Best Juicing for Hepatitis C Liver


Best Juicing for Hepatitis C Liver

Liver cancer Detox Juicing hepatitis cirrhosis
CAB or carrot apple beet is my fave! Ginger will spice it up.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to help your liver! There is nothing like drinking a wonderful glass of goodness that is freshly made from your own kitchen.  So where do you start? All you need is a juicer, fresh produce, and a routine that makes it easy. If it is quick and easy, you will be more likely to consistently prepare juices as part of your liver loving lifestyle.

I’ve written a $4.99 ebook that helps you understand your stage of liver disease and how to best organize your kitchen. Over 300 pages of insider info helps you keep it easy and light while your liver heals.

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When you start juicing you will probably think about time, cost, and nutrition. Or you may be thinking about taste. The juices I make are sweet and let me promise it’s quick, cheap and so darn good for you! I’ve been doing this for years. I really wish we could just sit down on the back porch and I will make you a juice while we chat.

Also check my Youtube Channel for videos on juicing! I talk about the Nutribullet or Ninja at the bottom of the page.

What kind of juicer is best?  A professional juicer has a hefty price tag, and also some benefits. You can go out and buy an expensive juicer if it fits your budget and your counter top. Have you seen the size of those things? Keep in mind that if you use it frequently, it has to either sit on your counter or be easy to put away. The pro juicers work fast and reduces the amount of pulp that is left over. That means more nutrients for your liver. I use the type that you can get at a discount store. In 30 years of serious juicing, I have only burned up 2. They last a long time when they are cared for according to the manufacturers instructions.

What makes a healthy liver juice? Good clean produce! If you can get organic vegetables and fruits it is always best. You will probably be using root vegetables like carrots and beats. You will also be using vegetables that have may have been sprayed with pesticides. If your produce comes from another country, they may even use pesticides that have been banned by the FDA in the United States.  I have used veggies and fruits from many sources. I go cheap. If it hits the pocket book too hard, you may not feel like you can afford to juice. Then the juicer sits in the cabinet. Or ends up in the garage.

  1. Best vegetables and fruits for the juicing with liver disease. I have researched a lot and know that many vegetables and fruits have certain properties that can help support your liver. You know what? Unless you are into being specific about everything, don’t get bogged down in all that. Just be aware of what is safe for the liver, and what to avoid. Vegetables and fruits, when consumed in their natural state are always good for you. You can check my recipes for how to blend them. Here’s a quick list.

juicing detox liver safe foodSpinach, Carrots, Apples, Pears, Celery, cucumbers, lemon, lime, cranberries, oranges – you name it!

Ginger root, Cabbage, Cayenne Pepper, Chard, Kale, Collards, Garlic and the list goes on.

Best Steps for easy juicing. This is not going to be an exhaustive list. Everything I know about juicing will fill up several blogs. This blog is the simple instructions on getting started.

  • Prepare vegetables and fruits for juicing. Wash and or peel all vegetables and fruit. Your root vegetables can simply be scrubbed with a vegetable brush if they are organic. If they are not, I go ahead and peel them just slightly. Cut the tops and bottoms of carrots or beets and give them a quick scrub or use the vegetable peeler. Skinny carrots go through as is. Bigger ones are cut down to size. Apples and pears need to be cored. I remember something about the seeds not being good for you. I cut into them into quarters and leave the skin on. Spinach, celery etc need to be washed thoroughly.
  • Lay all of the produce out on a paper towel or just on your counter before beginning. That way you do not have to stop the juicer as much. You can experiment with the amount. Mine is usually 3 or 4 carrots, a piece of fruit, and a stick of celery and/or beets. 
  • Turn the juicer on and start pushing them through the juicer. Apples, pears, spinach or other leaf veggies and celery are soft. Carrots are extra firm. So – I put in a few pieces of one of the soft fruits or veggies and then run some carrots through to kind of “clean” the juicer. It also makes a nice layered look in the glass. I just love the colors!

vegetable good juice hepatitis

HINT: It is easy and cheap to buy a large amount and clean them all at once. Simply stick the cleaned carrot sticks, celery, beets, or whatever in separate plastic zippler storage bags. Then when you are ready to juice, all you have to do is take them out and you are ready to juice! Spinach can get really soft if stored for too long, so buy it when you KNOW you will be juicing consistently.

HINT: Beet juice can stain so I am extra careful with it. Don’t let it keep you from using them!

AVOID: Grapefruit or grapefruit seed extract does have beneficial properties. However, it is also proven to increase the performance of some drugs, while decreasing it in others. Your best bet is to avoid grapefruit altogether. It is hard for me, but there are some things you cannot play with if you are on Hepatitis C Treatment or have Cirrhosis.

There are many liver detox recipes for juicing, but be care and consult with your doctor before adding any supplementations. I consider most of my diet to be liver detoxing or liver cleansing because I am so careful. Living the life! The only thing that I add that is not fresh is my green powder. I use a brand that my doctor approves of. Remember: Everything in moderation.

What probably will NOT work in your juicer: Watermelon, bananas, mango, blueberries, strawberries, and other fruits are too soft and will clog up your juicer. I tried putting them in the freezer years ago and then juicing them – it was a mess. With today’s immersion and bullet blenders it is easier to just make a smoothie from some fruits. I digress.. another blog.

