Hepatitis C Cleanse and Detox Juice

Hepatitis C Cleanse and Detox Juices are a safe way to get the nutrients you need while supporting your liver. They are so refreshing and it just makes you feel better as it goes down. One tip I have always used was to “chew” the juice. In other words, do not just drink and swallow. Kind of allow it to swirl in your mouth a few seconds. Because you are not actually eating does not mean that your stomach can process it without enzymes. Chewing the juice just a little activates your salivary glands and helps your body to process the nutrients better. It also helps the flavors to reach your taste buds and just makes it more fun. I do the same with dark chocolate. lol hepatitis c detox cleanse

I’ve made a couple of Youtube videos about juicing. Join me at the farm by clicking here!

Sugar Content – Because your liver works hard to metabolize your food, it is important to realize how fruit and vegetable juice acts in your body. It is a complex carbohydrate, which is a good sugar for you. But it is still a sugar. My nutritionist reminded me of this because I was juicing daily and it added up to a lot of calories. I now take this into account. If I have a large juice in the morning, I simply drop a snack later in the day. Do not let this stop you from juicing. Just be aware that if you have Cirrhosis, Nash, fatty liver, or diabetes, your body’s ability to process large amounts of sugar at once is compromised. Spread it out during the course of your day to keep from getting a glucose high or low.

Sodium Content must also be taken into consideration. While the sodium is much lower than in process foods, there is still some naturally occurring sodium in fresh produce. It adds up. For example a simple CAB or Carrot, Apple, Beet juice can contain up to 300 mg of sodium. If you are on a sodium restriction of 2ooo mg or less, be sure and add it in. I use this list from the Cleveland Clinic to guesstimate how much each glass of juice contains. Btw- they did not list apples. So low it doesn’t even count!

I like to experiment with different blends so the recipes will contain some with more sweetness and other with a little zip! The Hepatitis C Cleanse and Detox Juice is a safe way to get nutrients you need while supporting your liver! These recipes can be used for Cirrhosis, Nash, fatty liver, or even if you do not have liver disease. I have been on the juice bandwagon for over 25 years. I truly believe it is one of the reasons I am alive today.

P.S. Blog on pears. My oh my what a great juice they make and retain the natural goodness too!

For CAB juice recipe click HERE!

Check out my blog for everything from how to choose a juicer to how to prepare the vegetables. You may become a juice addict, like me. xoxo Karen:)

What are your favorite recipes for juicing? Send me some and I will share them with Your Best Friends!

Food Serving Size Milligrams/Sodium
Asparagus 6 spears 10
Avocado 1/2 medium 10
Beans, white, cooked 1 cup 4
Beans, green 1 cup 4
Beets 1 cup 84
Broccoli, raw 1/2 cup 12
Broccoli, cooked 1/2 cup 20
Carrot, raw 1 medium 25
Carrot, cooked 1/2 cup 52
Celery 1 stalk raw 35
Corn (boiled, no butter/salt) 1/2 cup 14
Cucumber 1/2 sliced 1
Eggplant, raw 1 cup 2
Eggplant, cooked 1 cup 4
Lettuce 1 leaf 2
Lima beans 1 cup 5
Mushrooms 1/2 cup (raw or cooked) 1-2
Mustard greens 1/2 chopped 12
Onions, chopped 1/2 cup (raw or cooked) 2-3
Peas 1 cup 4
Potato 1 baked 7
Radishes 10 11
Spinach, raw 1/2 cup 22
Spinach,cooked 1/2 cup 63
Squash, acorn 1/2 cup 4
Sweet potato 1 small 12
Tomato 1 small 11


pics via wikipedia

13 thoughts on “Hepatitis C Cleanse and Detox Juice

    1. Don’t I love seeing your sweet words on here? Yes I do. Did you know that you can make enough juice for a couple of days and keep it in the fridge? Just stir before serving!
      It sure saves time on the clean up!
      xo Karen:)

