grateful for for being healthy, something none of us really realize, till something happens to us, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us with your words, as always. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Don’t Miss These Tips on Home Safety for SeniorsMy Profile

    1. Harleena,

      It is a great time for those who have HCV since many can cure like I did with the new drugs. And newer ones are coming out soon that will be a one pill cure! This can give hope to people around the world that Hepatitis C Virus can be eradicated in our lifetime!
      It is almost like living in the days when the plague or polio were around. Scientists have worked hard to research for a cure. I got mine just in time! It is a joy to encourage others who go through the same thing.
      Thanks for coming by dear friend,
      Karen 🙂

  5. Hi Karen,

    I’m not even sure what to say or if I should even comment because you know I can’t sit here and say “I know how you feel” because I don’t have a clue. I can’t image going through what you do each day my friend.

    One month to the day before my Dad passed away I had gone to a neurologist because I’d had a yearly eye exam and they found that I had an issue with some of my sight. After running some tests with the neurologist he concluded that I’d had some type of stroke. He didn’t exactly know when but looking back I think it might have happened six years prior to that when I had my only anxiety attack due to the stress I was dealing with at work.

    They had me on blood pressure medication all of a sudden and told me it could cure itself because of my age and that I was overall healthy. If I remained stress free then no problem. My dad passed away one month later and I spiraled into a two year depression. To say the least, it never healed itself but it doesn’t affect my overall vision exactly.

    A few years after that I just quit taking all the medication and I haven’t had any issues since. I think we have to take our own health in our hands at times because I felt that the reason for some of that was the stress I was under at that time so if I could do better I would be better and that’s why I remain positive and happy now.

    I’m healthy, I’m happy and I’m thrilled to be alive. My heart goes out to those, including you though, that have to deal with any type of health issues.

    Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Google+, List Building, Social Media, Twitter, Top BlogsMy Profile

    1. Adrienne,

      You’re always so sweet to give encouragement. As I read your story, one thing that struck me was how fortunate you are. First, for moving past a stroke with very little symptoms. But also that you knew somewhere deep inside that you needed to make changes to get away from the stress at work.

      It is great that the doctor found the cause and was able to provide medication. It helped to get your through the loss of your dad. I know how close you were to him and what a hard time it was for you when he battled cancer. That leads me to the next thing. You knew that you had to take your health into your own hands. That is one of the smartest things we can do. I preach it all the time: become your own advocate as much as possible!

      You’re a ray of sunshine to me dear friend. I hope your weekend is awesome!
      Karen xo

      There are so many in the world who deal with health issues. The Hepatitis C Virus is quickly moving toward being one of those illnesses that will have 100% cure rate. I hope to see that in my lifetime.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could be said of cancer, HIV, and other illnesses? The researchers are doctors are amazing in making this their life’s work.

  6. Hi, Karen
    I am a very honest person so here I go. I am a thirty eight year old married woman. Try to make this story short. I broke my ankle about 8 years ago, had surgery and was put on strong pain medication. Not knowing when I received that first prescription of pain meds, it was going to change my life forever. As taking the medication for pain after surgery, I was getting addicted to the painkiller. At this time my sister, 36, passed away. The medication took my physical pain away, and “I thought” my emotional pain away. After years of taking the meds, I had to have more and more just to feel normal. Trying to keep this all a secret from my family, friends, and co-workers. I got to the point of using the highest form of painkillers I could get, and started using a needle to inject my medicine.

    I use to “look down” on people that was like that. I had turned into the person that I hate. After about 10 -12 times of using a needle, I woke up, looked in the mirror one morning and said “this is not me and I AM changing it. So I did, I went to rehab, got clean, and have been for about 9 months. I was so proud to go to rehab, and to be clean.

    THEN I got the bad news. Hep C positive. I did this to myself, that’s really hard to accept. I have been to my new doctor, have had new blood test, and ultrasounds. I will start my treatment next month.

    I came upon your page. Finally someone that has a positive outlook on Hep C. I cannot talk to alot of people about it, because they really don’t understand how it feels to have that “positive hep test”. I am going through alot of emotions now, first because I done it to myself, second because I am scared. I do not want to be sick, but no one does. I just want to thank you for your inspiring words. I have hope, and it does fell better to know that I am not alone in dealing with this. Others are out there too.

    I hope all is well with you. Thank you, and God Bless

    1. Tonya,

      Your story is very moving and I want to thank you for sharing it. We never know what unexpected events can change our lives in a moment. We just go about living our lives and look up to gind we are in a situation just like you described.

      First, let me congratulate you for going through Rehab! Even though you kept the secret from family and friends and co-workers. What is funny, is that we end up hiding from ourselves. Bravo to you for turning and facing your own truth about the situation and getting the help you needed.