Happy Juicing friends! If you wanna read more about how to move toward wellness in every area of your life, click here! xo Karen:)

Nutribullet Ninja liver juice
THis one had fresh heirloom concord grapes!
vegetable nutribullet ninja liver
Check out those sprouts! Idk what all is in there. lol
I still make and keep fresh juice, but now I also use my Ninja or Nutribullet. Every morning I add almond milk, kale, beets, berries of all kinds or just some fruit juice. Then I put my protein powder and 1 TBS of crushed flax seed. Zoom it up and I’m good to go! I’ll be posting more on this. I almost vibrate with engery now! xo 

Check out my favorite juice recipes!

I hope you will consider juicing as a fun and healthy way to cleanse your liver. The Best Juicing for Hepatitis C Liver blog shows how easy and cheap it is to get started making your own vegetable and fruit juice. Remember what to avoid and use safe recipes. Some that claim a cure should always be taken to your doctor.

I’m your veggie and juice loving BFF, Karen:)

What is your favorite juice recipe? Have you noticed any difference in your energy level or liver enzymes since you began a liver loving diet?

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Karen Hoyt offers a no nonsense approach to living with Cirrhosis. A Hepatitis C treatment survivor, she created a liver loving diet and lifestyle that allows her to create awareness and advocate for her Best Friends at

78 thoughts on “Best Juicing for Hepatitis C Liver

    1. Dave,

      I’ve never checked out the nutri bullet. Is that an emmersible blender? I have used one of those and they are terrific for quick protein drinks. I forgot all about aloe vera. I used to drink some daily also.
      The flax seed is so good for you with all of those Omega 3’s. I crushed mine in a coffee bean grinder first sometimes. Or just used a straw if the whole ones settled to the bottom.
      The best part is that you are juicing and getting the benefit of pure nature’s vitamins and healthy carbs with all the benefits for your liver!
      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you came by!
      xo Karen:)

      1. Hey there I can’t remember if I mentioned but I bought a blender that works just like the Nutribullet, it completely grinds everything up in to a liquid. There is nothing left but liquid. It is called Bella, you can get it for $20 to $30. My son gave me one that he had and I have used it every day for a year.
        I hope you are doing ok, I think of you often

        1. Hi Dee!
          I’m glad you’re loving your Bella! I’ve read about them and they seem like a great system. Thanks for sharing. It’s good for readers to know that they have options. This one will fit any budget! What an awesome son you have. I think of you too sweetheart. Fighting HE right now, ya know? xoxo

    2. I have a nutribullet too and I love it, with this I can put almonds and walnuts in and they are liquefied and the banana’s too, it doesn’t work well with carrots tho so I use a juicer for those! I just bought a new nutibullet it 900 watts so I am looking for even thinner consistency!!

      1. Cyndi,

        I have Nutribullet envy now! I have a ton of pecans and they would be great in there! You can almost make your own almond milk then, right? It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun experimenting with the new toys you have!

        My juicer has been getting a workout lately too. The carrots are just too easy and cheap. I didn’t buy organic last time, so clean them all at once. I even made a youtube. My grandkids are over today and think that’s pretty funny! But they love the juice.

        Thanks for the tip girlfriend,
        xo Karen:)

        1. hi karen my uncle have a hepatitis C..we all is very worred please tell me how to care my uncle thankyou!!

          1. You are helping him by reading about diet and nutrition. Of course getting treatment is the most important thing! But eating well is good before, during, and after treatment. His liver is very inflammed by the virus and needs a lot of support. Less meat protein and more plant is good. Reducing sodium can help with liver disease.

            There is not a perfect diet to help Hepatitis C. There are many ways that we can improve our body’s ability to heal and stay strong with more fresh foods and less packaged items. I hope that he is doing well and that you are able to find the food that you need.

            All my best,

  1. Hi Karen. Quick question. While I am waiting on to get a juicer can I use a blender for some soft fruits?

    1. Cathy –

      I’ve tried that and it works in a pinch. Be sure and use plenty of liquid – and be prepared to chew a little if it isn’t fully pureed. Haha! I don’t mind the bits of fruit and veggies cause I love them! I had to keep taking the lid off and stirring with a spatula when stuff got stuck.
      Last week I made pomegranate juice with oranges in a blender. Oranges kind of clog my juicer and I wanted to just try it. It was more of a fruit salad though…
      Quick answer? It’s more work, but the result of good antioxidants is the same.
      I hope this helps. Will you please post back your results in case other readers have the same question?
      Thanks a million dear friend,
      xo Karen:)

  2. Excellent info. I am a huge fan of juicing. The benefits are nearly endless. However, items like Spinach are not good if you have Hep C. Or a similar liver disease. The virus thrives on the iron, creating a highly toxic liver while helping the virus to thrive. Best to stick with mostly fruits which are rich in antioxidants that kill free radicals, which helps your immune system to fight the invader. Anything that is a good source of iron should be excluded, as the virus creates an over abundance of it for you.

