Chicken for Your Liver

chicken for your liver Crockpot chicken and mushrooms liver low sodium
Mushrooms make the broth rich.

Chicken for Your Liver


I know you don’t feel good all the time. Your liver is working so hard to fuel your brain and body. It’s part of what we deal with while coping with liver disease. When I got real sick, my whole life revolved around chicken. That’s it. Just a big fat hen.

During those rough days, I  cook a whole chicken in the crockpot. Just an inexpensive fryer. I have brands that I like best based on sodium content. This is important for those with Hepatitis C or on Hepatitis C treatment. If you have NASH, PBC, cirrhosis, or any type of liver disease you can benefit from having healthy protein to eat.

I put it in the crook pot with about a cup of water. (More if I want extra broth) I personally think it looks naked laying in the crock, so I throw some celery seasoning, marjoram, sage, or whatever on it. Just sayin….  naked chicken looks funny.

After it’s done, I’ll take the chicken out and put it in a large dish and let it cool. Then I take all of the meat off. I use some for whatever I’m serving that day. I put the rest in zipper baggies and either freeze it or put in the refrigerator if I’m going to use it soon.

Not only do I have a great meal for that day, but I’ve got meat for a few more meals! When I’m low on time or energy, I pull a bag out and defrost it. Dinner in minutes!

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chicken salad hepatitis c

Check out what YOU can do with chicken from the freezer:

1. Put some it in any kind of soup – Potato, taco, w/ rice or spagetti noodles.

2. Use for fajitas, nachos, or tacos – Too easy – just add chili seasoning and cumin and brown it a little.

3. Chicken curry – Saute chicken chunks in olive or coconut oil and cover with curry power. Put a lid on for a few minutes.

4. Stir fry – Same as with curry, but use ginger and lemon instead.

5. Cold or hot sandwiches.

liver hepatitis c chicken

The list goes on…. Sometimes when I’m hungry and low on energy, I’ll just grab a piece of plain ole chicken and snack on it cold. You’ll find your body’s “zone” where feel good. Because the liver is a huge part of digestion, it is best to be easy on it. Sugar highs and lows or ammonia overload can happen. Learn to listen to your body and you’ll be able to have a steady supply of energy without taxing your liver. Chicken for your liver means getting your protein without burdening your liver while on Hepatitis C treatment, or with cirrhosis. I’m here for you. Let me know if I can help. Karen:)


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24 thoughts on “Chicken for Your Liver

      1. I am living with 4 stage of cirrhosis, hepC was treated 2 years ago. There is med for hep C a new med came out after I treated. My liver was damaged before, and now I feel very bad, but my meld is low 6,7 so for transplant I am not ready, it has to be like 16-20. I am on the list but my doc said my symptoms are not bad enough. I am very sick to my stomach, dizzy, can’t drive, losing weight and more. My name is Galina,I am 68 years old, live in Baltimore, happy I found this site.

        1. Hello! Welcome. I understand I was treated 4 years ago and am cured though I have early stages of cirrhosis. Karen has a really good place on her main page, liver loving recipes. Also you could make sure that everything you eat or drink is good for the liver. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Don’t eat red meat, processed foods, fried foods,limit salt as much as you can. Here is a link to Karen’s liver loving recipes. Good luck to you! Keep in touch! Dee

  1. I am so glad i found your site. U have educated me so much. It has really helped me. Thank you.
    I also wanted to know what butter is alright to use? Or should i not eat butter at all. I am on Harvoni therapy and trying to better my eating habits.

    1. Hi there, if I have a choice it is going to be real butter. I used to try to eat margarine but then I found there was ingredients that were not good for us. So…I now use butter sparingly. How is the Harvoni going? I have heard that water is important or headaches occur. I hope you are doing well. I would love to hear how treatment is going for you, Dee

    1. I would say NO to salt. Use very little sugar and beef. The other things are fine! I hope my recipes help you to eat healthy while you are getting ready for treatment.
      xo Karen:)

  2. Iam suffering from liver problem..i have losed too much weight…i am weaker than ever ..i just feel lazy ..i cannot travel long journy ..i cannot drive for to long ..mam please sujest a good life style for me in exercise meal etc

    1. Hello, I am so very sorry you are feeling so bad. Have you been to a doctor? Have you tried to eat as healthy as possible? Do you drink water? Water is essential to our health. Without it we can grow very tired, lethargic. I try to walk every day no matter how I feel. I figure even if I feel bad I can feel just as bad walking, getting blood moving around.
      I know it sounds very simplistic but it does help. You can look at all of Karen articles on here, they can help you quite a bit. I hope you can find some answers, Dee

  3. Hi! l have just discovered your website and am SO glad, and will be sharing it with my doctors and fellow patients at the hospital! l have Hep C, cirrhosis and liver cancer twice, and get onto the waiting list as soon as l give up smoking altogether – not even 6 puffs a day. l am really struggling with the NO salt, high protein (90 – 100gm per day), and cannot eat meat from a bone. Basically l will eat chicken breast fillet and lean minced beef, so any recipe ideas incorporating these would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work, we guys need you terribly! Thank you!!! 🙂

