Breakfast for Cirrhosis

Breakfast for CirrhosisBreakfast is the most important meal of the day

breakfast cirrhosis good food
I love eggs!

It is the one thing that never should be skipped. The word itself a compound word: break and fast. While you are sleeping, your body is fasting from food. Your liver is busy processing and storing sugars, proteins, and other nutrients.  Breaking your night time fast with nutritious food is a smart way to start your day! Keep in mind that a cup of coffee is shown to reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Here’s where to find hundreds of low sodium recipes for food that is safe for your liver.

Breakfast for cirrhosis book ihelpc recipes

Protein Shake – A premixed or powder shake is an awesome and quick pick me up. Your body will give you that Ahhh feeling of mental clarity and no jitters! I mix mine with a little coffee, almond or rice milk, or even water in a pinch.

good food hepatitis c liver
This warms my tummy just looking at it.

Oatmeal – You cannot beat a good bowl of oatmeal. I like whole oats most of the time. If there has been a recent endoscopy, banding, or just plain nausea, I use the quick oats. In those cases, I eat it plain and thin. You can load it up with sliced bananas, walnuts, or blueberries. The list is endless and includes brown or coconut sugar, and cinnamon. Try raisins, or other dried fruit. I add frozen berries sometimes too!

Smoothie – Speaking of frozen berries, I hope you have an blender. I’ve worn a couple out, and they are awesome! Pour in your favorite milk, some fresh or frozen berries, a scoop of protein and hit the button.

Eggs – I try to keep some boiled eggs in the fridge for snacky mornings. But when you have the time, cook them your favorite way in a little olive or coconut oil. I eat them well done or scrambled. By cooking extra, I can stick a few in a zipper bag for sandwiches later. Sometimes I add cheese to make it nice and melty.  Jazz them up with some no sodium herb and seasonings! I’ve got the scoop on which proteins are best for the liver here.

eggs hep c cirrhosis good food
This was at a fave restaurant that cooks low sodium and healthy!

Toast – Toast and jam can give you everything you need. I get all crazy about toast and use a lot of different toppings. You can try an olive oil type margarine, no salt butter, coconut oil or nut butter. I kind of base this on how well I’ve been eating. Higher fat foods like butter are okay in moderation and there is no substitute for toast with butter. Other toppings that you might enjoy are honey, cinnamon and sugar or stevia. Lay an cooked egg on top with cheese. The possibilities are endless!

Cold cereal – You can eat it, but be choosy.  Watch out for hidden sodium and high sugar content. I like All Bran, Shredded Mini-Wheats, and a healthy cheerio type. I also love Captain Crunch and Honey Smacks – Digg em.  I’ve paid a high price too. For those of us with end stage, we have to really choose how often we indulge in those types of food. Sugar Puffs or Cadios from the health food store are a little more boring, but you can indulge more!

Juice – Juicing is always a treat for your body. Choosing carrots, apples, and beets is an easy CAB juice. Get fancy when you can and throw in all colors of fruits or vegetables.  Adding green powder packs in the probiotic and vitamins!

French toast – My famous high protein healthy French toast recipe is still a family favorite. I make a big batch on weekends. This allows me to carry some to work for breakfast on the go.

Bacon or meat – Who doesn’t love bacon? There are low sodium brands that are pretty darn good and you can always eat turkey bacon.

bran muffin cirrhosis good food
Eat it plain, with yogurt, or in a muffin recipe.

Bran Muffin – I have a dozen good bran muffin recipes. Some are as easy as making a bowl of cereal. The batter keeps and is great with fruit tucked in before baking. Adjust the recipe for no sodium and you have a great breakfast bread.

Wake up your mind slowly with good thoughts.

Wake up your spirit with loving words.

Wake up your body with liver loving food.

Make breakfast a part of your morning routine! Jump start your metabolism for the day. Process proteins better. Breakfast can help with that.  

It can also contribute to your weight loss plan. It is sure to stabilize your blood sugar.

With a hot mess for a liver, nutrition is my best ally. It is yours too Friends. Xoxo Karen:)

What are your favorite breakfast foods? Do you eat breakfast every morning?

Click on my protein link here.

Click on the Sample of Daily Liver Loving Diet here

Click on the Low Sodium Food Shopping List here

If you have Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis, you need to keep your metabolism going with small meals. After Fasting all night, eat breakfast for cirrhosis to get the protein you need in a low sodium, liver loving diet.

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21 thoughts on “Breakfast for Cirrhosis

  1. The days are going fast to start my treatments. Thank you for having your website .I Pray A Lot and have Faith, nervous a bit.dont quite know what to expect but my Health will start by eating right.
    Thank you,
    Debbie M

    1. Debbie,

      Thank YOU for your kind words. I’m glad to help.