    1. Matt,

      Thanks! It sounds as if you like juicing. That’s awesome. You know a lot about nutrition also. Our best offense against Hepatitis C and liver disease is knowing what is safe for us!

      I’m of the opinion on your thought about “anything that includes iron” is that spinach is a pretty safe source for us. Many people who battle liver disease take a no iron multi-vitamin. We rely on our foods to provide iron. While it’s easy to find in cereals, meats that are iron rich weigh our liver down. Sooooo That’s the reason that I use spinach in my juice and in salads. We always defer to our doctor since we have different health needs.

      You are right on about the fruits and antioxidants. It’s a great source of fiber and provides a sweet juice. I’m glad you stopped by the best friends site and look forward to hearing from you again.
      Thank you!

      1. Peggy,
        I just found your comment. Sorry it took so long. I hope you’re enjoying the taste and benefits of juicing. I ran out of carrots last week and need to go get more. I find that I juice less in winter.. Now you’ve prompted me to get busy. Thanks and Blessings on you too!
        xo Karen:)

        1. Karen the information on this page is really useful for a first timer like me.
          I have an elevated live. I saw the list of vegetables you recommended. I was wondering about cabbage and spring greens. And also in your experience how long does juice last when kept in the fridge?

          1. Hello there. when I mix up my protein and juice it says to consume within 24 hours after mixing. If you wanted to make up a quantity of juice you could then freeze it some ice trays so it would be fresh when you want to use it. Good luck

        2. Oh, I just saw that you have included cabbage.

          I also meant to ask how many different vegetables and /or fruits (or both) are safe to use at any one time.

          Thank you! 😉

          1. Hi, for my juicing I use a banana, some strawberries, kale, spinach, sometimes an apple. I also will add some almonds. It is really up to you as to what you want to use. I don’t think there is a limit. I have read that people who are high iron should be careful with the green veggies.

          2. I think any blend that you enjoy would be great. I like to mix it up with sweet and tangy. So I had peach/kale/spinach/apple today. Just for fun. It’s a matter of what blends sound good. AND it’s also about what is in the fridge or garden that needs used up. haha.
            Enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by!
            xo Karen:)

  3. Hi Karen,
    I read that beet juice is potent on iron and that its good for liver disease and Hep C.
    I also read that fruits and veggies that has iron are actually good for hep C.
    whats your opinion on that?

    1. Geno,

      I personally believe that you are right on! Natural sources of iron are always the best. If you feel that you aren’t getting enough, your doctor may even advise a supplement. Juicing gives you all the nutrients delivered straight from nature. I hope that you are enjoying it. I’ve gotten out of the habit, but am setting a New Years resolution to begin again.

      Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, the general consensus is that vegetable or fruit are great sources for someone with Hep C or liver disease.

      All my best to you at the holidays!
      xo Karen:)

  4. Hi Karen,

    Just found your site and am enjoying what I have read so far. I am not on any treatment yet because I can’t afford it but have been doing a lot of juicing and natural remedies like milk thistle, Turmeric and ginger. I juice grapefruit several days a week and here is an old article from 08 that explains some good things about grapefruit. I do not take any medications so I don’t need to worry about those interactions.

    Also your are right about apples, the seeds contain cyanide which is no good for anyone.

    Also I use a Omega VRT 350 HD juicer. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it. Bought one new a year and a half ago and have not had one problem. It Cost $375 but I used a Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon back then which helped. I just recently bought my son one off Amazon for $250 used. They Juice watermelon and strawberries excellently!

    Here are some good juicing recipes ..

    Again great site!
    Thanks, Scott

    1. Hi Scott!

      I’m happy that you found us. I used all of those items you listed too before I was even diagnosed. It’s odd, because a grapefruit every day was my lunch. I peeled it like an orange for years. When my liver failed, and I found out that HCV was the cause, all of the nutrition cravings made sense. I had propped that liver up for years with good food.

      I am so happy that nutrition is working for you until you can begin treatment. The Sofosbuvir is pricey. We’re all keeping an eye out for deals with coupons or pharma discounts. I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to see someone who is using juicing and nutrition to keep their body going. I am giving you a standing ovation in my heart right now Scott.

      Thank you so much for the comment and the link to hepatitiscentral. I spent quite a bit of time there… 🙂

      Much appreciate your compliments. Truly. Hugs,
      xo Karen:)

  5. I really enjoy yout website…can you tell me a juice recipe to start with once you have diagnose with hepatitis c…and have you try conventional medicine in your treatment…? thanks so much for all your help and advice

    1. Hi Ricardo!

      I’m glad you enjoy the website and welcome to a new BFF. I use the CAB juice a lot. The carrots and apples provide a lot of beta carotene. Plus I just love the flavor. A little celery makes it even sweeter!

      Yes, I used the triple therapy to get rid of the Hepatitis C. It was rough, but I’m so happy to be rid of that virus! I also have to use Nadolol for portal hypertension. I take Omaprazole with the varices and it helps keep my tummy calmer too.

