Dee is a Best Friend at

Dee is a Best Friend at

Dee editor Best friend cirrhosis
Warm smile, warm heart

I would like to introduce my dear friend Dee as an editor at! You may have already noticed that another Best Friend is answering some comments on the website. This girl is one you can trust with your life. I am still here writing and commenting and reading your messages. You will hardly know I’m gone when my transplant takes place cause I will be back fast!

A friend at first site – Dee and I have been friends since 2011 when I began treatment. We met at when we were both taking the new FDA approved protease inhibitor Incivik or Telaprevir along with Ribavirin and Interferon injections. She had relapsed after a prior treatment and was on her second go around of 48 weeks. She is very experienced with how to survive treatment.

 That kind of girl -You know the kind of girl who always has a gentle word for everyone? That’s Dee. She was a cheerleader for all of us. She reminded us that it was going to be over soon and we could be HCV free. Even when people wrote in who were tired, overwhelmed, and crusty, Dee had a tender heart toward them. She saw the bright side to everything and helped others to do the same.

Today, Dee is an active researcher and advocate for Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis patients. She is a frequent visitor to the Best Friends Guide and a devoted follower! She still visits the medhelp forum to pay it forward and encourage others too.

Dee worked for the federal government for over 20 years. That in itself says a lot about her patience! She is a wife, mother, and proud Grandma! You will love getting to know her.

 Help! Since the liver tumor and the hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis, I’ve been pretty busy with Dr. visits. I’ve also been out of it a lot. Getting rid of cancer and preparing for transplant has proven to be a full time job for me. Reading and responding to comments in a timely manner is high on my list of things to do.

It slowly began to dawn on me that I needed help. Dee’s name kept coming up like a gentle whisper. Every time we corresponded I felt a nudge to bring it up.

one universe liver cancer cirrhosis
It’s no accident that we all meet here at xo

I wanted to know that when I have the transplant, someone would be able to log in and check on things….. Dee is that person.

I absolutely trust her heart and know that she has YOUR best interests in mind, just like I do. She is volunteering to serve you because she understands where you are coming from with liver disease. She wants to help you toward your best future.

I am still here! You know I am planning on being here for many years. There may be a little break for the transplant, but with every thought I am thinking of you. We have come together in this time to share this experience. We are beating the odds against Hepatitis C, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Please don’t be shy to comment. Jump in and welcome her because Dee is a best friend at

All my love forever and eva! Xo Karen:)

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10 thoughts on “Dee is a Best Friend at

  1. Dear Karen, I just read this, with tears in my eyes I thank you so much for the wonderful things you wrote. You are the most caring, gifted person I have ever met. You give me hope. You make me a better person than I even thought I could be. I was blessed the day we met. Thank you so much, I am so choked up I can’t write any more. I will be back.
    You are an angel sent from God, bless you, all my love, Dee
    Dee Ernst recently posted…Ethanol Alcohol Ablation for HCCMy Profile

    1. Dee,

      You’re such an angel. It has taken a huge load from me to see how well you connect with best friends. You’re definitely a tender heart bear! I have heard that situations can make us bitter, or make us better. I think we all become better as a result of living with liver disease when we keep our hearts open and grow through the process.

      That kind of change never takes place in isolation. We need a community of caring people to accomplish that. I’m glad we’re in the same community, even it is because of our liver disease. I love you hunnyo. xoxo Karen:)

        1. Hello! Welcome to the site? Karen has written many many good articles and even has many Utube videos which are helpful. Enjoy your time here, please ask any questions you may have. My best to you, Dee

  2. Hi Karen & Dee,
    I am so happy that I found you. I had just found Karen (Emma told me to seek you out) right before her transplant. I didn’t have much time to get to know her and she was swept away to begin her new life with her new liver.

    I am happy to meet you, Dee.