      I am so sorry that you were diagnosed with Hepatitis C Virus. BUT – you are on the right track and getting treatment. It really is an emotional time. So many things that we are not sure of regarding the medication, side effects, and just getting through it. The new meds are proving to be effective and with a lower amount of time on treatment. You can do this!!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. After surviving the treatment, it is my hope that every single person can move toward a new life. One that is Hepatitis C FREE! You are never alone. I hope you will also check out my facebook or Google+ communities. There are so many that can help to surround you with love and support at this time.

      I will be looking forward to the good news that the virus is undetected and you are healing every area of your life!
      xoxo Karen:)

  7. After completing the longer 50 week peg-interferon and rebitrol/ribirvirin cocktail some ten years prior, I was informed I did not clear the virus. If I desire this new much more expensive drug I have been trying to ascertain if the VA healthcare system will cover this new drug should the gastro dept has the say of whether this drug will be dispensed to vets such as myself that may need it if we fit the parameters set fourth by the doctors. It’s my understanding due to the tremendous expense of this product we will be offered cheaper alternative first before progressing to the more costly treatment.

    Going by past experience with the Peg-Interferon routine I do not wish to pay a tremendous amount of co-payments weaving my way thru the maze of a system that’s called the VA Healthcare system only to be told this is not on their approved list of current drugs they are prescribing. Should this happen I will be on the hook for numerous medical payments for visits I could just find out ahead of time. Will they or will they not cover this medication? They should keep a current list of drugs made available if deemed medically needed such as “Sovaldi” yet the more I dig for answers the soonest I can see my primary is late June. Then onward to their Gastro division, maybe late summer. Tic tock went the clock and I could eliminate all the anger and hostility that will come up if they don’t authorize this new drug to me after playing their waiting game. At this point my PTSD will kick in big time and I don’t wish to go off on these guys if they play sneaky. What are my options other than wait and see or be prepared to fork over the $$ for the treatment at a private clinic? Just wish their eligibility dept or patient advocates office could tell you in advance so you don’t waste your time there and I could purchase private healthcare with the illusion possibly they will meet my needs.

    1. Gary,

      Sorry it took so long to get to this. Computer is down, testing at school – and computers down there. I am always happy to see a comment! I know that many have used the VA system to treat. It seems that some have had wonderful care, and sadly, others have felt like a number. Idk about cheaper treatment options. That seems so unfair for a veteran to have to wait, or to take an older med.

      Just reading about the steps you have to go through made me tired. I can’t imagine how awful it is. I am wondering about your patient advocate? Are they pretty pro-active? Do you have anyone who really really listens? I worked part time for the Dept of Defense when I was diagnosed and unable to teach. NO insurance. It was a big mess. It took many calls and letters to get me going. Luckily, after treatment started I was back in public school and private (state) insurance.

      I just thought. While I was in limbo, my state had a flex plan. It was like a sliding scale and they paid quite a bit toward my medical bills. I do not want to discourage you, but I paid a lot to be treated. That’s why I continued working. It was hell, brother. If there is any way that you can get co-pay options to help that is good.

      Have you checked hcvadvocates website? Alan does a great job of putting good infor about paying for treatment. Let me know. I’ll be wondering about you. ok? In the meantime…. Take care of you. Get rest. Try and let the negativity pass through you and get ready to treat!!!

      I really appreciate it that you took time to comment. Really. <3

      xoxo Karen:)

  8. Hi Gary,
    I am a liver transplant patient. I have taken the Interferon/Ribavirin for over six years. No one can believe it! I was taken off it this past January and put on the brand new combo of Sovaldi/Olysio. My transplant unit had to fight for two weeks with Medicare Part D to obtain authorization. After much hoopla, it was approved. Karen’s suggestion of availing yourself of a Hep C advocate group is good. Pretty much these drugs are being authorized more and more now, as they become more used. Must you stay in the VA system? Can’t you go straight to a gastro or hepatoligist and bypass your PC, go to a private practice directly? As a last resort, Gilead, the maker of Sovaldi, gives out the drug free of cost if you qualify for low income. The 12 week treatment for Sovaldi alone is over $84,000. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

    1. Marta,

      Thanks for sharing your personal info. I have not had any experience and was unable to respond to the question. I know that your imput is helpful. We’re all in this together.

      I know of another best friend who has taken a combo for years to hold off the virus. So far, she has been doing well and is getting ready to treat with the new drugs also!

      The Low Income Help is great. The Patient Assistance Program is certainly going to help save some lives.

      Thanks again and all my best!
      xo Karen:)

  9. I caught hep C virus in 1978, diagnosed in 1992. No symptoms until 2008 when hep C attacked my kidneys (cryoglobulinemia). Horrible six years, including dialysis three times a week multiple theapies, depression, financial ruin…I have been clean for 31 years.
    Began Sovaldi/Olyisis 4/11/1014. Viral load 5 million .Third week non-detectable.
    What’s interesting is I spent the past six years learning to surrender and accept hep C and all that goes with it. As soon as I really accepted things as they are my doc prescribed me Sov/Olysis.
    Right now I’m virus free, but have to stay clear until December to achieve SVR. I feel the best I have in six years. Energy to the max. My wife is thrilled that we can be active together. Sure beats sitting in the car while my wife walks the dog on the beach.
    Right now I’m beginning to look at things that are possible. To tell you the truth feeling well is rather overwelming, but I’m filled with gratitude that God worked his magic through chemicals.