      It was great to hear from you. Let me know how it goes with your juicing. Are you going to treat?
      Best of luck to you,
      xo Karen:)

  6. Hi Karen, love your site. I’m currently on treatment for hep c and very optimistic about the outcome. I recently bought a juicer a Hurom slow juicer which is the same as the juicer Scott mentioned above and it is great. Love carrot, beets, kale, cucumber, pear, parsley, ginger root, and celery.

    And like you I have always loved grapefruits before I ever knew I had hep c. It just feels so healthy to eat them.

    Having to do interferon once a week, but not too bad, I am on the Sovaldi which is a miracle drug as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Hay Dave,
      Glad you stopped by. You guys make me wanna get a real juicer. lol. I’ve used the cheap ones and maybe it’s time to make the investment. That Sovaldi is something else. The improvement in the protease inhibitors is a game changer for everyone who has hcv.
      If you have time to comment again, I’m curious to know how frequently you juice? Is this juicer easy to clean?
      Thanks again and may your side effects be few,
      xo Karen:)

      1. Karen, I haven’t been juicing quite as often these past three weeks because of dealing with my treatment, but usually I ‘ll juice a couple times a week. My wife and daughter like it as well so I make a big batch for the three of us.

        The hurom slow juicer is really easy to clean I think you just open it up and rinse the parts off. I always clean it before I even serve my juice, it takes just a moment.

        Here in California there seem to be lots of open box, or demo models being sold at liquidator type places. I bought mine at one for $150. If you look on craigslist and search for Hurom you might find one near you.

        The slow juicer is really great in that it doesn’t create heat and oxidation. Hurom is the original and makes the machines for Omega and several other companies, just look at the pictures and you can see they are the same machine.

        There are lots of reviews and videos online just search on Hurom slow juicer. Oh and slow refers to the fact that the motor turns slowly. It’s actually quite fast at making juice.

        1. Thanks for responding Dave,
          My family – even the grandkids – love my juices. Especially with apples. I’m going to do some shopping on craigslist. Your insight saved me, and others, a lot of time researching. That’s what this site is for: sharing our resources to help each other out.
          I like to wash mine immediately too. I have a place on the countertop for it and it is just a part of my kitchen now. lol. I used to put it away more, but then I would forget to juice.
          May you have an awesome week dear Dave,
          xo Karen:)

  7. Dear,
    Kindly assist me.My husband had died from liver cancer in 1983.
    In 1999, I had then reached a very life threatening stage of my life where I had diarreoah each time I ate some food. Medical tests indicated that I had hepatitis B. I then went on water therapy where I drink 2 litres of water each morning before 6. this has kept me alive for these years. Recently, December 2013, I started feeling nuasea at mid morning and after a week of this feeling, I also started experiencing stomach trouble. This is when I read of potato juice. I started extracting it and drinking. All the above symptoms stopped and I felt strong and good. I am now on my 4th week on this treatment but I have started experiencing pains in my stomach. Kindly advise if I should stop the treatment or continue. Is the pain part of treatment or it a reaction that will further damage my liver? Kindly advise or link me to where I can get help on this issues.
    Thank you.

    1. Eunice,
      It sounds like you have worked hard to extend your health and your life. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. It must be hard for you to continue having liver problems after losing him from liver cancer.
      First of all, do you have a doctor to advise you? I always believe that good food and lifestyle are a great thing to help us heal. You may need to be checked to see if liver disease is advanced for you. I get a check up every 6 months for liver tumors. This relieves a lot of fear for me.
      In the meantime, continue to eat well. I have never heard of the potato juice diet. We have to be very careful because the liver metabolizes all of our carbs and sugars as well as protein. You may have other problems that a doctor can help you with.
      Let me know more about the potato juice and keep me posted on your continued journey to health dear one.
      xoxo Karen:)

  8. Hi Ma’am
    This is the first time I red your article about juicing. I am a hepatitis B carrier and my doctor never gave me any medicines to take since there is no cure for it. But he advised me to eat vegetables and fruits that is good for liver so I want to try juicing but I don’t know what are the right fruits and vegetables to buy. Please help me. I want to get rid of these virus. I want to live longer for my girl. Thank you very much.

    1. Isabelle,

      I’m glad you came by. You are smart to keep seeking answers for your condition. I find this article helpful and wonder if you have read it.
      They are still working on a cure for Hepatitis B and some believe it may come as soon as 2015. Continue to be monitored by your doctor and eat a healthy liver loving diet. One of our greatest motivators is to stay healthy to be here for our children. I am an optimist and believe with you that a healthy diet and lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of further damage to your liver. If I find any more information, I will be happy to pass it on. Please check back or contact me if you need any help.
      I feel so helpless to try and encourage you without treatment available. I know you must feel that way too.
      Being proactive is certainly your best effort. Our bodies are amazing and with good support, I hope that you can beat the odds and live a long life. I am one who has beat the odds, and am pulling for you.
      Thank you so much for comment. Keep in touch ok?
      xo Karen:)

  9. OK I just made up a real nice juice in my Hurom. Tell me what you think…. About 7 carrots, 1 beet, 1/2 red pepper, 7 strawberries, handful of blueberries, and a spoonful of ground up flax seed. Little sweet so my wife would like it, but feels very healthy! Oh BTW, halfway through my treatment and my virus has been undetectable since aprox day 14. On my way – six weeks to go.

