Steak can be GOOD for Hepatitis C

Steak liver health
Steak liver health

A steak can be GOOD for Hepatitis C and cirrhosis sufferers because high protein can help to reverse fibrosis. What is better than eating a steak at a 5 Star restaurant? Marinated and cooked to perfection, a steak with potatoes is sumptuous and hearty. Those of you who are vegan can step out on this one.  I read soon after my diagnosis that red meat was the enemy of my liver and should NEVER be eaten. In my decompensated condition, that was true. Once I finished the hep c treatment, my transplant doctor said that steak was actually good for my liver! Do you hear the choir of angels singing the Hallelujah chorus from  overhead? Oh yes.

He said that I was running the risk of malnutrition because I did not get enough protein. I got bored with all veggie protein and was not eating right. I am still cautious and picky picky picky about how my steak is prepared. But I enjoy a steak at a restaurant that will promise me NO salt or salty marinades. Mostly, I eat a good steak at home. I love a Filet Mignon, butterflied of course to be cooked medium well. A New York Strip, Porterhouse…. you get the idea. Follow my Hepatitis C Diet Plan. I eat healthy, but do  not suffer.

Red meat is the hardest protein for the liver to process. If you have advanced liver disease, like me, you will want to be careful about how much and how often you eat steak. However, it is good to know that an occasional steak is ok. Check out my blog on animal vs vegetable protein here. 

A good cut can be expensive but does not have to break the bank. I try to hit the store right about the time of day my meat counter does the daily mark downs. Ask your meat counter and I’ll bet they’re more than glad to help. I make a good marinade with a variety of ingredients. I use NO Sodium in my marinades and NO steak sauce. If you marinade well, you don’t even miss the steak sauce. Start with a vinegar base; that helps to tenderize your meat. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar has “The Mother” which is a special ingredient. It can have a cleansing effect on your body!

Here is a basic version of my marinade poured directly on the meat, which is in a bowl.  Depending on how many steaks, you just want to kind of cover the meat and then turn it so both sides are coated.

About 1/3 C Braggs apple cider, raspberry, balsamic, or any kind of vinegar.

1 T. Kitchen Bouquet

Some herbs like marjoram, sweet paprika, Mrs. Dash, garlic powder, whatever you’re in the mood for.

Some fruit juice can add some sweetness to a savory sauce.

Maybe a T. of Allegro’s raspberry Chipotle marinade if you’re under on sodium for the day. This is low sodium and I like the flavor.

I like to cook them outdoors or in the broiler. I try and turn just once. If it’s a good steak with marbling and the marinade does it’s job, each bite will melt in your mouth. Chew slow and savor… mmmm. See, a steak can be good for Hepatitis C and cirrhosis. Really good. Karen:)


5 thoughts on “Steak can be GOOD for Hepatitis C

  1. Im a little confused when I read some of these recepies. Do you have hep C and then it went to 4 stage liver disease cirrossis, and then you had a liver transplant, but now your still sick with this disease. Please help me to understand. thank you

    1. I was diagnosed with End Stage Cirrhosis in 2010 when my liver decompensated. (2010)
      I began treatment treatment and my diet was set to get me through without too much weight loss (2011)
      I started the blog right after I finished treatment for Hepatitis C. I no longer have the virus! (2012)
      I was diagnosed with liver cancer when they found a tumor. (2014)

      I hope this helps. It really is confusing because my diet has been modified along the way. I haven’t had a steak in several months now. With the cancer, my Hepatic Encephalopathy has gotten a little worse. Eating meat can cause that. We have to always listen to our body!
      Thanks for the question. You know, I need to clean up some of the older blogs and it just takes a lot of time! xo Karen:)

  2. Thank you for this. I have not had a steak in so many years I have to really think on it to remember.
    Oh…I remember I last had one in 2007, right before being diagnosed with HCV then Cirrhosis. We had a gift card to a great restaurant called Ruth Chris. It was delicious. It was very expensive. I was shocked that the gift card did not cover our meal 🙂
    I hope you are doing ok, I think of you often
    Much love (((KAREN)))

  3. Hi, thanks for this and all the best. I had hepC for 30+ years, and was/am F4 for 18. I needed treatment this time last year, urgently. The price would have bankrupted the family. I learned of the fixhepc website, and Aussie humanitarian doctor James Freeman, who set up a clinical trial of generic medication- is safe, legal, identical to the branded meds. It is curable, yet 2 million have died, because of the high price. My virus is gone, I feel years younger and the condition of my liver has improved lots. Please share this lifesaving information, that’s how I heard of it.

    1. Congratulations on getting treatment! I’m so happy that your energy is back. You will feel stronger every day. I’m posting this so that others can see. All my best to your bright future!
      xo Karen

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