Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along 

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Donate Life!

It has been so long since I posted that I don’t know where to begin. Changes! A lot of changes happened in the last 12 months. It seems as if I am a totally different person than I was last September. But here I am in the middle of Now with the wisdom that comes from shifting and adjusting… and the joy. Always gratitude and joy.

The Loss

My sister’s unexpected death was like falling into a giant crater. I feel the reverb every day. Losing some of my Hepatitis C family caused even greater shakes along the emotional fault line that was created by liver disease. Then my father-in-law passed. It was a peaceful home-going surrounded by a close-knit family. Frequent visits were a blessing. His love and legacy live on. Our siblings quickly shifted to fill the gaps… and we are guiding each other into the next stage of life.

The Pain

During this time, I was going to yoga school and dealing with that post tibial tendon issue. It morphed into something else that will need a blog of it’s own. My hip got in on the action causing sacroiliac pain. I did physical therapy and increased my yoga, spending countless hours walking with proper form to get me ready for the Transplant Olympic Games in Spain. Hours of silent tears, rejoicing, and Pandora Radio.

The Move

Moving right along…. the farm sold. It happened so fast that the truck was scheduled and our next house was still a work in progress. We sorted items into 2 piles. Keep. Donate. Remember the movie “We Bought a Zoo” where the kid hangs on to his mom’s sweatshirt after she died? (Talk about crying… I was really sick with Hep C when we watched this) We ended up moving with the bare bones of our home…. which was a rambling farm house with lots of nooks and crannies, not to mention outbuildings and tools. Many individuals and organizations profited from our downsize!

We stored some things and rented for 2 months… but wait – during that month, I went to Spain. Oh haha! That’s not a joke. Yessiree! I packed my bag (and cane) in May to make it through August.

The Gold 

Gold Medal Donate Life karen
Team USA Joy Joy Joy

The World Games was the most over the top international trip of my life. Being alive with my dear donor was exhilarating – racing, with him giving me life. His voice from heaven joining all those who had gone before me: Keep going!

I was not competitive in the runs or race/walks. But in cycling? Oh my heck! I became the fasted female cyclist in the world in my division! Bam! That’s what I’m talking about!!



The New 

home w hep c
Everything but the kitchen sink!

I came home from Spain and the kitchen sink wasn’t in yet, but we were home. Life is taking shape. It’s a very different shape. I am now retired. We are both officing (is that a word?) from home. It’s like every prayer offered, every dream dreamed has begun to unfold and manifest.



So I continue to teach yoga with restorative emphasis. People of all sizes and shapes join me and the classes are so healing for us all. I’m still in PT working on my gait. And I am back at the site. Watch for emails and comments to slowly get answered. I’ll be bopping around on FB….. loving you and talking about a liver loving lifestyle. Xoxo Karen

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About Karen Hoyt

Karen Hoyt offers a no nonsense approach to living with Cirrhosis. A Hepatitis C treatment survivor, she created a liver loving diet and lifestyle that allows her to create awareness and advocate for her Best Friends at

26 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

    1. Cry…. You’re so sweet to jump on and comment. It feels like a hug! Oh gosh, sometimes life just seems so complicated, doesn’t it? It was easier sitting down and posting than I thought. xoxoxoxo Karen

  1. Oh it is wonderful to hear your story! I purchased your book to help me get through my battle with cirrhosis and HE. You are my inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story Karen. You have given me a renewed sense of hope I didn’t have when I received the horrible news of my disease. So grateful.

    1. Aw honey,

      Thank you a million for stopping by. It means everything when we’re in it together. We never have to walk this journey alone.

      Thanks also for buying the book. Would you let me know what part encouraged you.. and what else you think might help?

      xoxo Karen

  2. Oh Karen so glad you are back. It’s never easy is it? But we just keep on going. there is too much life to live when you’ve been given a second chance. I appreciate each day so much more since the transplant. I know you feel the same. So carry on, as will I.


