Chicken Recipes for Hepatitis C and Liver Disease

Chicken Recipes for Hepatitis C and Liver Disease – Eating more chicken for your liver means getting your protein without burdening your liver while on Hepatitis C treatment, or with cirrhosis or NASH. I’ve been getting some great recipes from you and will continue to post. There is some good nourishing cooking goingon in the Hepatitis C Community! xo Karen:)

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8 thoughts on “Chicken Recipes for Hepatitis C and Liver Disease

    1. They should be on the drop down menu. Where it says liver loving recipes, scroll down and click. I’m working on an update so that they will show up bette on an iPhone. Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have questions! xo Karen

  1. I m from Pakistan . I am recently diagnosed hep c.. I am so worried about that to not eat chicken.. cold drinks and others such like things according to my physician. But saw your this post and very glad to know about liberty of eating to these kind of food items.. Thanks and help me more plz

    1. You’re welcome and thanks for coming by. Chicken is a safe bet for protein. Your doctor is probably trying to help you to keep from getting liver damage. I believe that balance is the way to health. Look for ways to mix the protein for chicken, eggs, beans, rice. I wish you all the best as you get ready to treat!
      xo Karen

  2. I koushik roy choudhury from durgapur w.b. I am patient of cirrhosis of liver. Can I take local chicken or poultry. Please reply.

    1. Please forgive me being late. Of course if you read my recipe, you know that chicken is always a good choice for your liver. You can even make a hot soup with vegetables. Please reduce the salt in your cooking.

      As long as meat is cooked well, you are ok with that.

      xo Karen

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