    1. Congratulations on beating the virus! I am confident that you will SVR! What a beautiful stor about how you and your wife are moving into your future again. At times, our future can seem shaky. The new medications are truly life saving and it sounds like you are enjoying every minute of it.

      You deserve it after all you’ve been through! Yes, gratitude is what we all feel! I kind of wish everyone could experience what we go through. There is no way for us to describe what it is like to lose your health and then get it back. Every day is a priceless gift!

      Enjoy those walks on the beach. I can picture you now. God bless you again and again dear friend! Thank you so much for your day brightening comment!
      xo Karen:)

  10. Dear David Leland, congratulations on your possible clearance of HCV via the new drugs.
    I am on the national health waiting list for these in the UK, I have done 2 other treatments to no avail! Your story has lifted my spirits considerably, keep on keeping on.
    Kind regards Joe

    1. Joe,

      I hope that the new drugs are available for you soon! The interferon free meds look so promising! I have to wonder if you were resistant to the protease inhibtors, or had problems with the riba or interferon. At any rate, there has never been a better time to find a cure than today. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond and post. I am always glad to see the comments, and yours certainly lifted my spirits this morning.

      Much love and hope coming your way – my heart to yours,
      xo Karen:)

      1. Hi Karen. Seeing Heptologist in July, new drugs have been passed in the UK now.
        I am top of the list in my area due to being a 1A non responder.
        Will keep you informed of the start date, I am determined to beat this damn virus once and for all.
        All my love and regards to you.

        1. Joe,

          I know you heard about my computer crashing. Forgive me for being late. I hope that you have been getting some good news about treatment! Things are moving so fast in the Hep C Pharma arena right now! That must bring a lot of relief to you. Will these be affordable? I sure hope so dear one. You need to get rid of that virus!!!!

          All my love and hugs right back atcha buddy,
          xoxoxoxo Karen:)

  11. I thought I’d pop in and say that I got my results from 12 weeks post treatment with Sovaldi, ribavirin, and interferon. HCV was undetectable – I’m considered cured!

    Also, the inflammation is no longer tseen on ultrasound, and my fibroscan score went down. Couldn’t have gotten much better news 🙂 Think I’m going to make up a big batch of carrot, beet, and strawberry juice to celebrate 🙂


    1. Dave,

      You are Cured!!! The chances of it coming back are almost nil. You’re done buddy! Now you’ve got a new lease on life! I’m so happy to hear you are still juicing. I got away from it for a while and am def back on it now! Beets are the best!

      Take care of your liver and you can live out your dreams! That is exactly what I’m doing!
      Much love to your dear friend, Congratulations!
      xo Karen:)

  12. Karen, Hope you’re well. Did you miss my post here? I know you were not here for a while but I did want to share my good news 🙂

    I also posted on “Guide to Hepatitis and Cirrhosis includes Hepatocellular Cancer” and it also is awaiting moderation though you did respond to other, later comments.

    Just wondering if my posts aren’t showing up….I can see them though.

    1. Dave,

      Hay! I was away for so long with computer issues that I almost forgot how to use some of these tools. I’m slowly getting caught back up. You’re a sweetheart to follow through for me. Good friends don’t just walk away… they keep in touch. I love you for that. xoxo

      1. 🙂 Well my post is still “awaiting moderation” above. But the jist of it is that I got my results and I’m svr at 12 weeks post treatment. My nurse practitioner says I’m cured 🙂

        1. That is what I’m talking about!!!! You will never have to worry about that. I loved it when they began using the “cure” word instead of remission. My doctor says he does not even run the test after a year. The treatment protocol says that it is GONE!

          You’ve done it dear friend. Now on to life!
          xoxo much love, Karen:)

  13. I was diagnosed with hep c last year during my pregnancy with my youngest. I am to start pill treatment Nov.17.2014 I am scared out of my mind to get side effects and not be able to be 100% there for my children.
    How bad is the pain and side effects?

    1. I somehow missed your comment. Sorry to take so long. You can do this. For sure it is scary. You don’t know how your body will react. I hope you have a good support system of friends and family who can help you if you need it. Check out my youtubes on family and caregivers and the ones about treatment. Ask your family to watch them too. I even wrote a blog about it. xo

      You are fortunate that the new treatment does not last very long! The side effects vary with each person. I worked the whole time. Felt like crap, but I made it. Since you have carried a baby and given birth, look at it like that. If you have done that, you can do ANYTHING!! Get rid of the virus so that you can be there for your little ones as they grow up. A little inconvenience now will give you a huge pay off later. I promise.
      xoxo Karen:)

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