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10 Ways that You Cannot Get Hepatitis C

10 Ways that You Cannot Get Hepatitis C 

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Perhaps some people just need more education about Hep C transmission.

I’m throwing it down. I just read an email from a poor woman who’s husband was flipping out because they discovered that she had Hepatitis C. He went on this militant housekeeping regime that had everyone wearing face masks and keeping a hand sanitizer on their belt loops. Give me a break.

When she went on to say that he felt like maybe the kids should spend more time with relatives while she was treating, I was like, “OK. That sounds better.” Then she explained that he was afraid it would have an effect on the kids. Like she might pass it on to them. Stop it right there. I feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. Deep breath.

So he tells her to stop cooking because it would “infect” the kitchen, I was thinking that might be to her advantage, you know? Hey, if he’s willing to cook, I’m all for it! But wait til you hear what happened next. He went to sleep on the couch and cut her off sexually. Hold on. I’m done.

Get ready for the 10 ways that you cannot get Hepatitis C. Let me start by saying that the virus is blood borne. It cannot be spread any other way than blood to blood contact. The blood in their vein has to get in an open wound on your body.

That said, anything can happen. In a home or social setting, it would have to be a crazy situation for blood to blood contact. If a person has bleeding gums and passes their bloody their toothbrush to another person with bleeding gums – like that’s going to happen. But this blog is not about transmission. That one is here. And the one on sex is here. 

Hepatitis C is not transmitted by:

  1. Eating food prepared by someone with the virus.
  2. Having sex.
  3. Sitting next to someone.
  4. Touching someone.
  5. Hugging someone.
  6. Sharing a bathroom.
  7. Holding hands.
  8. Kissing.
  9. Sharing a drink.
  10. Coughing.

I think the bigger concern here is ignorance. That poor woman’s husband needs to get an education regarding HCV transmission, but more than that, he needs to respect her. Her body is fighting a virus that is multiplying in her liver. I took it from the letter that she is in her 30’s. I haven’t heard back from her regarding whether she has any liver scarring or cirrhosis. She did say that she was tired a lot. She’s probably sick and tired of hearing him put her down for having Hepatitis C.

I personally lived with the virus for years and didn’t know it until my liver failed. I was married and have an adult daughter and 2 grandchildren. We shared our kitchens, bathroom, razors, and our whole lives. No one got the virus from me. It’s not the flu. Upon learning I had HCV, I quit sharing personal and toiletry items. In this case, I hope the lady’s family will support her while she goes through treatment. Then she can get enough strength to leave this guy if he hasn’t straightened out by then.

Again, Jennifer wrote about transmission for the Best Friends Guide. Check that blog out here. I love you with all my heart. If anyone gives you a bad time for having the virus, send ‘em my way. I’ll give ‘em a piece of this! Xoxo Karen:)

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Kimberly Morgan and me. Sweet fun time!

Here’s a pic of Kimberly Morgan from The Bonnie Morgan Foundation. A former international student who lived with me several years ago came from Germany last month. We drove up to see former students and they lived near Kim. What a warm lovey time together.