    I have been through some the same journey as Karen. HepC, cleared with interferon and ribavirin (before the new tx). Followed by cirrhosis. I am only stage one, so I never encountered problem with HE or varicies. I consider myself very lucky on that count.
    Next came the discovery of the tumor. I was listed for transplant on Mar 19, but immediately deactivated until I completed a few other procedures. I did not have TACE. I am having SBRT instead. I am in a clinical trial comparing the two methodologies TACE and SBRT. I have my last radiation today. Hopefully, when I see my hepatologist (Dr. Gordon) l will be activated to receive a liver.

    So I am travelling the same journey down a slightly different path. I thank Karen for leading the way. She has been a blessing to me in the short time since I have found her as I am sure she is to you, Dee.

    Thank you both for all you do to help to make the lives of liver patients easier. It helps to know you are not alone out there. If there is any thing I can do to be of assistance, please let me know.


    1. Hello there Kathleen, so sorry I am slow in responding, I have had a stomach flu and have not been feeling well.
      I am praying that your procedure worked. I really admire you for being so brave. I am happy to say that Karen is doing very well.
      She is truly a miracle, I hope that all will be well for you my friend 🙂 Dee


    1. Hi there, I am going to put your question out there to see if anyone else has similar. You can also ask same question on a good site called MedHelp under HCV. I am a lot like you, I did not find out for 30 years that I had gotten HCV from a Gama Globulin (sp?) shot in the late 70’s. It is not listed as being a contributing factor but it is. Karen found out that she had HCV, Cirrhosis all on the same day. She treated, was cured, then later got cancer which they used various things to keep her going until she got her transplant in April. I have another friend who just had her liver transplant in July. I go yearly for blood work to check my levels I think it is an AFP to check for cancer and I have a sonogram. Before I got rid of HCV I got checked every 6 months. If you were stage 3 it is possible for your liver to improve. I have seen it with other people I have met. They have gone down one or two stages. It did take years, 5 or 6 but it did happen
      Doctors are learning new things every day. My liver enzymes are better than they have been in 30 years. Sorry I am rambling, didn’t mean to do that. My doctor won’t do a biopsy, he doesn’t think it is necessary with the yearly sonogram which now says no sign of cirrhosis. It took over 2 years to get that change. Good luck to you, Dee

  4. Halo Karen
    Some time ago I spoke to you about this pain that I have in my liver and I mentioned lots of things about my bad habits.
    I am trying my very best to stop drinking and find it very hard to do so, if I go to friends they will offer me beer and I will tell them that I am trying to cut down during the week and less on weekend, they will not force me but tells me to have one. I know myself and one will not stay at one once I have tasted the alcohol.
    My eldest sister passed away about six months ago from her heart, she was a chain smoker. I could handle her death because I did not see her everyday, they lived 300km away from us
    My younger brother passed away about two months ago, heart attack and that really got to me, we used to spend time together weekly, we were very close and I am still finding it very difficult to get over his death. I was in the hallway where the paramedics tried to resuscitate him for as long as 30 min.
    I am very scared to die, I am only 50 and got two children to live for and my beautiful wife.
    Please tell me what to do to try and get rid of this pain in my side, is there anything that can make it better, it feels like somebody is poking me in my side with a knife at stages. I have gone too far now and I think that some serious damage has been done to my liver
    Is there a way out of this or do I make peace now, so many people told me to stop drinking, the doctor told me for the past three years that I should stop or just cut down to weekends, but Hentie does not listen, always wants to be the clever one and now I am paying the price .
    Any comforting news from you will be appreciated or just say I told you so.
    Tears rolling down my cheeks.

    1. Hi the best thing you can do for your liver is to stop drinking. If your doctor is telling you to stop drinking then you really should. There are many good articles on here for suggested eating, exercise and some other helpful information. If you go to the upper right side you will see liver loving diets. Also one of the most important things you can do is to drink water. Water is very important to help our liver do all the work it must. Everything we eat drink and put on our skin has to be processed by the liver. Take Care of yourself. If you must please stay away from your friends who are drinking. Or you could try arriving with a non alcohol beer and drink that or drink some club soda with a slice of lemon or lime. I hope you can beat this problem. Take Care, Dee

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