Low Sodium Baked Beans

Low Sodium Baked Beans

I love to eat well. When the weather is nice, we eat outside every chance we get. Paper plates are juggled on our laps as we sit in lawn chairs. I don’t have a picnic table right now, and those little tables always get grabbed by the kids. It does not matter. We are together swatting flies and telling lies. The cicadas make their own background noise, but I like to listen to some music.  Sometimes it’s country or blue grass. British musicians usually make an entrance. As long as we are together, enjoying a low sodium meal that won’t kill Nana. Haha! They all watch out for me. “Hide those chips! Nana can’t have that!”

I focus on what my liver loves since beating Hepatitis C and living with Cirrhosis. This recipe is versatile and easy. I have used every kind of bean in the world. Try garbonzo, kidney, pinto or navy beans. They are all available with NO sodium at most grocers. Check out my shopping list. I sometimes add chicken, bison, or beef to the dish.

low sodium liver loving baked beansIngredients and Directions

3 cans No Sodium Pinto Beans

1 Cup Low Sodium Barbecue Sauce (see the recipe)

3 slices Low Sodium Bacon

Extra onion if you want more than is in the Low Sodium Barbecue Sauce.

This is one of those recipes that you have to gauge the size of the crowd that you are cooking for.  This portion will fix about 6 servings. There is only about 400 mg of sodium in the whole dish, so you can assume that 1 portion has about 70 mg. Not bad! I serve myself the beans and leave any bacon in the serving dish and it makes me feel even a little better knowing that I may have skipped some fat and sodium.

Putting it together – Spray a baking dish with olive oil and pour in the cans of no sodium pinto beans. Then just stir in your Low Sodium Barbecue sauce recipe. Chop the uncooked low sodium bacon into small bites and put on the top. Bake it for 1 hour at 350 with a lid. (Or tin foil if you can’t find the lid) Take the lid off and let it cook another 20 minutes or so until the liquid goes down and thickens. You’ll know when it’s done! It will be just the way you and your family likes it. It is not a lot of work, but your kitchen will smell like you have slaved for hours!

No matter how you serve it, this tastes good and it so full of plant based protein and practically no sodium. I even like them cold. Forget those canned baked beans that can have up to 450 mg of sodium in 1 cup. That is a sissy serving and I would not even waste the sodium count for it. With this recipe, you can go back for seconds! Yes I did, Karen:)

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6 thoughts on “Low Sodium Baked Beans

  1. thank you so much for this recipe. I plan on making it tomorrow – it sounds perfect and very easy. My husband loves baked beans but is on a low sodium diet and all of the canned baked beans have too, too much sodium. I will keep you posted on my results.

    1. Hello, I am so glad you found something you can use. Karen will be thrilled to hear this. I hope it works well for you and your husband. Thank you for writing. Karen and I love to hear from people who are reading here. Each and every one of Karen’t articles/stories are so helpful. She has such a good heart and wants to help others. Take Care, happy cooking! Oh, did you see on the home page that there are other liver loving recipes? Let me know if you can’t find them. I will send you the link. Take Care, Dee

    1. Great question! Each can seems to have a different amount. I hold back the liquid and see if I need it after mixing the ingredients.

      If they have too much liquid, you can leave uncovered in the oven (or on the stove top) and cook on low til the liquid cooks off.

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