CAB Juice

CAB Juice is an acronym for Carrot, Apple, and Beet.  juice liver detox hepatitisThis is simply the safest and easiest juice to make. You will get liver detox benefits and nutrients to support your liver while on Hepatitis C treatment and beyond! You can never go wrong by throwing these ingredients into your juicer. The carrots and beets can be cleaned and cut up in advance. Just keep them in large storage bags in the fridge. When you are ready to juice, all you have to do is quarter an apple and put it through the juicer. It will take you longer to drink it than to make it if you “chew” it slowly like I suggest in the Juicing Detox Recipe page.

Serve it with a celery stalk for flair. You can use it stir with!

The detox, flush, or liver cleanse can be used if your liver is fairly healthy and with your doctor’s approval. I like the peace of mind that comes in knowing that my body is getting the best nutrition possible. I am also a lazy cook. I love my kitchen, but too much time in front of the sink or stove can get me down. If this is the only juice you make, then your liver will love you.

You will be surprised at how sweet the carrots are. This is not a vegetable tasting juice. It’s beautiful and sweet. Once I get started, everybody wants a drink of mine, so I have learned to make extra if the kids are here. It is easy to stir in a green supplement powder with it. That way you are getting your probiotics at the same time! We be liver loving Bff’s. xo Karen:)

CAB Juice

CAB Juice


  • 5 Carrots
  • 1 Apple
  • 1/4 or 1/3 of a Beet


  1. Follow your manufacturers instructions. For tips on easier juicing, check out my blog titled Best Juicing with Hepatitis C.

This pic is from until I can get some taken. Lots of ideas, very little time. But my juice looks like this and I love the mason jar..

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  1. Hi- Silly question, but I am new to juicing/blending and am wondering if you cook (bake) the beets first or steam the carrots or just throw them in the juicer/vitamix?


    1. Hi Michelle!

      No silly questions here. 🙂 Everything goes in raw. You might chop them into chunks first if you want. Beets are not easy to cut. I usually cut a couple up and put them in baggies in the fridge. Then I can take out a few pieces and put them in juice. Their dark color causes staining.. but gives your juice a great taste!

      xo Karen:) PS Let me know how it turns out! I’m putting this on fast in case you’re waiting. lol.

  2. ok not sure I understand this, I have end stage liver disease cirrohis, can i use this drink???? What confuses me is when I read this: The detox, flush, or liver cleanse can be used if your liver is fairly healthy and with your doctor’s approval. It states if your liver is fairly healthy, so to me I can’t use this right>

    1. I have end stage cirrhosis and I live on the stuff. I just made a big old batch and even made extra and put it in a fruit jar for tommorrow after my banding. It’s just veggies. We don’t do the detox juices that call for herbs and supplements, right? lol. You’re a smart cookie. xoxo

      1. Forgive me jacking in here… but I was triggered by something you said in your reply, Karen… ” We don’t do the detox juices that call for herbs and supplements, right?”… and by the way —- I don’t care who answers this question, I know you are recovering currently, and my best is sent to you via this comment….. here goes – a little history will explain this.

        Exposure in 2009… small episode of symptoms I attributed to my other diagnoses (which are numerous enough to fill half a sheet of paper) flaring up as a result of all the stress surrounding my loss and the escapist behavior I engaged in, including the drug use.

        Diagnosis in May 2010 – “numbers” (at that time I didn’t even know what numbers those were or what they meant) so low my Rheumotologist (only doctor I had by then for I had alienated my primary care with so many requests for Dilaudid to put into my arm) said we could just test a couple of times a year and “watch the numbers”.

        Last year – 2014, in June the numbers jumped – (at the time the doctor just said “high” but I now know them to have been: AST 59 (40), ALT 199(32) and I agreed to see the GI doc (long history of IBS and Gastroparesis and I just did not want to go unless I had to). My car broke down on the way and I convinced myself to try Chinese Medicine first, since I already have a wonderful Acupuncturist who is trained.

        We have been focusing on liver support with a chinese herbal prescription and Milk Thistle for the last four months and thought it was time I go for the basic labs again… and to my surprise my levels (AST now 274 and ALT now 622) have increased quite significantly.

        NOW I’m scared… Universe – you have my attention!! Liver, I love you – I need you – and I’m going to save you if I can!!! SO…..

        As I’m sure you understand… since I got the information on Wednesday, I’ve thought of almost nothing else. I have been searching everywhere for information, including within me. I found this site through your YouTube video on Juicing… and since I don’t know anything except those numbers, and headache, itchy skin, sinus issues, very loose stool nearly every day, and incredible fatigue symptoms… would I be safer if I discontinued the herbs completely?

        Any replies are welcome.

