Low Sodium Liver Loving Chicken Noodles

Low Sodium Liver Loving Chicken Noodles: When you’re loving a liver that is damaged from cirrhosis, you have to be careful to keep it low sodium. I can throw on some chicken and have a yummy meal in no time with this recipe. Guilt free and full of nutrients and that fibrosis reversing protein!

2 Chicken breasts (or thighs, or legs, whatever you have)

Some chopped celery

Herbs like Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary

Low sodium chicken broth

Low sodium egg noodles (easy to find at store; I use No Yolk)

Cover chicken and celery in about 2 cups of broth and water. Cook and cool. (25 minutes maybe?) Remove chicken and add about ½  package of no sodium egg noodles to the liquid and cook til tender. While they cook, cut chicken into bite size pieces and return it to the pan of broth.  It will cook down as you simmer on low for a bit. I add some almond or rice milk and a little no salt butter. Then if it’s too thin, I shake some instant potatoes in til I get the consistency my family likes.  Stir fast or the potatoes will clump! We eat this with mashed potatoes, frozen peas, and if I am under on sodium for the day, I’ll even have bread and butter.

This homestyle comfort food is sure to help you feel better on days when you need nutrition AND low sodium for your liver. The fibrosis reversing protein gives me a mental boost as well as a physical. The herbs give it great flavor and help you stay on a cirrhosis diet. If you’re on hep c treatment, put some more butter in by all means and spread it thick on your bread! Let me know when it’s done and I’ll bring desert. Karen 🙂





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