Soups and Stews

Soups and Stews

Soups and Stews that are low in sodium can help reverse liver fibrosis and eat healthy with Hepatitis C and liver disease such as Cirrhosis or Nash. Easy to make and liver loving!

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  1. I was recently diagnosed with acute liver disease, doctor recommended liver transplant list within a year.
    It has been difficult because I find myself having to cook two meals every day without ever getting a night off. Low sodium for me and a whole different meal for the family leaves me cooking for hours every day to the point where I would rather not eat than spend the whole day preparing meals that I’m too exhausted to enjoy. I barely touch my food because I can literally fall asleep at the dinner table.
    I don’t want my dietary needs to negatively affect my family making them resent me, but the cost is I am now starting to resent them, the comments about my cooking doesn’t taste very good after sacrificing the majority of my day to making sure there is a meal on the table is so frustrating.
    So, my question is, what did you do to encorporate a low sodium diet into your life without sacrificing your life for it?
    Btw, your article about eating out was very helpful because I haven’t had a date night or take out break for several months now and I have vowed to do both every week to get a much needed break. However, I really miss a quick box, frozen meal, or soup and sandwich night or just easy cheese omlettes, sure I can make veggi omlettes but cutting and cooking all the veggis for one seems like a waste of time.
    Any other making this lifestyle easier ideas would be deeply appreciated.
    Also, is it normal to have almost no energy at all? I am am mentally and physically exhausted all the time, I have even resorted to a caffeine for a boost now and then.
    Thanks again for sharing and caring about others!

    1. Hello, Karen had a procedure this week. I am Dee, a friend and am helping out. I am so sorry to hear about your liver. Karen has a very good blog on here called Liver Loving Diet. It is so sad to me to hear that you are struggling to make your own food and that of your family. It is completely normal to feel tired and be physically and mentally exhausted. Is there anyway you could sit your family down and explain how sick you really are? It doesn’t sound like they understand the seriousness of your illness. An occasional treat or cheat ๐Ÿ™‚ won’t hurt but you have to help your liver function. Try drinking more water. Look at Karen’s liver loving diet. I hope it helps you.
      Have you signed up at the transplant hospital? That is very important. There are many tests that have to be done before you can get on the list. Take Care, Dee

    1. Well, my face is red because I have them all done and a menu plan as well. I have them formatted in a different way and plan on putting it on the site soon. It will be in the form of an ebook and has a ton of good recipes and ways to shop, cook, serve, and store.
      xo Karen

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