    1. Dave,

      Congratulations on making it to the halfway mark! Woohoo! With that undetectable, you can rest assured that the virus is going to be gone forever from what most of the protocols are saying. I am so happy for you!

      I’ve been hearing more and more good things about carrot juice. It really makes me want to juice more frequently. The carrots have their own sweetness and with the fruit, I bet it is delicious. It is great that your wife supports you in nutritional goals. My husband like juice also and it makes it more fun to come up with different fruits and vegetables when we both get in on the act.

      Keep it up Dave! You’re almost to the finish line.
      xoxo Karen:)

  10. Hi Karen.
    Pleased to read you have cleared the virus, will your portal hypertension reduce do you think? Where you on teleprivar or Sovaldi?
    I am in the UK and hope to get on Sovaldi as soon as it is cleared to go, have already failed on dual and triple sadly.
    Kind regards.

    1. Joe,

      I have not seen a change in the size of the valve on ultrasound yet. Right now, I am hopeful that the fibrosis is reversing and may even clear up some of the scar tissue. I talked with my doctor about this very thing on the last 2 visits. He said that new evidence is proving hopeful for that. Wouldn’t it be a miracle?

      You know I am a believer that YOU will get your miracle too. It’s your turn buckaroo.

      xo Karen:)

      1. Dear Karen, thank you for your encouragement and hope. It has been wonderful to find your blog and articles. Just to ask how has the portal hypertension affected your day to day life?
        Big thanks and love.
        Joe Segar

        1. Hay Joe,

          You’re so very welcome my friend. Portal hypertension has to be controlled or varices will form. Nadolol is not easy to live with. It makes me a bit dull in my thought processes. Basically, it keeps my blood pressure and heart rate low. I have always been an energetic person and kind of resent being forced into a mellow state.
          I was able to take the dosage back and so far have kept new varices from forming. I really would love it if no more bandings were required also. Endos and bandings at 6 month intervals are a part of my life. now. Unfortunately, I think that is just the by-product of having portal valve hypertension.
          I hope your weekend is going well! I always love seeing that you dropped me a line. I’ve been battling a wrist problem. Yikes! Makes it hard to type. S please pardon my lateness in responding.
          Much love to you, xoxo Karen:)

          1. Hi Karen.
            Thanks for the informative reply, really appreciate that.
            Good luck with the wrist repair and recovery.
            Catch you soon, love from the UK.
            Joe Segar x

          2. Hi Joe!

            Just getting caught up after a busy week. I threw some fresh ginger into the mix yesterday with a carrot, spinach, apple, and celery juice. I like a little kick every now and then. Thanks for the well wishes. This is def a bummer to have a little pain in the wrist. I take it as a signal to back off and slow down. It just makes sense that typing will add to the recovery process. I need to research a little on joint pain anyway.
            I may get brave and post a youtube. lol. I hope your day is great.
            xo Karen:)

  11. I was wondering what if you can only afford vegetables that are cheap at grocery stores? I live in a small town and walmart is the closest and they hardly have organic produce.

    1. Hi Lyncara,

      I use Walmart produce all the time. Just wash it real good, and juice like you would do anything else. There’s no way anybody can afford to buy all organic produce. I like to when it’s on sale for sure!

      Some things we just can’t worry about. At least I don’t anyway. We have to be careful where we can. And we have to not stress over the other stuff.

      I’m just real excited that you are juicing! I think it’s a delicious and it’s also great for you. I go through phases where I choose a lot. With summertime coming it will be a lot easier to get good produce at a lower price.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m sure many others have the same question!

      xoxo Karen:)

  12. I agree it can get expensive. That’s one reason I love carrot juice. I buy a 5 lb bag for $2.99 Carrots keep in the fridge for a long time. Plus, yes, whatever greens and fruits are on sale.

    Celery will also keep a long time and beets will keep for a real long time so buy when on sale. Apples, and pears can be switched up, whichever is cheaper. Watch out for real leafy stuff like parsly or cilantro – love it in my juice but doesn’t keep long.

    A piece of ginger root will add some zing to juice and again keeps for a long time – use a very small slice it’s strong 🙂

    I am blessed to live in California and we have lots of fresh produce here. We are getting local strawberries already and when they get going I can sometimes get a 3 pack for $1.50!

    1. Hi Dave!
      Thank you for sharing your best advice on juicing. I forget to talk about the storage life. You are right! Carrots last forever in the fridge! I’ve had more parsley go bad than I care to remember though. Spinach too.
      I love it that you use ginger for a little zing. I use my cheese grater to put some in occasionally, or I just put a chunk through the juicer.
      You dear friend are so lucky to have access to such great prices! It’s almost garden season in Oklahoma and I will love that! Natural Grocers just came to Tulsa and have great sales too. I can catch stuff on sale and stock up!
      Don’t even brag about those strawberries Dave. You are making me jealous!!! lol
      Thanks for the great comment and Love to you,

  13. Hey there Karen, good information as always.
    I don’t know if you would be interested but I found a Bella Juicer/smoothy maker. It is like a Nutribullet but only about $30.00. It liquifies all of the veggies and fruit. I was amazed at how it could do this, there is nothing left of pulp, stems, nuts.
    I make one every morning, add protein powder to it. I think it is really helping me.
    I buy many of my fruits and veggies from Walmart. They have a good selection. Once the Farmers Market opens I will be there all the time, I can’t wait 🙂
    Be well my friend. Not too long till Summer break I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Dee,

      I’m soo glad to see you juicing. I actually am aiming to get a new one. Are you still liking the Bella Juicer? I had to buy a new computer and am pinching pennies right now. I just know that you are having a blast with farmers market right now. With all the rain it has been a great season for us! The carrots are so healing. One thing is that I do like taking the pulp and putting it on salads, in hummus, or in soups. But I’m getting tired of washing the thing, you know?

