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Best Friends Guide to Hepatitis C

Diagnosis of Hep C – What Next?

When You Don’t Look Sick With Hepatitis C

Five Reasons to Smile

How Long with Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis


Liver Health and Cirrhosis

Eating Before Liver Tests

Hepatic Encephalopathy

Bruising with Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis

Is Protein is Good for Your Liver? Plant vs Animal Protein

Your Liver is a Hard Working Organ

Hepatic Encephalopathy Support Groups (HE)

4 Stages of Cirrhosis – Break it down

Stages and Grades of Varices

Can I Color My Hair with Cirrhosis?

Esophageal Varices Banding What to Expect

Vomiting Blood with Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis

What About Drinking with Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis

Teeth and Gum Problems with Hepatitis C

Dental Health 

Going to Dentist

Drugs that are Safe for Liver Pain

Hepatitis C Treatment

How Long with Hepatitis C Treatment

Drinking Water With Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C Treatment Risk

10 Ways You Cannot Get Hepatitis C

10 Things I Hate about Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Treatment Dose Timing Food

Hepatitis C Treatment Hope

Hepatitis C Treatment Hair Loss

Ribavirin Riba Rage with Hepatitis C Treatment

Low Hemoglobin Anemia

Hepatitis C Skin Rash SOS

Nausea and Tummy Troubles

Eye and Vision Problems

Starting Hepatitis C Treatment

Thrush and Dental Problems

Mental and Emotional Health

Depression and Suicide Thoughts

Which Antidepressants are Safe?

Anxiety and Hepatitis C

PSTD and Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis

Depression and Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis

Emotions and Crying with Hepatitis C

Get Real with Expectations

You Can Change Your Life Habits

The Ins and Outs of Life

Managing Stress with Meditation

Diet and Nutrition

Protein Shakes for a Healthy Liver

Best Juicing for Liver 

Fast Food Drive Through Best Choices

Is Too Much Protein Bad for your Liver with Cirrhosis and Hepatitis

Coffee Benefits for Your Liver with Cirrhosis and Hepatitis C

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Liver, Skin, and Diet

Sample of Daily Menu

What Foods are Good for Hepatitis C

What Foods to Avoid for Liver Health

Low Sodium Food Shopping List

Safe Vitamins and Supplements

Protein is Vital for Liver Health

What to do with Lab Test Results

Blood and Platelet Transfusion

B 12 Benefits Liver and Beats Fatigue

Milk Thistle Safety for Good Liver Health

Pears Prepare You for Good Health

Green Tea Multiple Health Benefits

When You Can’t Sleep with Hepatitis C

Crazy Night Time Leg Cramps

10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Eat Foods that Heal Our Liver

Protein Shakes for a Healthy Liver

Fermented Cabbage for Varices and Liver Health

Your Personal Life

Social Security Disability with Cirrhosis

Should I Tell My Boss that I have Hepatitis C

Working on Hepatitis C Treatment

One Man’s Story of Working

Dating and Hepatitis C

Sex and Hepatitis C

If I Should Die from Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis

A Mother with Hepatitis C

Helping Someone with Hepatitis C

Feeling Judged for Hepatitis C

A Little Help from My Friends

My Family Doesn’t Understand

Dreaming of a Future with Hepatitis C

Cirrhosis is Not The End

Running toward Retreat


My Organ Donor

What to Expect after a Transplant

Post Transplant Nervous Breakdown

Writing a Thank You Letter to Organ Donor

Going Back to Bed After Liver Transplant

I Don’t Want a Liver Transplant

Updates During My Transplant

Post Transplant Protein and Healing

Pre and Post Transplant


What Next?

A New Year Spin Around the Sun

Stress Busters for Hepatitis C

Depression and Suicide Thoughts

Balancing Hepatitis and Health

Arm a Plan for Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis

Compulsively Thinking Health and Peace

The Benefits of Solitude

Care and Feeding of Your Spirit Mind Body

A Lesson Plan for Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis

Unforgiveness can Block Your Recovery


 Hepatocellular Liver Cancer

Spots on Your Liver

Courage and Confidence with Liver Cancer

25 Best Things to do for Liver Cancer

Healing HCC Liver Cancer Retreat

Tace Procedure for Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer after Hepatitis C Treatment