      It’s normal to be nervous. I think everyone is, especially at the beginning. I never got used to giving myself injections. It got easier in some ways, but when they had to reduce the interferon, I had to measure them and was always afraid of messing up.

      One thing that I did get over the fear of was the side effects. Hopefully you won’t have many, but once you get in the mental routine of knowing what to expect, you just do what needs to be done to get through treatment. Pamper yourself, sleep when you need to, drink lots of water, and your body will heal.

      I can say with certainty, that even though my liver was a mess, if I can do it – anyone can. Be sure and get plenty of support. You will need a lot of reassurance and your friends who have been there are always glad to supply that.

      I’m praying for you. Your faith will grow and sustain you through each day. Let me know if you need anything.
      xoxoxo Karen:)

  2. I don’t understand you say eat all these things but my liver doctor disagrees..Juice is all sugar, protein brings on ammonia which includes eggs, butter in moderation? not at all, no fat period..Powder protein shakes?? are you nuts!!?? When you are at end stage these foods will give you nothing but pain, gas pains and the protein should be from veggies or fruits only, fresh or frozen..I showed your diet for cirrhosis to the Advance Liver Doctor and she was horrified you would tell a cirrhosis person to eat protein mix shakes or butter even in moderation like you stated…

    1. Esther,

      First of all, let me say that I love your name. It has always been one of my favorites. Second, Girl – you have got me beat all to heck with nutrition! I have to give you applause for avoiding juice, eggs and no fat! I’m pretty good. I had to search high and low in my fridge last night to find my olive oil margerine to have with my toast. It was a little bowl I purchased at Christmas and is still half full. So when I say I don’t indulge that much – I mean really!

      One of the things I always encourage readers to do is talk to their doctor and nutritionist. You’re smart to have done that. They are the ones who know the condition of your liver and how well the rest of your body is compensating. My transplant doctors know every single item in my kitchen. I’m the one who takes the labels of my protein drink in to have it approved first.

      On that note: My drink is chia, hemp, and chickpea based. It has no propriety blends so I know exactly what is in it. At this stage of the game, it is about 1/2 my daily intake of protein. See, I was malnourished. When a doctor sent me info regarding malnutrition and how it is causes a cirrhotic patient to waste away, I knew that I had to eat more… and better! All of that with my doctors reccomentations.
      I’m sorry if it seems that I am advocating a high fat diet, and also that it causes you such painful stomach problems. We are all so individual which is why our doctors have to be involved. I have varices in my stomach and have to be cautious about them bleeding,so I eat a little bit all day just like a person with ulcers would.

      Please follow your doctors advice and do exactly as they instruct you. My doctor now only checks me every 6 months for tumors and says with my reduced MELD score that I can keep my liver going for a long time. That is certainly my goal for YOU and for all of us.

      Many of my readers have had transplants or are waiting for one. They each have to eat whatever their body will tolerate. Many use Lactulose to help absorb ammonia due to severe liver damage. They know that my reccomendations are a broad stroke and not written in stone. I hope you will receive it the same way.

      My heart is with you dear one. I hope you keep in touch. I would love to know more about your diet and how you are doing. I find your zest for following the rules very inspiring! You probably have some great nutritional tips up your sleeve!
      xoxo Karen:)

      1. Hello! Thank you for writing in. Karen works very hard to share her experience with HCV, liver cancer, then liver transplant. She pays for this site on her own. The cost of running this site is paid for by Karen. As you may see, there are no ads.
        I am Dee, a volunteer and help her as we try to help people that can’t find help.
        Take Care!

  3. My dad is in end stage liver failure and finding foods that he will eat is extremely difficult! Thank you for your blog, he’s newly diagnosed and rapidly going down hill and finding your blog has been comforting for me- and helpful as I pass along recipes to my mom to make in hopes daddy will actually eat today. I pray you are doing well and again I thank you for your site! God Bless!

    1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear this. Improving his diet could help him. I hope you can get him to drink water as that helps the liver work. When Karen was first diagnosed with cirrhosis, she limited her diet a lot until she could figure it out. She ate a lot of oatmeal 🙂
      There are a lot of diet tips on this blog, I hope you have found them. Up in the upper right hand corner of the main page there are lots of liver loving diets, tips, even some things from fast food. She just updated her blog about her liver transplant in case you would like to read about it I am giving you the address.
      Take care of yourself, Dee

  4. Hello Karen,

    Really enjoy reading your blogs! You are very helpful and creative towards helping people with similar issues so thank you very much. My main question is that my liver is quite inflamed from hep and im just wondering if coffee ( caffeine ) is safe for me while my liver is still in this state, Ive tried it once and it really hit me hard then later that day felt quite foggy… I haven’t been diagnosed with cirrhosis yet , though it is only early days 4months since being infected. Any help is really appreciated

    1. Hello there! There is evidence that coffee is good for your liver in that it can help with scarring and fibrosis. You could search for that. But….if you feel sick after drinking it I would not drink it. It is possible it is not helping you. One thing you want to do is drink lots of water, cut out red meat, processed food and salt as much as possible. Chicken and fish are ok.
      Good luck to you, thanks for writing

  5. Greetings All
    I have had Hep C for over 40 years. I didn’t take any medicine. The Dr. said it was a mild case. I never thought about it till now.

