Use My Spirit by Susan Z

Use My Spirit by Susan Z – she writes from her heart.

Hepatitis poem susan z ihelpc
Dear heavenly spirit
Let my pain be for some glorious purpose

Like many who suffer hardship with Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis, she spends long hours alone in the night. Here she takes us into her heart and let’s us see the source of her strength.

Susan is not alone. She find beauty, freedom, music, and love with her Creator. A soothing reminder that we are not alone either.

 Use My Spirit by Susan Z

Another long endless night

feeling worse

enduring so much pain

My heart cries out

for every soul

helpless in desperation

forced to suffer



as their bodies fail to thrive

Dear heavenly spirit

let my pain be for some glorious purpose

use my soul

open me to every person

in the deepest richest way

Shed my masks

unblock this protected heart

make me a vessel of healing magic

a vessel of strength and encouragement

Release my heart blossoms

in full service of infinite love

Make me a bouquet of compassion

in the garden of our dreams

Help me open the eyes of my heart

of others terror and desolation

People suffering everywhere

eyes drained of any living expression

wandering and tired

losing color from their lives

their life force growing fainter

losing life’s simple joys

Let me send out rays of light

sunlight susan z hepatitis poem
Let me send out rays of light brightening their hearts

brightening their hearts

in some honest healing way

this moment, right now, today

I may not know how to play a single musical instrument

but I’ve asked You to tune my heart

let me be a holy presence

of infinite loving kindness

Beloved Spirit

use me

form me, shape me

make me your perfect instrument

a sparkling jewel of compassion

a heart companion

a true friend

Susan z Hepatitis ihelpc
Tune my heart. Let me be a holy presence
of infinite loving kindness.

Use me up in nature’s freedom

fill my spirit

bursting full with Your glorious music

let Your light shine through me

this is my holy anthem I sing

to those in need

day after day

God, use me

make me sing

sing until there’s not

a single note left inside my being

until every petal blossom

has fallen from this gentle rose in my heart

Have your way with me

make it glorious

let my golden light

shine in all your wonder

in the garden of my dreams


For I don’t know how much time I have left here in this world

don’t know how long I have to feel well enough

to sing your wondrous songs

Don’t know how much time I have left

to feel well enough to serve you, dear God

don’t know if I want to stay if I lose too much color

Whatever time I have left

use your healing magic

let not one person die alone

separated from your dear heart

as I speak my holy words of You

singing heartfelt melodies

releasing my golden heart

as I hold your sweet soft hand in mine

Use me up

to those in need

play my most beautiful songs of joyous love

Make highest use of my loving spirit

It’s the only reason why I’m still here

It’s the only reason why I’m still here…

Susan Z.

 pic via,, Use my spirit by Susan Z



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