      1. Just got told I have stage 4 cirrhosis from Hep C I am Geno type 1a Waiting on approval from my insurence to be treated with Horvanti. Being mis guided for years that my enzymes count was low I may be a lucky one so I had him check it every year. They remained low. Good thing I finally had another Dr check my blood for the Hep c He ran more blood tests. Sent me right away to another Dr. For treatment. Had the fiberscan, Ultrascan. More bloodwork. bang! I got told I have stage 4 cirrhosis from hep c. So I am going to do every thing I can to stay healthy a kill this dragon inside my liver. Then hope to try to get my liver better or at least not let it get worse. So I need Help from people. I have the Blender ( Montel Williams) been using that Then I saw somewhere juicing would be better for my liver. Instead of all the pulp from Kale and many other veggies & fruits. So I now have a 1000w Juicer next to the blender. Just need some direction
        Thank you for this web-site

        1. Dang. I hate it when we get that diagnosis of end stage at the same time as the diagnosis from Hep C. While you’re waiting to get approved for Harvoni, it’s an awesome idea to research (just like your doing here) and eating good food!

          Blenders are good because you can use a plant protein powder with a frozen banana and some milk. That will help your liver a lot because meat protein can be too hard to process. I add a few leaves of kale to my protein shake!

          I love juicing Kale too. I don’t juice as often as I make protein shakes. I’ll be honest with you, the Hepatic Encephalopathy is a little rough right now. That can mean less energy. I think it’s great that we encourage each other. I’m heading to make a juice right now! Thanks Jimmy. I’m glad we’re friends. Welcome to the site and always keep me posted on what’s going on ok?

          Every day in every way we are getting better and better. xo Karen:)

  1. Hello there my friend, thank you so much for this information. I started out with veggies and fruits with some protein powder.
    Lately I have gotten a bit lazy so have been using rice milk, pineapples, blueberries, apples, bananas and protein powder.
    It is a very filling breakfast, gets me going, keeps me going most of the day. I agree with you, small frequent meals are the way to go.
    That is how I do it too. Large meals put me to sleep πŸ™‚
    I hope you are doing ok, thinking of you.

  2. Karen,
    Keeping you in my thoughts and looking at all your pages and videos for support while you are dealing with your transplant. I know there are people helping with the website now, so maybe they can help me too. I also have Hepatic Encephalopathy. It is frustrating and does not help when it comes to remembering to count grams of salt, protein, and liquid intake. I take Xifaxan for the HE. I am at a loss as to what to eat. I can cook some days and others I struggle with just opening the box. Since my husband can eat anything, I cook for him and skip many meals for myself. I read about your juicing and believe I will give it a go. I used to survive on Protein Shakes when I was about 25 years younger, I had Hep C then. As the years flew by, I became sicker and weaker from anemia. I struggle to get up each day, but I do. I send my husband off to school to teach and then I collapse. Will juicing be a good thing for me to try? I gained 40 lbs (more weight than I have ever gained in my life) in two weeks and can not get rid of it. I cannot take water retention pills, as my doctor has said that it will compromise the HE meds. I am off all pain meds, anxiety pills, and everything except 20 mg of propranolol a day and Omeprazole as these help deter bleeding in my esophagus. I cannot take iron even though my iron is very low, below 8, due to damage it could do to my liver. I feel like I just should stop eating all together. I want to go out walking, to help regulate my body, but I am so weak and can loose my way easily that I only walk in our small yard. What juices do you recommend. I am at a loss. You are such an angel to help all of us and your words written and spoken have helped me keep on task. Thank you. You are in my prayers and always in my heart.

    1. Sheila,

      Actually, it’s just me sweetie pie. I would love to have some help with the day to day work on the blog. I’m trying to do an “undo” and clean up some links. But I do hope that other’s begin to help share more and answer each other. I love the way we can share experience and help each other. Please feel free to chime in any area where you have experience. I trust anything that you say because you have such an honest heart and a good handle on how to keep motivated!

      The HE is a hot mess. I think that juicing is always good. The vitamins are easily available and do not burden your liver. It’s work and when you don’t feel so good, it may be best to make a couple of days worth and put them in sealed jars in the fridge.

      The shakes have proven to be the one thing that has not changed. I simply can’t get enough protein without them. The muscle wasting starts immediately and I sleep a lot more if I skip them.

      Our meds are the same except my propranolol is higher. This weight gain concerns me. Could it be ascites? I’m dealing with a few extra pounds and am concerned about the same thing. I’ve been eating pop tarts in an effort to get an extra few pounds before the transplant, but it seems to be right in my belly.