    1. Aww, so nice to hear from you. If you have cirrhosis, please keep in mind anything that you eat, drink, put on your body, breathe has to be processed by your liver. I hear you about the quitting smoking, it is very very hard to do. I have used everything you can think of to stop. I did it once with the gum, once with lozenges, then there are these little tubes that you put the nicotine in and draw on it. Finally e-cigs, What every it takes my dear but I applaud you for trying as hard as you can. Read meat is not good for the liver. Once in a while you might have very lean meat but I decided to give it up. I had to give up my favorite fried shrimp, well cause fried. Fried foods are not good, processed food like lunch meat or TV dinners. It is very difficult. Every morning I have a protein smoothie with kales, apples, maybe some bananas or some almonds to help it have some crunch.
      Karen has a list of liver loving foods up in the right hand corner of the main page, it is a drop down box with lots of ideas. I watch my salt consumption, I add it to nothing, but have not dropped it out completely. It is very difficult as there is salt in everything. Even my favorite milk has salt. I drink nothing but water so to help my liver work well. It seems everything that tastes good is not healthy for us.
      All we can do is try to go the best we can veggies and fruits are our friends though I would like some more myself LOL. Take Care Dee

    1. Hay girl, I’m really glad that you found it and hope some of this encourages you. It’s a hot mess living with hep c. Wading through all the information can make you a little crazy. Check out the checkered black and white box on the right for a list of topics that are related to Hepatitis C.

      Let me know if I can help. xoxo Karen

  4. I have started on the Harvonia treatment 8 wks. I’m drinking 64 oz of water I weigh 116lbs.,Are I drinking enough water.I need help with foods I can cannot eat.

    1. Well, you’ve gotten through 1/2 of your treatment without hearing from me. I hope all is going good for you. Your water sounds perfect. That is exactly what I aim for and we’re about the same size.
      Did you see my ebook? It tells how I came back from liver failure by eating a liver loving diet. It’s only $4.99 and I would love for everyone to have it. It describes in detail how much, what, and how to fix for ANY stage of liver disease.
      Keep me posted!
      xo Karen

  5. Hi.. so I’m new and need help.. been having swelling and pain went to the doctor and they said I had non alcoholic fatty liver disease. .. I have no clue what I should and shouldn’t eat

    1. Hi,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It can be a shock, especially since you’re starting with swelling. Have you been diagnosed with ascites? Talk with your doctor about a low sodium diet. Try and eat from the menu in the Liver Loving Diet. I put all my best work into it for only $5 bucks. I hope it will help you.

      Stay encouraged, and keep reading!
      xo Karen

  6. My twin brother who was diagnosed yesterday with cirroshis is having a hard time doing anything,especially go to the bathroom .Do you know of anything that can help him.Also can you post some more good healthy recipes for people with cirroshis please

    1. Mandy,

      You’re such a good sis to be researching for your brother. My brother was my caregiver during a lot of my health journey. If you’ve got $5 bucks, download the book onto your phone. It’s the most comprehensive way I knew how to give my readers EVERYTHING!

      About the bathroom – High fiber of course. I found mini shredded wheat to be the low sodium winner in that category. Drink lots of water also. If he is having any muscle cramps, magnesium can help and it also “relaxes” your bowels. Talk to him and his doctor about that!

      I wish you and your family all the best. Stick together and it’s all going to be okay..

      xo Karen

  7. Hello, thanks for your advice here. I am 38 and have felt like I had the flu after eating for 10 years. The past two years I’ve gotten this swelling under my ribs and pain under right rib. I’ve had my gallbladder checked a few times and it’s fine, CT scan said something about a “hepatic event” and fatty liver but the Dr said to drink more water that’s all. Year later and my stomach area inflames so much after I eat I get intense headaches and can’t eat and it’s hard to breathe. It has been so bad I couldn’t think and it was horrible pressure in the front of my head. I finally got an appt at a gastroenterologist and she scheduled me an MRI with contrast, the results came back normal. But the blood test says my liver enzymes we’re elevated.

    All the tests I’ve had nothing comes up except liver issues that the doctor minimizes as it being nothing. Right now I haven’t been able to eat normally for a week. I can only eat watered down soups because it causes the least headaches. Idk what to do. I’m so weak from not being able to eat and doctor’s aren’t helping. The only thing that comes close to my symptoms are liver disorders. Fatigue, headaches, confusion, elevated liver enzymes, difficulty eating food, metallic taste in mouth.

    Any advice on what I could do? I don’t drink alcohol.

    I tried to get your ebook but I got a 404 error when I clicked the link. Have a fresh link?
    I’m desperate. I feel like I’m dying slowly and doctor’s act like nothing is wrong. My life has been disturbed by this so long idk if I’ll ever feel normal again.

    Idk if I should ask for more liver testing or not. Doctors don’t like you to ask for things

    Thanks for any help and advice.

    1. I see you’re up doing the middle of the night search… my heart goes out to you. You’ve got a LOT going on. First off, I just checked paypal and didn’t see that the purchase went through, so you won’t be charged. You can read all my online recipes… it just got too crowded so I put them in a book.
      The first thing that comes to mind is liver disease – doc said fatty liver – we’ll go with that. But all this other stuff going on makes it so dang hard. I’m going to give you a list of how I would prioritize.
      1. Ask doc for a “stage” of liver disease.
      2. Get clean protein from plant sources. Try some Boost shakes if nothing else. Read about my protein shakes on the blog.
      3. Stay hopeful. The fact that you’re looking for help is a sign that the real you is alive and well inside a very sick body.
      4. Don’t take “drink water” for an answer from the doctor. Ask a family member, friend, clergy, counselor, for help in talking to doc.

      I’m going to get my glad rags on and make a youtube about this very topic – this morning. I get a TON TON way too much email from people just like you. You can do this. Thank you so much for stopping by.

      xoxo Karen

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