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Help your body beat Hep C and Cirrhosis no matter what physical shape your liver is in. Take a walk, run, or try yoga. Chair exercises can help you heal. For weights consult your doctor first

I Am My Own Personal Trainer for Liver Health

I Am My Own Personal Trainer for Liver Health

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This corner of the dining room is my gym.

 What I really need to do is to hire a professional. But – that’s way out of my price range –  for now… so I guess I’ll have to do. I am my own personal trainer for liver health. I’ve just been chatting with some Best Friends who have had transplants, Hepatitis C, or other liver treatments and we’re all alike. Many of us are in the worst shape of our lives. We have a lot of pain and fatigue. We also have all kinds of plans and goals. We simply need to get in there and whip ourselves into shape. It will be easier if done with a personal trainer. Even if it’s just ourselves.

What do personal trainers actually do? Let’s look at it together and maybe we can find some new motivation while we’re at it.

Trainers get to know you. By looking at your age, body type, weight, and fitness level, they can assess what routine works for you. They ask you questions about your past and current health history. So let’s do that. We’re our own personal trainer, right? So take some time to get a good look at ourselves – honestly.

Age – Can make a big difference in how you perform.

Weight – Will determine how and what exercises you can do safely.

Measurements Go ahead… write it down. Biceps, chest, waist, hips, and thighs.

Body TypeThis is an easy way to look at 3 types:

Ectomorph – Thin, small bone structure. Hard to gain weight. Thin and lean muscles. Needs less cardio and more intense muscle building.

Mesomorph –Medium, athletic build. Gains muscle mass quickly and is naturally strong. Fat comes easy, but weight loss does too. Use a balance of cardio and weight training.

Endomorph – Big boned and solid. Gains fat easily and is naturally strong. Needs more cardio than weight training, but both are important.

weight exercise train liver disease
WHAAAAT is this? Not me bub.

Fitness Level Are you weak but fast? Slow but strong? Shaky but tough?

Beginners need to take it slow using stretches and short duration cardio. Gradually add weights as muscles gain strength.

Other Exercise Blogs Here and more Here  I’ve got examples of how I built back up after 43 weeks of a chemo type treatment for the Hepatitis C Virus. I used the same routine while training for a transplant. I always like cardio and amped it up during prep for transplant. Yoga is a great place to start, especially for beginners and you can check it out here. 

Health History Any old injuries to protect? High Blood Pressure? Varices? Surgeries? Medications? You’re probably smart enough to know your own limitations. But most of the people who read my blog are seeing a doctor on a regular basis. You need to talk to your health care provider about exercise. I Always Always tell my doctor what I’m doing every single time I go in.

Do not take chances. Don’t substitute a short term solution for a long term goal. When it comes to a workout: Take it slow. Give it some thought. 

trainer liver cirrhosis
They’re not training. They’re … doing something else. (:O

Trainers choose your fitness routine. If you are a beginner, they will set up a short basic routine of cardio and strength training that will be an easy 30 minutes a few times a week. If you are stronger, they will add more weights and cardiovascular workouts time to your routine. Make sure you are working out easily at one level before you move up to the next. Protect your body.

Trainers instruct you about diet. Use a menu when training to gain muscle while losing fat. Good food helps our heart to stay strong too! I want to protect my new liver with a healthy diet. I am working on a Liver Loving Diet Menu Plan and you should see it online soon!

Trainers make appointments and meets us there. How many times have we told ourselves that tomorrow would be the day? Or said to a friend that we need to, ought to, or are going to…? Yup. If we’re our own personal trainer, we have to face ourselves. Dang.

Trainers have good equipment. You may have some stashed in the garage or being used as a clothes hanger. But it’s time to uncover that stuff. They found liver cancer, I took the entire dining room as my workout room. I have the yoga mat, bike, weights, a dvd player and tv on the table. I trained for my transplant. We need to see our work out equipment every day as a reminder.

Trainers show you how to work out safely. Less injuries mean you can work out longer! You can even get hurt by over stretching. Be sure and watch instructional videos on your computer, youtube or DVD. Find a workout that you like and watch them demonstrate proper positions and movement. Take it slow and do it right.

Trainers count your reps. I love to have someone counting for me. That is one reason that the videos work so well. Even if I don’t follow along exactly, it helps just to hear someone else talking and doing the work along side me. I worked at a health club through the 80’s and know that accountability comes when you are with someone – even if that person is on a tv or computer screen.

yoga beach body liver cirrhosis
I lay on my yoga mat and roll around some days. haha

Trainers play the music you like. When walking or cycling having a beat is crucial! I’m sure you have some motivational music that gets you moving. I love to jump on the tramp with 70’s  Radio Hits Pandora. (thnx Linda Lou) Creedence makes me wanna walk in rhythm. Radiohead helps me on the bicycle. Some days I cycle with Nicki Minaj …. Acting all sexy. Other days I hit the trail with my Disney Pandora station.

After all this, do you feel like you just spent time with your own personal trainer? Well, you did! And it’s YOU! I’m always honest: Having beat cancer and receiving the gift of life from my donor, I am NEVER giving up. No NEVER. I hurt like hell every single morning. I have for years now. I’m a faker and just talk myself out of bed. Making me cry again. We are strong in spirit, and that forces us to be strong in our body.

Let’s do this together, xoxo Karen:)

You’re still forgiving my typos and messy brain blogs, right?