      Whatever you do, don’t stop eating.. If nothing else, go with the oatmeal and peanut butter diet with a protein shake to start your day. Most of the shakes have enough vitamins to get you by without extra iron. I’m heading to the city today for a few days testing. I’m working on a little something for you.

      In the meantime, feel the love. And by all means drink a shake and then cruise around the yard. Walking is so invigorating. If you feel weak, let someone know you are walking and KEEP YOUR CELL phone with you. ok?

      Much love and thanks for your kind words.
      xo Karen:)

      1. Hi Karen, I enjoy reading your posts, you and your friends continue to dance even in the rain, I am amazed that you endure these trials with such a sweet spirit, only jesus can give you that endurance…

        You are a breath of fresh air, thank you, I have been 20 yrs with no tx, and I know what it means to fight the fight of faith…

        I have been eating well, but I need to do more in juicing. And protein shakes,
        Do you use the whey powder, I noticed most of it has aspartame in it.

        It bothers my glucose level and I have a hard time with the sugar highs and lows, but I have made progress In that area,

        Also did u take the Harvoni with the xifaxan during treatment ?

        1. Hi Steve!

          Welcome to the Best Friends Guide! So glad you’ve dropped by. You’re right, we can dance in the storm because of our faith and friendship.
          I make a lot of juices, but don’t do it daily. You’re smart to watch your glucose levels. It’s so hard to keep the balance and even vegetables have the natural occurring carbs that processes like sugars. They ARE the best kind of sugars though because they are complex and don’t give you the high and low swings.
          I have not used whey powder for a few years now. It just gives my stomach some trouble. With other protein sources becoming more available, it has gotten less expensive to use chick pea, rice, and other proteins.
          I treated with the first round of protease inhibitors. Telaprevir with interferon and ribs for 43 weeks. It did the trick! SVR for 3 years!
          I hope to see you around. xoxo Karen:)

  3. Karen,
    It is so good to hear from you. You lift my spirits so high. I do not know how you keep up with everything. Thank you for your answers and I will go with the peanut butter, oatmeal, shake in the AM as you suggested. That sounds like a good place to start.
    I do have ascites and edema, but the doctor does not want me on water pills as they will lessen the effect of the Xifaxan. Take good care of yourself in the city. I carry my cell phone with me wherever I go, even to the bathroom. I know you do the same. I will try to read some of the posts as my brain allows and live a bit of incentive to others. Mindy and I talk back and forth as do many of the people who post on your page and hers. We are all loving you and sharing how fantastic your courage and positive thinking, and love carries us through. Love you so. Thanks again for taking the time to write me. Love, Sheila

    1. Sheila,

      I didn’t know about the Xifaxin and diuretics working against each other. I’m not on any now and work hard to keep the sodium down. I was bloat this week and worried about ascites. During the ultrasound yesterday, they didn’t find any. Yay!

      Don’t you love our circle of friends? Mindy is a sweetheart. There are some awesome girls on here who are nurturing and loving goddesses who take care of each other behind the scenes. I feel your love every day and I know that you can feel mine also. We lift each other up.

      I love you sis,
      xo Karen:)

  4. Hi, we were blindsided a few months ago with my husband at stage 4, and myself with scarring. I feel so stupid, why didn’t we talk to our dr about symptoms? ( and GO to the dr instead of trying to treat at home) I have been trying to work this out on my own and don’t even know what these #’s that we are being told mean. I know, talk to the dr. My husband has had to have his stomach fluid deflated?twice. Since changing his and my diet all has been good.YEAH! Love you site! Makes me feel not so alone.

    1. Hello! Karen had a procedure Monday and asked me to fill in for her for a bit. I am so sorry to hear your experience. You must have been blindsided to find out your husband is stage 4. I remember when I was diagnosed with HCV and cirrhosis all in a a couple of months. I was devastated. I could not even talk about it without crying for months. Then I started to do some research and found people like Karen who were kind and caring. I found that I could get better and that I could live. I first had to change my diet, then I had to treat to get rid of the HCV. Karen and I treated at the same time. It was hard but there are newer medications out there that are easier and are of a shorter duration. Once the HCV was no longer attacking my liver I started to improve. Try to help your liver by drinking water. Karen has a liver loving diet on here that might help you. Again, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Take Care, Dee

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