Bob Dylan Quote – All I can do is be me

Bob Dylan Quote – All I can do is be me whoever that is. Whoo are you?

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Caught in a performance trap? Sometimes we get all caught up in trying to be what we think we should be. I call it the performance trap. We can end up doing, and being what others think we should be. Or we hold an ideal for ourselves to live up to and constantly fall short.  While we want to be our best for ourselves and the people we care about, we can never lose sight of who we are. We can best serve our fellow man by first loving ourselves.

I’m not saying to be lulled into thinking that you do not have to work on your weaknesses. But, rejecting your weaknesses is rejecting YOU. Embrace all of your flaws as well as your gifts. I’ve thought about Bob Dylan this week after posting the Youtube of the march on Washington in 1968. This skinny little guy standing before the huge assembly with his guitar in his hand singing his heart out moved me.

Bob Dylan was always focused on music. He spent much of his spare time growing up listening to music or honing his lyric writing and guitar playing skills. We’ve all scribbled down words on a page or a journal that spoke the truth that we felt. Bob cared deeply about things. Many times others did not want to hear about them. So he wrote about them. His plain spoken gift has inspired a generation of political movements, poets and has also had criticism. Maybe that’s what I like. He just keeps being Bob.

Bob Dylan quote All I Can do is be me





Let’s focus on who you are. Here are a few ideas.

1. Take inventory of your best assets. Make a list of all the things that make you who you are. Are you stubborn? Be thankful for the roadblocks you have plowed through that made you tenacious. Maybe you are a little introverted? What a gift to be able to go within yourself and listen to your thoughts. Is your personal life a little cluttered? You’ve definitely learned to tune out your environment and get through the day without being distracted. Do things have to be perfect for you to accept them? Be thankful that you pay attention to details. Celebrate your gifts.

2. Write about the things that move you. Stir up the ideas that are locked in your mind. You have a fine mind. The fact that you’re reading this tells me you are a seeker. Be honest about what moves you. Listen to that brilliant and distinct voice inside yourself. Tune in to who your are and then be who you are to the best of your ability. With social networking, you can always find a listening ear to share your ideas with. You can bring up your list with your family or friends to start a discussion. Most people will be amazed at what amazing thoughts you have. A personal note here: My daddy was a truck driving man who worked hard and raised 4 kids. I gave him a journal. Some of his thoughts were astounding. Some were rambling. All are still there to read when I miss him. I’m glad to get to know daddy through his squiggly writings. Think about leaving a legacy like that for your loved ones.

3. Say good things about yourself. Words are powerful. What others say can cut us deeply. What we say about ourselves can be even more harmful. Your inner dialogue – you know, that voice inside your head – has a profound impact on how you view yourself. See yourself with all of your limitations and learn to say good things about you. An example might be: “I’m a very forgiving person. I learn new things every day. I help others to feel more at ease when they are around me”. See what a great person you are?

4. Learn not to make comparisons. You can always find someone who is better in some areas. You can always find someone who has more limitations than yourself. Let that go. Know what your strengths and limitations are and accept them. When we compare ourselves to others we can become critical. You are a unique individual. There is no one exactly like you. You do not have to blow someone’s candle out so that yours will burn more brightly. Light up your corner of the world in a way that only YOU can.

I kind of enjoy being a little off beat. Marching to the tune of my own drummer. Grabbing my own thoughts and lingering on them. Playing a soundtrack in my head as the day goes by.  Remember the Bob Dylan quote – “All I can do is be me, whoever that is”. haha. Thanks Bobby.               Your bff,  Karen:)


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