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What a New Year Can Mean to You

What a New Year Liver means to me Disease ihelpc.com
Katt drinks the water for my art board. She’s a wild thang.

What a New Year Can Mean to You 

January 1 is my favorite day every year. I like it better than my birthday. I’m blessed to have married a guy who feels the same way. One of our first texts to each other was to wish a Happy New Year. We don’t stay up til midnight, but we gather our thoughts and hearts for weeks in advance…. then Boom! it’s a fresh start. I thought you might like to share in some of my thoughts of what a New Year can mean to you.

What a New Year Can Mean to You

Emotional Freedom: Sometimes the holidays bring bunches of expectations. The weight of the year, or of many years may find you choking back how you really feel about stuff. You might be trying to keep the peace and make nice with someone that has hurt you. Now it’s a New Year. Speak your truth about your feelings. Try to choose an appropriate time and place – but you can open up, let ‘er rip, and move on.

Do-Overs: I like wipe off boards. The small one next to my desk is filled with ideas, hopes, and quotes. Sometimes it’s a list of things I want to try. Other times, it’s a list of things I’m letting go of. I have been known to write cuss words on there or draw pictures of how I feel. This year the boys got me a Buddha board. I use water and a paint brush to create. As it dries – the words and images slowly fade. I like that idea. Happy New Year. Wipe the slate clean. Let the old stuff fade.

Right Now: This is the good stuff. We’re talking brand spanking new. If the past is behind, and tomorrow is a dream….. today is all we have. Practice letting go of the pain, tragedies, and mishaps. That was then. This is now. Sure, 2017 has the potential to be your best year yet. But this minute and this second……. you’re breathing and thinking, and learning, and reading this blog. Right now… you’re doing fine.

Put the Needle on the Record: Back in the day of LP’s on vinyl, if there was a scratch, the needle got stuck. The same lyrics played over and over until someone gently moved the needle. Some of you may still be clinging to an out dated version of your life. Is an old inner script is being rehearsed over and over? If so, you need to get unstuck and create something new this year.

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My brother always threatened me not to skip a song…

Spread the News: What if you decided to have emotional freedom, take advantage of do-overs, live right now, and put the needle on the record? Would others think you’ve gone overboard in some kind of new self improvement program? Maybe they would decide that brain fog from liver disease has finally got to you. Here’s your chance to set them straight.

Tell everyone you’re living this moment without a script from the past and that you have emotional freedom because you have finally accessed life’s do-overs. Start spreading the news that we can let go of regrets, mistakes, and might have beens. I hope this is what a new year can mean to you too … and that yours is starting with buckets of blessings and love. xoxo Karen

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