      Continue to keep in touch with me. We’re in this together hunnyo. From the start. I hope you are oh so very well.
      xo Karen:)

  14. Hello again Karen,
    Your words are very helpful. Can you tell me how you know if new varices form? I see my Dr. again but not until June 3rd. It’s a question I’ll ask but sometimes it’s hard to wait that long. I haven’t had any bleeding or banding for a year now (1 year May 15th). But I don’t know if lack of bleeding has anything to do with the forming of varices.

    I’m also a little concerned that all the juicing I’ve been doing the past few days is actually releasing too many toxins into my body. Anything I should look for?

    Thank you so much Karen for your kindness and support. It seems that you are comforting a lot of people out there.


    1. Hello again Karen,
      Your words are very helpful. Can you tell me how you know if new varices form? I see my Dr. again but not until June 3rd. It’s a question I’ll ask but sometimes it’s hard to wait that long. I haven’t had any bleeding or banding for a year now (1 year May 15th). But I don’t know if lack of bleeding has anything to do with the forming of varices.

      I’m also a little concerned that all the juicing I’ve been doing the past few days is actually releasing too many toxins into my body. Anything I should look for?

      Thank you so much Karen for your kindness and support. It seems that you are comforting a lot of people out there.


      1. Chrissy,

        I often wonder the same thing. Sometimes in the past I have had problems swallowing and food gets stuck.. So now when I feel that it concerns me. I’ve got to schedule another one also. I kind of dread it. Lack of bleeding is not always the way to know because they can be there without symptoms. That is, until it’s too late and they bleed.

        What do you mean about releasing toxins? Juicing should be one of the things that is good for your stomach. I do not think they will release anything harmful. Instead, it should help your body! Drink a lot of water. We do get toxins from our environment and meds. Water helps to remove them, which is why a healthy liver and kidneys do such a great job when they are working right!

        I appreciate your words. I could write a lot more about varices, and plan on it this summer when school is out. It’s been busy this school year, but it’s almost over! Varices seems to be the one thing that concerns me daily. I take my Nadolol and antacid and hope they are doing the job.

        Staying informed is so impotant. I read constantly to find out more ways to help varices. I hope you will share any tips you have discovered also! We’re in this together dear friend.

        Much love,

    2. Chrissy,

      I am wondering how your doctor visit went! I just finished the school year and am soo behind on emails and comments. Please fogive me. Varices can form by having too high of portal vein pressure. This is relieved by Nadolol, which is a beta blocker. Another thing to be careful of is any heavy lifting. Sudden lifts cause our blood to pump hard and this can cause higher pressure AND can also cause them to burst. That is a bleedout.
      I have not have any bleedouts in a while either. It’s almost time for a new endoscopy and I”m wondering if new ones have formed. I’m experiementing with exercise (under my doctor’s care) and it will be interesting to see. How do you think juicing is releasing toxins in your body? Are you getting enough good veggie protein?
      Your words mean everything to me. Honestly, I have been so very busy and when I read your words, it brought me so much joy. I am glad you found some encouragment. It’s hard living with liver disease. We need all the love we can get, right dear friend?

      Keep in touch,
      xo Much love, Karen:)

  15. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the helpful info on this site 🙂 my husband is going through treatment for Hep C, half way through a 12 week course of solvadi and olysio. He went non detectable in his fifth week (so thrilled) but his platelets and RBC’s are low (123 and 2.84) while Bilirubin is up to a 4.1. We used to jiuce a lot on our vitamix and I recently heard that beets would be good to juice to help with his low RBC’s but he is cautious to do anything since his Hepatologist cautioned him to stay away from any supplements while he is on treatment especially with these two drugs. I can’t imagine juicing would counterindicate with his meds and want to do something for him to help him feel better. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks so much!

    1. Natasha,

      Sorry it took so long. Computer crashed. I think the idea of getting the vitamins and mineral through juicing is perfect. They are easy for the body to use and not like supplements. I’m with you and think your juicing idea is a sound one! Let his doctor know. It is helping to support the liver and not damage it I am sure. Some doctors are more open to that than others.

      How thrilling for you that he is not detected! There is a lot of evidence that he will remain that way! Yay!

      I think many suffer with low blood counts. I sure did and blogged about it. I used a children’s chewable and a Vit D supplement that my hepatologist approved while I was on treatment. His platelets may never get back to “normal” if he has cirrhosis.

