I’m No Better Than You

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iPhone apps make me happy.

Some people think I’ve got it all the answers – that everything goes perfect for me. There is this blog thingy that I have somehow managed to keep alive (and award winning) through liver failure, treatments, chemo stuff, and – ta-da – a liver transplant. I was a sick person with questions. Then I learned to be a patient who got answers. They came from online sites, doctors, nurses, fb and other internet forums. Some of my most incredible insights I gained were in spite of brain fog from hepatic encephalopathy. Still, I’m no better than you.

We are all searching for happiness. We think it’s elusive or outside of ourselves: in money, health, or other people. Experiencing pleasure is kind of “at the top” of our list every day. When we’re sick, it’s plain ole Not Fun. One thing I can say though, is that I have fun every day. If not, I would have quit fighting for this fatigued, Hep C Virus, achey, pill popping life that I’m living. I can hear you saying, “Same! Me too!” and this blog is for you, sweetie.

You’ve got everything it takes to make your life what you want it to be.

Moolah – You might not have a lot of money. People who win the lottery and people who lose a limb were interviewed and guess what? A year later, the person who lost the limb actually scored higher on the happiness scale. So money, just like Pink Floyd knew, get a good job with more pay, you’re ok.  Most Americans have got enough for food, a bed, and enough clothing to keep us from being nakey. Stuff is expensive and can be fun. It doesn’t buy happiness.

Health – It’s ironic, but sick people tend to have this ability to be grateful for every moment. Many of our best friends who gather here on the site are hanging on to the edge of life. Some of them have even passed over into eternity. In spite of that, don’t we remain determined to live out our days in a state of mental and spiritual peace? We are giving, courageous, and thankful for what we have. I look at people with healthy livers and strongish bodies and wonder what in the heck they have to be unhappy about? We are all trying to keep breathing and be in enough comfort so we can eat well and move around in our world.

Connections – Whether you have a small group of neighbors, a big ole family, or an internet community to talk things out with – you’re connected. I’m a bit of a loner in everyday life. I don’t have the energy to get dressed and run around every day. I cook, eat, write, read, walk, do some yoga, and spend time with people. I relax and stare into space.

I wake up thinking about YOU every day. I’m connected to you in a spiritual sense that is hard to describe. If you are feeling more loved, stronger, at peace, and just a little bit more attractive – chances are you’re getting a big cyber hug from me. We’re all looking for that kind of love.

I'm no better than you ihelpc.com happy liver cancer
Yay for all the tomorrows!

So you see, I’m just like you. Money, health, and connections are nice. I want just enough for this moment. Yeah, this day – and then the next. I’m an achiever and a goal setter. But my expectations are to just be happy and stay alive. You’re the same. In this moment… we’re feeling okay. We’re taking care of ourselves inside and out. Xo Karen




About Karen Hoyt

Karen Hoyt offers a no nonsense approach to living with Cirrhosis. A Hepatitis C treatment survivor, she created a liver loving diet and lifestyle that allows her to create awareness and advocate for her Best Friends at http://www.ihelpc.com

6 thoughts on “I’m No Better Than You

  1. Happy holidays my inspiring, giving, and caring friend. I am thrilled to see a post from you. This semester is winding down and I finally have a chance to respond. You have made such an incredible recovery and are such inspiration. I look forward to this coming month off. So much has changed in my life this past year. I would love to catch up sometime. I found your page on Facebook and liked it. You look fabulous. You come so far. I am so happy and proud of the strides you have made.

    God bless you and your family 🙂

    1. Dear Sheri,

      Joyfully reading your words. I’m slowly working my way back into social media after a time of respite and healing. I want to do it all, and find a lack of time holds me back.

      So a break from school and hitting reset for the next semester. I’m going to see if I can catch up with you on your stream. Your cardio posts SO inspired me during the tumor fighting phase. Thank you for being consistent.

      Thanks for the praise.. blushing. But really, it feels good to hear the words from your heart.
      Much love and blessings to your family this holiday too. xoxo Karen

    1. Cindy,

      You’re such a faithful friend. Your strength for the journey has inspired me from the first time we PMd on a hot summer day years ago. Much love to you and enjoy the holidays sweetheart!!

      xo Karen

  2. touching, true words to live by, well said and straight to the point where intended, my heart. I found you by seeking answers for my husband who was looking at dialysis and even though he is now a dialysis patient i am still encouraged by your “grit” aka strength from the Lord.

    1. I saw your comment and have savored it for a few days. Really thankful to be part of a community with such a strong woman. When we need help, we reach out to God, and others. You truly do that, and from a full heart.

      Strength and blessings to you during this holiday season. Healing and peace to your husband.

      Your words touched my heart today, Thank you,
      xo Karen

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