        1. Hi there! I found an article about elevated enzymes. There are many reasons for elevated enzymes, certain medications, drinking etc. Everything we eat drink put on our body has to be processed by the liver. I am sorry you have to wait so long to see a doctor, I wish your doctor could call and get you an earlier appointment. Many times if our doctor calls, the specialist will see us much sooner. I can understand your shock and fear. I had the same after being diagnosed with HCV then cirrhosis within a 3 month period. It was awful. I was finally able to wrap my brain around it to do something. One of the first things I did was to up my water intake, then I stopped all red meat. I occasionally eat fried but I know it isn’t good for me. You can’t give up everything at once, it is difficult but it can be done. I drink a protein drink every day then I try to have chicken or fish for dinner. It gets boring some times so then I might treat myself with a dinner out. Oatmeal is very good to eat. Not sure if I mentioned but Karen had a lot of suggestions for food on the forum. You can go to the upper right hand corner for ideas. She even has fast food ideas 🙂 To tell you not to worry would be silly. We all worry and my heart goes out to you, thinking of how I felt when I was first diagnosed. You have taken a good step in looking for help/information on the internet. There is a wealth of information out there. I try to go to the Mayo Clinic, WebMd or other reputable sites for information.

          Hang in there, I am praying for you. My heart is with you as you go through this process. I pray that the enzymes are elevated due to what you are ingesting. Dee

        2. Hi,
          It took a couple of reads to get it all in. lol… brain fog. Alternative medicine can be great if it is good quality and you do not have severe liver damage. I worked with tinctures and extracts from a naturopath along with milk thistle up until I started treatment. I think this is in my milk thistle blog. I’m a believer in good quality medicinal herbs.. But with the liver being so compromised I was concerned and only took what my doctor allowed. I wonder if he didn’t approve them because he felt I was dying anyway.
          I was diagnosed august 2010. So much in common. You don’t say whether you are or have treated for hcv. I am assuming you have not. First, I would ask which stage of liver disease. If you are not in stage 3 or beyond, your doctor will probably be more flexible with encouraging alternative medicine.
          Even then, I have always played it safe and ran everything by my doc. By being “compliant” with my medical team, they continued to serve me and allow me to work with food as medicine while they monitored my lab results. (which were great). Ultimately, because my liver was so damaged from the virus, I got cancer. My compliance allowed me to be listed for a transplant and I got a brand new liver last month. My transplant team and I kind of congratulate ourselves on a job well done using food, vitamins, and science to help me heal.
          To sum it up – I’m glad to see that you are researching. Smart move. It sounds like you may be overdoing on herbs. I was living on Acai berry when my liver failed and I bled out. (scared… Universe you have my attention) I stopped all herbs until my labs were good, MELD score was 7 and then I got treated for and got rid of the virus. That is my experience and I would advocate the same for anyone.
          Your story really touched my heart and I’m hoping that you are doing well. I’m not answering much, but am trying to log on every few days now. I look forward to your response.

    1. Kelly,

      I just used the last of mine and have to go to the market. It is harder to get really good beet greens this time of year, but the beets are available year round. I use just a little. Did you know they are good for women? I have juiced them for years. They support your body in many ways! Let me know how it goes!
      xoxo Karen:)

  3. hi
    Soory I do not have a web site. I was entering the wrong stuff in the past using your pages.. Da…… maybe the brain is slipping already

  4. Great drink and it does love the liver. The problem I had is I hate the taste of beets. Just could never stomach their gritty earthy taste. Love carrots and apples though. So how did I resolve the taste issue you might enquire? With a teaspoon full of (no not sugar) villinna and a couple sprinkles of cinnamon. Not having a “Juicer” only a blinder I added one cup of purified water. Still has a earthy taste but at least its palatable.

    1. Hello! I know that have problems with beets so only use a small amount in my green drinks. To be honest I only use a small bit of greens in my green drinks LOL. Oh yes apples are good as is Kale, maybe some spinach. I also add almonds to mine to mix it up. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I bought a Bella liquified from Amazon for under $30.00 It liquefies everything just like a nutri-bullet. Thanks for writing, good luck, Dee

  5. Question. Is this something you should be doing every day while in treatment for Hep C? Or should you pace it out to say every other day or so.

    Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Hello there! Thanks so much for writing! I would not force it but think that every other day would be sufficient. What treatment are you doing?
      I wish you the very best and would love to hear how you are doing Dee

    1. Hello there! Yes all of these recipes are good for you when you have cirrhosis. In fact, Karen was diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2010 and most of the information was found as she struggled through improving her life.
      I am so glad you found this site. If you go to the upper right hand page there is a drop down menu with all kinds of tips and hints, its under Liver Loving Recipes. Good luck to you! Dee

  6. my mom has CML plus hep c. So that equals ascites. A lot going on. They put her on Gleevac a chemo pill. But did nothing for the liver.Do you have any good ideas on how to help her repair her liver while she takes a chemo pill?