    1. I just responded to your other post. Over 40 years and just now at stage 3 or 4. You’re doing ok. Have they checked for varices or ascites? I cover all of this. If you click on the checkered flag on the right side of the website, it gives you a list of topics.

      You’ve got a lot of thinking to do about treating. I hope that you are able to find the support you need from your doctor and family. Let me know if I can help. xo Karen

  6. I was told recently I have cirrhosis. Stage 3-4. I eat pretty good. Woking on changing some things. Been vegan off and on for 20years. They want me to take Harvony. Not sure of the spelling. I Don’t do meds. Trying not to be depressed.

    1. Dang. The Hep C Virus is not going to go away by itself. The medications are scary though. The newer ones aren’t as bad. I was on the first antivirals. I will admit that there are lasting side effects. Many who are using the new ones aren’t having as many. Here’s the deal: kill the virus and your liver gets a break instantly!

      I was like you. Pretty healthy, cycling, running, eating very little meat. My liver got soo bad that I had to get rid of HCV. I was dying. You don’t say your age, but your doctors can guide you. Have you read Lucinda Porter’s blog? She is a nurse who took Harvoni and is dong great. There are hopeful stories out here hunnyo. Keep me posted. I check in frequently. xoxo Karen

    2. Get on Harvoni as soon as you can. I had HepC for 42 years, since 14 years old. I tried all the Interferon combination therapy’s in the 90’s and didn’t respond to them. Also the side effects were awful. After one month of Harvoni the virus was gone and my liver panels are normal to this day (17 months now). They kept me on for the maximum 24 weeks just to make sure the virus wasn’t hiding out in other organs or bone marrow. I had NO issues with side effects. I’m on Nadalol (beta blocker) to keep portal hypertension down and that causes more side effects (drowsiness) than Harvoni.

  7. I am a very small person. I don’t weigh 100lbs. I just can’t imagine taking the same dose of medicine for a 300lb. man. I don’t understand that.

    1. You are so very right. I say the SAME thing! I always talk to my doctors about dosage. With the HCV medications, I feel like we get it kind of rough. We are afraid to not take enough. The virus is in a concentration in our blood stream no matter what.

      I took the full dose and cleared. So I won’t complain after the fact. I hope you are able to get the dosage right for yourself. xoxo

      Much love and thanks,

  8. My husband was recently diagnosed with advance liver disease – cirrhosis. Interestingly, he had zero symptoms until he got sick in Dec. with a horrible, dry cough that lasted for almost 3 months. In two months, he developed ascites and had a bleed three weeks ago. I am very worried (he’s only 49) about his liver health, but also his mental health. He has been admitted to the hospital twice in the last 4 weeks. The first time he got out, he felt great! This second time (last week), he is weak and has lost weight. We are in the stages of super low sodium cooking. Should he be drinking Ensure or boost to get his strength back? He is also experiencing severe cramping at night. Any suggestions?

    1. Girl, I so regret not getting back to you sooner. I know what you’re going through because that’s my story. I had zero symptoms until my bleed out and ascites too.
      My ebook spells it all out. If you can’t afford it right now, send me an email and I’ll forward you a copy. It is more than just recipes, it’s about the whole “will to live” mindset that can help him get back to strength.

      Night cramps – Calm magnesium powder 2 tsp before bed. Magnesium oil spray pump also. Both at health food stores.
      Boost and ensure are good. You might watch out for whey protein as they can create nausea. I drank a lot of boost…. Love it!
      The protein will help him keep his muscle mass.

      Don’t give up on him. He can come back and needs love and support. Thanks for being such a caring wife.
      xo Karen

  9. I just found out that I’m going to have to have a Liver transplant possible this year not real looking forward to it but if it’s going to help me out then I will do I’m a 48 year old male and I’m scared to death thank you so much for the breakfast ideas they will really work out real good

    1. Hay you!

      Sorry for being so late. I hope that you are still doing well. This diet will keep you going before, during and after transplant. Keep me posted on your health journey!

      xo Karen

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