Good Words

Good Words have power. With Hep C or Cirrhosis you may feel powerless. The doctor calls all the shots. You can be free from fear, depression, and guilt by putting good words into your mind.

You can take control of your life back. Let some good words in. They bring healing to your Spirit, Mind, and Body.

They are reminders that you are here for a purpose.

2 thoughts on “Good Words

  1. i was diagnosed with Hep C last July. My viral load was low. I haven’t started treatment yet. I find I am increasingly fatigued,though I’m able to work for now, it seems the muscle fatigue, pain and my inability to move like I used to has affected my emotions. I’m hoping to start a trial because I can’t afford the treatment and have no health insurance though I’m looking into affordable health care. Do you know of any support groups in the Houston area? I sure could use the support of those who live with or have lived with the disease. Thanks

    1. Hi there, some of the manufacturers of the new drugs can help with the cost. There are clinical trials on the site. You do have to have a doctor to help you. Have you tried applying for the affordable care? I know of someone who was able to get that type of insurance with little to no income. There is a site where there are counselors who can advise. I hope you are doing well.
      I remember how shocked I was to find out I had HCV. I had been tired for a long time. I hope you can get some help. Take care, Dee

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