    1. Hello there, is CML cancer? If she has cancer she has to take care of that first before she can fight the HCV. As long as the HCV is attacking her liver it is difficult. But, if she were to drink water to help her liver flush the toxins out, no red meat, low salt, no processed foods; it would go a long way to help her liver to work better. Whole foods are best for the liver. I drink a protein shake every day with fruits and veggies in it to try to keep my protein level up. Again everything you eat, drink, put on your skin or in your eyes has to be processed by the liver. When I realized that it was much easier for me to be kinder to my liver. My husband just put a list together for me for liver healthy things to do so I will share it with you Apples, whole grains, broccoli, lemons limes cabbage, garlic, carrots, beets, green tea, leafy green veggies, olive oil, avocados (good fat). These are just some things that help the liver. Of course she would have to make sure it doesn’t affect her chemo or any other medications. I would say grape fruit but they say that can increase or decrease medication so I would be careful of that. i.e. if you eat it every day and are consistent then I guess it would be ok as your medication would be adjusted for that by blood work. I have read that coffee can reduce scarring of the liver. We’ll see next month when I get my ultrasound 🙂 Also, if you go to the top of the page there is a drop down menu called liver loving recipes, that might help you as well.
      I hope something in here will help your Mom. Oh, no alcohol, it is has been said that drinking with HCV is like pouring alcohol on a fire.
      Take Care, Dee

  7. I have been diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver- I am also pre diabetic I try to eat most of the foods you have mentioned but off and on have the pain in my liver and one time had nausea with it . I was eating oven baked eggplant in olive oil- and sometimes after a bowel movement have pain also in my liver- I will try to have better posture and try some yoga- I am wondering if I might have gotten this from taking a high power antibiotic – I have been tested for hep c but those came out negative why am I still feeling the pain- it does go away but comes back again

    1. Hello there! Have you had your gallbladder checked? While everyone says that the liver doesn’t have pain, there is a sac and if the liver is swollen then the sac can hurt. The gall bladder can also cause pain. Also some people get pain in the large intestines which they think is their liver when actually it is gas. Gas can be so painful you feel like you are dying. Please try to get checked out as soon as you can.
      Thanks for writing

  8. I received your advice about it being possibly gallbladder but I have had my gallbladder removed so I guess it could be gas although I haven’t had that ever before and it’s definitely in my liver area and happens anytime I eat carbs – I will tell my doctor and see what she might be able to tell me.
    Thanks so much I appreciate your time.

    1. Hi I am so sorry to hear about the pain. I hope you can find an answer. I remember when I took an antibiotic, every time I would take it I got excruciating pain right in the liver area. Everyone said, it can’t feel pain, I wondered then, do they really know it all? It would hit me one hour after taking Biaxin. I asked for a new prescription. Have you ever tried probiotics, concentrated acidolphilus? I tried that when I was having awful stomach pains. It went away. I hope you fine some answers and let me know. My best Dee

    1. Aah Steph, I am so happy to hear!! Thanks for letting me know. I know what it feels like to constantly try things to feel better. I am constantly looking for supplements to help me. I have a friend that tried the probiotics and she felt better than she had in over a year.
      Take care, please keep in touch, Dee

  9. I want to comply with my doc but what if she/he is disengaged, asking me to take trazadone instead of a more natural means of getting a good nights sleep, Lactulose instead of Benefiber but then doesn’t intend to do anything other than to continue with Nadolol to treat my varices. I just learned after pushing for the second endoscopy (diagnosed 2010 with first endoscopy) that I now have large varices and yet when I went for the consultation appt following the endoscopy, I was told my varices were small! This occurred at Mayo, and I am worried about confrontation for fear of being perceived as “difficult” and not considered for a transplant once my MELD score goes up.

    I feel as though my doctor is just waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of taking steps to improve and prolong the quality of my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say if I don’t get them to do it, it’s not going to get done. This includes fat soluable vitamin replacement. I feel like I’m taking care of myself and this is why I appreciate your input. It seems your doctor is more engaged than mine and I don’t understand why. I am compensated late stage cirrhosis with large varices, low platelets, splenomegaly.

    My one guess is that Mayo has become very efficient from a cost point of view and, if a treatment does not have any affect on the outcome, it is not done. Mayo is very excellent at doing procedures, however, as they have an affect on controlling the outcome.

    One more question, please: Is it possible for lab values to remain artificially low on URSO while liver damage is actually continuing to occur. Are there patients who fall between the cracks of the MELD system? I’ve heard this is possible.

    Thank you very much for any input you would have in regard to my concerns.


    1. Sandra,
      You bring up so many good points. Trying to be “good” so that you won’t be considered annoying to the medical staff, wondering if they are offering you the best treatments… Yeah. These are legitimate concerns.
      Sometimes our worry and Hepatic Encephalopathy can make us seem a little loony too. It’s a fine line to walk and we second guess ourselves.
      About the varices. I had about 15 in my esophagus and stomach when I was diagnosed. They did NOT treat them. They only gave Nadolol. It was the “least invasive” procedure. They did not begin to “band” them until I had a bleed. So the conservative treatment there seems to be in line with my personal experience.
      I want to add more and will… however I just got the plumber here. I’ll finish later.
      I LOVE the way that you are self advocating. Smart girl. xo Karen

  10. Hi I had a liver transplant 5 months ago together with a heart by pass at the same time. I would like to know can I have the juice will it help me with all the meds tat I’m taking.

    I wished I read your comments before my transplant

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