Vegetarian – A vegetarian meal is great for the liver and heart healthy too! I use a lot of plant based protein every single day. My liver loves it because plant is easier to metabolize. I love it because I can get all of my protein requirements without feeling sluggish or fighting Hepatic Encephalopathy!

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    1. JoAnn,

      If you go to the search box with the magnifying glass at the top – type in juicing and you’ll find some blogs. I am working on cleaning up the drop down menu for recipes. Maybe it’ll be ready in a week or so. xo Karen:)
      ps. Let me know if you need more help.

    1. Jen,

      You’re absolutely right about the vegetable protein! Yes, I have cirrhosis and eat as much protein from vegetable sources that I can!

      Thanks for dropping by,
      xo Karen:)

    1. Hi Patricia,
      One good way to start is by making a lot of salads with a home made salad dressing. Use equal parts olive oil and basaltic vinegar. Add some herbs and maybe a little honey to make it sweet. Try to eat frozen vegetables because they have less salt.
      Scrambled eggs are a good way to start the day. Be sure and spread protein in small meals out so she won’t get too brain foggy.
      Home made soups are a good thing to keep in the fridge for when she needs a snack. Did you look at the recipes? I’m working on a diet plan book and hope you’ll check back.
      Let me know how she is doing.
      xo Karen

    2. Hello, on Karen’s home page, in the upper right hand corner there is a drop down menu called Liver Loving Recipes. For more information you can also look up the heart healthy diet, it is very similar. I hope your daughter improves. Take Care Dee

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