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Truth Stand up for yourself

Stand Up For Yourself

Stand Up For Yourself

Sometimes I read emails just before going to bed – you know, when my mind is too tired to think. One came in a few weeks ago that I gave a really polite answer to. A man had written in about how he had just been diagnosed with the advanced liver disease from the Hepatitis C Virus. His story was like mine in that he was already stage 3 liver cirrhosis. Read about Hep C is not the end here. 

sick and tired hepatitis c ihelpc.com

I heard the weariness in his words as he talked about –

working long hours every day and

worried about his diet and

wasn’t sure what was safe to eat and

what did I know about getting Hep C treatment because he

worked for a small company with no health insurance and his boss

was threatening to fire him because he worked slow sometimes.

What do you say to that?

Well, I emailed him encouraging things with lots of words like hope, strength, and protein. Yup, you know how I talk.

I got out my pen this morning and began making notes about a liver loving diet. I do it every day. My book is full of it. It’s the best way I know how to help people…. like our best friend who emailed me. Because if he eats right, he will have more energy and less brain fog

which can lead to him completing a project on the job and

wind up with his boss getting off his back

which won’t help him get treatment, but may help him to feel good enough to stand up for himself.

That’s what this is about. He is not willing to be silent any more regarding his health concerns. He told his truth to me.

What he really wanted to do was go tell his boss to go to hell. He probably wanted to tell the doctor that diagnosed him to DO something besides give him a death sentence. He would like some support from family and friends while he’s on treatment too. Nobody was listening, so he wrote to me. Anonymously. It was not a comment on the blog, but a private email.

So dear middle of the night writing friend – I’m writing back to you again. This time I’m doing it publicly. You want my honest advice? Stand up for yourself. Tell your doctor that you need treatment and you want help with pharma money NOW. Tell the nurse practitioner, the emergency room doctor and anyone else you encounter that you are not walking away empty handed. Then call them every day, write to them, and remind them that you are still alive, working full time, and that you need help getting treatment. If you don’t want to write, I’ve had readers print out copies of my blogs to take to their doctor visit.

Stand up to the medical community. Stand up to your boss. Stand up to your support group. Don’t apologize for trying to save your own life. You’re working so hard and you deserve a break.

Don’t get fired. I know you need the money. But speak up for yourself to your family, doctors, and boss like you wrote to me.

Best Friend Hepatitis C stand up for yourself

I am praying hard for you to get everything you need to move past this struggle. Every person who reads this blog is standing with you…. so you – yes YOU Mr. Nice Person with Hepatitis C: Stand up for yourself because you’re not standing alone. Xo Karen and all your best friends here on the website