  16. Hello. Im new to this and so very scared. Im a mommy of two young children. And have lived a healthy lifestyle. I do not drink or use any type of drugs. I don’t even take pain med. The only I have taken has been vitamins/supplements. I do however live a very stressful, life as a single mommy and I have an ager problem all my life. I also worry why to much. I was very active, loved running and speed walking. But my energy has really gone down this year. The being week of October 2014 I was under way more stress then normal and I thought I had an anxiety attack. I started getting such a bad pain in my top right side. Also my stomach was popping and gassy. The pain has gotten worse. I called my Dr. finally got me in and I told him whats going on.

    It didn’t seem like he cared or new what it was, he never asked me questions about my pain or never checked my eyes or skin. He just asked if I was depressed. I told him I need to find out whats going on with me, he was more concerned what depression med would be good for me. He finally done blood work and I am waiting to get the lab results. In the mean while I have such a bad itch all over my body, my liver is hurting so very much and I so scared. I want to be around healthy for my children, they need me. please help

    1. Hay sweetie,

      You have so much going for you! A healthy lifestyle is the best RX for getting rid of the Hepatitis C virus.

      It really upsets me to hear that your doctor is brushing you off like that. That’s how I was misdiagnosed for about a year before my liver failed. The itching and fatigue can both put you in a position where you are even more stressed. It’s easy to feel irritated. That’s not good when all you want to do is be a good mommy!

      I suggest you find another doctor. It is not easy to switch with the paperwork and the insurance, but I think you need someone who is going to respect you and understand where you are coming from.

      Also, I hope you will continue to exercise as much as possible. Have you had any tests run? Like a scope to check for varices or a liver biopsy? I’m sure you have had labs done and they are watching your liver enzymes. If you are able to get out and walk at all it can help a lot.

      Keep me posted. Call a new doc. kk?
      xo Karen:)

  17. Hi Karen,
    I just stumbled across you looking to start a juice diet…I have been reading all the comments and my eyes filled with tears. It so nice to not feel alone in this battle with hcv … I am at end stageliver disease…I am managing my asistes for 3 years now…I refused interferon because of what I have read. I am sure I can lower my alt and ast levels by juicing.
    Thank you for sharing Karen and everyone here.

    1. It’s great to see that you have found the Best Friend’s Guide! You are never alone. I have thousands of readers who come to learn and find answers to their questions. I’m not a doc, but I’ve been there. I hope if you need further support, you will join me on facebook. We have some closed groups where we get personal, ya know?

      Yay you for managing the ascites. And you’ve been doing this on your own! I’ve been off of them for a couple of years now too. You must be a very determined lady. I’m so very glad to meet you.
      xo Karen:)

  18. Hi Karen,
    I would be interested in your daily diet which helped you come off meds my aim is to do this and halt liver cancer. Also what do i search for on facebook…I tried searching your name but no luck.
    I am starting a plant based diet now and I will include your juices…its so confusing being told one thing by hospital specialists on what to eat…hugh protein meat and sugary protein drinks and dairy…but i feel driven to put more greens in my body.
    Thanks again Karen…I am aware you are not a doctor…its inspiring to hear what you have done and to speak to someone who really relates cx

    1. Hi! I’ve got a blog post called Sample of …. It should be on the Best Friends Start Here page from the drop down menu on the top. Or you can click it on the right hand side where it says Best Friends Start Here. I’ve got a whole section on eating with liver disease. I know for a fact that the liver loving diet has kept me alive with end stage cirrhosis.

      The plant based is good. My brain fog is a little worse since the TACE for liver cancer. I’m really eating more frequent meals so that I can think clearly. Protein has the ability to help our liver heal. But it also produces the ammonia. Sugar just spins us out with liver disease. lol. You’re smart. When you know what makes you FEEL good, eat that. I am the exact same way and have eaten healthy for years before my diagnosis just to stay alert and work.

      My facebook is Ihelpc Karen or you can look for and it should link to me. I try and keep links fixed. Let me know if it doesn’t work. ok? All my best to you as you work through diet and nutrition. Good clean food makes a big ole difference. Keep me posted on your health concerns too. We have a lot in common. xo Karen:)

        1. Yes! I treated with the old triple therapy that came out in 2010. 43 weeks and no more hep c! Your turn is coming. I hope you get approved soon! Keep juicing! xo Karen:)

  19. Its better to do this with a nutribullet or ninja. My doctor told me juicing is one of the worst fads out there. You blast your pancreas with a bunch of sugar from the juice. The bullet and ninja keep all the fiber which slows the absorption of sugar. It should also be done with very little fruit and mostly veggies with some type of protein added. Use low glycemic fruits like berries. If you must use high glycemic like bananas and pineapple then use very little.

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for the information. I also use a device that liquifies everything. It is a Bella and is less than $30. I have been using it for a year and it works great. I would love a nutribullet but with finances like they are the Bella is fine for my needs. I think Karen uses the Ninja thought I can’t swear to it. She liquifies everything as well
      Good luck to you, Dee

  20. Hi Erica. We have a nutribullet and also a Hurom slow juicer. Personally I like both. I don’t do too much fruit in the juicer mostly greens – kale or spinach , carrots, celery, beets. just a bit of fruit, maybe a handful of blueberries.