    1. Kathleen,

      With all humility and open heart I say Thank You for the welcome back. It is not that easy. That is how we gain strength is through enduring to the end. Yes yes yes, the second chance and all that it brings to us. Carry one sweet girl..
      Love love,
      xo Karen

  3. So good to see you are back and very blessed such an inspiration to all 💜🙏🏽 Love reading your stories. Be well! 💜🙏🏽

    1. It’s totally AWESOME to have feedback so fast. I’m not sure where I fit in any more. I had liver disease. I battled Hepatitis C. Cancer, transplant. We are traveling through this journey to wellness and wholeness…. Lots of hugs to you dear Lyn. xo Karen

  4. Dearest Karen, it has been such a long time since commenting. These days, for me, it is difficult to feel anything but guilt. I read your story and with the pain comes huge amounts of gratification. For me guilt. When I should be feeling gratitude alone. Reading your post transplant story has helped me. Hoping and praying for a shift soon . Keep up the the work. They don’t tell you how difficult it is post tp. Thanks again for your help. Xoxo, Kat

    1. Kat,

      I wanted to thank you for your comment. Always LOVE the feedback. But I”m thinking about what you say. It makes me feel better to know that others understand what I’m experiencing. You’re not alone dear one..

      I”m circling back to comment more..xo Karen

  5. Aww Karen! My! Have I missed you! I know it has been a rough year, but with so many joyous events to celebrate our second life! So sorry I couldn’t make it to the world games, not having the best recovery from knee surgery, but in the plus side, I have 2 great grandchildren! A girl and a boy! Blessings we have. Prayers for continued healing! See you next treat in Utah!
    Love you!

    1. Girl,

      We had such a bonding experience in Cleveland. You have been through a LOT. I was just a year out and my memory fails me, but didn’t you have 2 transplants? And you’re still going! I’m cheering for you to get back in the pool and get ready for the Transplant Games in SLC. I’m not sure if I will make it, but Spain was certainly worth the effort to get there.
      Congratulations of those new babies. I’ve been lurking on FB and saw your pics. What a blessing they are! I continue to pray for you too. Much love dear one.
      xo Karen

  6. Congratulations on your Spain win! God bless you for sharing your journey. It helps. I am becoming more ill. HE has become a too frequent visitor. I am also having serious memory issues…

    1. Thank you Joel,

      Dang it. I’m so sorry. Hepatic encephalopathy was a cruel part of my life too. In so many ways, it still has an effect, whether it’s residual or from meds??

      I hope your support system is strong for you and able to be your brain for you. It is certainly challenging for everyone involved.

      All my love always,
      xo Karen

  7. Karen, Really great to hear from you. So sorry to hear of your lost loved ones, but you sure are moving on! I know what you mean about the joy. This past Feb I passed 30 years free of drugs and acohol. And I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t feel gateful for this second chance at life.

    I too hope to retire soon and get to do more of the things I like to do, like floating in the ocean and watching the fish swim by 🙂

    All the best Karen thank you so much for your good news. We care

    1. Dave,

      Thank you for the condolences. Once we have our life threatened, it heightens our awareness of what a precious gift it is.

      Congratulations for sticking with that choice 30 years ago. It tells me everything I need to know about you – courage, tenacity, determination. I’m rooting for you on the floating part! I love water and find it is so relaxing. Your day is coming!

      xo Karen

  8. Karen,
    So glad to hear you are back from so much adversity. I am sorry about all you went thru.Life gets in our way, but somehow we bounce back stronger! Congrats on your award! I know it means the world to you..very proud of you! Take it easy, and rest up. Hope the next chapter of life is full of joy, love and blessings.

    1. Eileen,

      You know, we take the good and the bad and mix it up and it’s life. Most of our journey is spent climbing the summit. I don’t think any of us would want to helicopter in, but there are days…..

      Thank you so much. The medal was HUGE to me and my donor. Let’s agree that we’ll both get more than our share of joy, love, and blessings!

      xo Karen

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  10. Hello,

    I read your article about vitamins supplements, e.g; the importance of the right type when a person has cirrhosis I am not on any treatment … the doctor does an ultrasound every 6 months and sends me home. Mine was caused by Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

    In any case, I take One A Day multivitamin (Male 50+) brand; once a day. Is this a no? I also take 2 capsules (175 mg) of Milk Thistle daily.

    Would like to know your advice about this.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you’re on Hepmag. There is tons of useful advice on there! I personally believe that a multivitamin is needed. The only thing I watch for is iron. Your doctor would know if you needed to restrict it.
      As far as Milk Thistle… it’s a little murky there. haha. It grows wild in Oklahoma where I live. If your doctor approves, by all means do it and choose your brands wisely. Usually a smaller health food store supplement person can tell you which label they feel is the best. Some are indeed more ethical than others.
      It sounds like you’re making some wise choices. Thanks again for stopping by!
      All my best,
      xoxo Karen

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  12. Congratulations on your win! Thanks for sharing such a motivational journey. Your story motivates many to succeed many people. God Bless You

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