    So, I think the caution about sugar from your Dr. is good though I disagree that juicing is the “worst fad” . There is lots of information available on the differences between juicing and blending and both are good in my opinion. There are plenty of fad aspects to both as well 🙂 Dave

    1. Great comments Erica and Dave. I have a light Oster juicer and the Ninja bullet, but I too like to juice. Especially now with fresh cukes from my sisters garden this week!
      My nutritionist cautioned me about too many carbs in regards to juicing when I was diagnosed in 2010. It concerned me enough to limit myself to one juice a day at the time. Now I pretty much juice when I want because I use a lot of greens. I think it is a good point tho,especially since some of the transplant immunosuppressants can bring on diabetes. I’m like Dave in that it’s not the “worst” think we can do. Most of the population are drinking soda or high fructose corn syrupy drinks that are flooding the market right now. You are right Erica, we have to be smart consumers.
      Thank you both for your comments. Everything in moderation. The middle path is best to keep a healthy balance in our lives and out diet.
      xoxo Karen:)

  21. Dear karen,
    I’ve been wanting to buy a juicer.
    I was diagnosed with hepc a few years back.
    They said my liver looked fine.

    Then I saw a couple of Montrealhealthygirl so videos on YouTube about liver in general- about the breaking out on your face in between your eyes on your forehead is a sign of liver failure.

    I was supposed to do a series of shots got one in each shoulder that day,but never went back.

    I’ve got a tiny want a bee blender. And I’ve been experimenting with juicing .
    I’ve been gaining a lot of belly fat and have been real sluggish,I also have a slightly elevated thyroid as well.
    I’m very worried I need to do a liver flush I think or something I just can’t afford the doctor.

    1. I totally hear you. Idk what’s up with the belly fat, but I did it too. It’s hard to stay active when you don’t feel good. If you’re tired, something tells you to sleep! I would NOT do a liver flush. Just juice and drink clean water. Eat as healthy as you can. So many of the cleanses are a blend of herbs and things that can lead to liver problems if you’re sick. I about destroyed my liver the last year before I was diagnosed.
      We worry, don’t we? What a mess. Eat clean, walk every day, love your liver. Then one day at a time, you get a little bit stronger and liver a little longer. xoxo Karen

  22. Karen,
    Two things, your article here is misleading. You talk about jucing then advertise blending? As you well know blending is a completely different animal than juicing.
    Also, it has been proven that flax seed has very little nutritional value when consumed hole and most blenders cannot crush them. In order to get all the wonderful benefits they must be crushed similar to how you do with a coffee grinder and last for two years hole, sealed up in the cub board and 2 weeks in the fridge!

    1. Newt,

      Thanks for bringing that up. Maybe that blog needs an edit for more clarity. I have done this for so many years, and I don’t always realize that others may not understand. So for now, here goes:

      Flax seed is found in the refrigerator section of most health food stores. I like to keep whole flax in the freezer. I get out my coffee bean grinder and grind up enough for a few days. This is kept in the fridge.

      It’s so easy to buy ground flax seed. I keep a scoop in the bag in my fridge. then I can measure it right into my morning shake or juice.

      Juicing is work, and I go on a binge of juicing regularly. I also like to stick some fresh fruits and veggies in my little bullet blender. It can end up too thick and you’ll have to dilute with apple juice, watermelon, or water. It also has a lot more fiber!

      I hope this helped to clear anything up.
      xoxo and let me know if you need help. Karen

    2. Hello there! Thanks so much for your input! I have a Bella Blender Crusher that I bought for $30. It crushes the veggies into a juice with nothing left, then it blends my protein with my juiced veggies and fruits.
      You are right a mixer won’t do this but the Bella will, thanks again! Dee

  23. I drink a lot of juice, having read Dr Gerson’s books. Dr Gerson was a big advocate of juicing, and insisted on the produce being organic. Here is why. Think about fiber and liquid. Fiber will absorb a lot of liquid. Pesticides are liquid when they are sprayed on produce, and even after they dry, they will be attracted to liquids, and will end up in the juice.

    Think about washing clothes. We wash them in the liquid of water and soap, and almost all the dirt from the clothes is drawn into the liquid. It’s no different.

    Think about a rain storm. It gathers dust, dirt, debris, leaves, etc, and carries them downhill. When the puddles are gone, you see the stuff the water collected.

    Please don’t juice produce unless it is organic. Unless you want to put chemicals into your body.

    Also, even organic produce from the grocery store or market is dirty, and needs a good bath. Root vegetables have been sitting with a layer of dirt, however minute, on them, and it will render a bitter taste to the juice, so you’re better off peeling all root vegetables from the market. If you grow your own, and scrub them right away, they should be fine.

    Here is a list of produce with heavy amounts of pesticides.
    Bell Peppers
    Cherry Tomatoes

    And the organic celery I buy is not soft at all, it’s very crisp and tasty!

    And if you think peeling is going to get rid of any pesticides which dissolve in water, then do the celery experiment. Put a stalk of celery in a glass of water that has been made dark with food coloring and watch the color grow up inside the celery!

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