Ethanol Alcohol Ablation for Liver Cancer

Hangover With Cirrhosis after Ablation

Guide to Hepatitis and Cirrhosis includes Hepatocellular Cancer

More Fun Stuff

Waiting Room Etiquette 

Oil Pulling for Liver Detox and Health

Famous People with Hepatitis C

Live a Little or Go Dancing with the Stars

Best Phone Apps for Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis

Stubborn as a Mule

Hepatitis and Tattoos

Transmission of HCV

Comic Relief

Today is Your Day to Beat HCV Shania

New Years Eve Phone Call to You


Benefits of Yoga

Walking is the Best Exercise for Liver Disease

Can I Walk or Run with HCV or Cirrhosis

Top 5 Benefits to Exercising with Hepatitis C

Easy 10 Minute Yoga Stretch

Exercise workouts with HCV Treatment

Exercise with Cirrhosis

Hand Yoga for Muscle Cramps and Joint Pain

Liver Transplant

I Don’t Want a Liver Transplant

I wanted to help my Best Friends Start Here to find what you were looking for fast.

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You can survive Hepatitis C

16 thoughts on “Best Friends Start Here

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Recipes are on the drop down menu from the home page. Also, you can check out the facebook page for or Ihelpc Karen and there is one called Living With Cirrhosis. Some of the groups are private, but if you request, you can get in. This keeps it safe where we can discuss our personal lives and health problems with NO spam.

      Keep in touch!
      Karen:) xoxo

  1. I have been searching online for a site like this and am so grateful to have come across it! I will try to make a long story short…. Contracted Hep C over 40 years ago, diagnosed about 20 years ago, and since then, I have been regularly monitored through blood work – numbers go up and down, with no apparent cause. Have had a couple of biopsies and ultra-sounds over the years. About 12 years ago, I tried the medication that was out, but it made me really sick and had a low success rate anyway. I didn’t drink at all for about 15 years, and then got over-confident because my blood work was good and had an occasional glass of wine. Kicking myself over that now…. Last spring, I heard about the new medication out (Harvoni) and talked to my liver specialist about it. He said I would be a great candidate. However, while doing routine tests for insurance purposes, a cancerous tumor on my liver was revealed. I was floored – and so was the doctor. I have felt well all along, look healthy, etc. I had the microwave ablation procedure to remove the tumor. It was successful in doing that, but I was in the small minority who has a negative reaction. (My gallbladder had been disturbed in the process.) I was in excruciating pain, relieved by pain meds, but they create their own set of problems. I am doing much better now and am on a mission (with God’s help) to not make any more tumors. I also want to go on the Hep C medication to clear the virus. The problem is, because my liver has very early stage cirrhosis (which is why the tumor was produced) all of the doctors are telling me I need a transplant. Right now, I don’t feel that’s the path God has me on, but I am open to wherever He leads. I believe that, with the virus cleared and with a healthy lifestyle – obviously no drinking, eating well, taking appropriate herbs/supplements – and perhaps essential oils – I can keep the cirrhosis at bay and stay tumor-free. If I can do that, the doctor says the transplant won’t be necessary. SO – all that being said – is there anyone out there whose story is similar to mine, who tried the non-transplant route, who has suggestions to support my liver, whatever??? I would love to hear from someone who has used medicine and alternative therapy to beat this thing. Thanks for any replies! ❤️

    1. Hey there, while we are all very different with our own set of problems. I wanted to say that I was diagnosed with very early cirrhosis and I treated. When I had my biopsy done it was said this way “collagen wisps are noted that suggest possible transitioning to cirrhosis”
      Not being a doctor I don’t know why they would tell you not to treat but to get a transplant first. I know of people who have had cirrhosis and treated. I am not a doctor so don’t know your particulars. I also think that doctors have gotten really cautious about people with cirrhosis.
      After I treated with Incivek, Interferon and Ribavirin, I read that they were saying this was not appropriate for those with cirrhosis. I got in very early before this thought was out there. Since you feel so strongly about not doing the transplant; if I were you I might look for a second opinion. But…if you are under the care of hepatologist at a liver transplant hospital I would trust what he is saying. He knows more than I do. I am just sharing what happened to me. Medhelp has a very good online support group for people with cirrhosis of the liver. You could ask there and get a lot of very caring people answering

      1. Thanks, Dee. I appreciate your response and your thoughts. Although I will certainly continue to get input from my doctor, I think that many in the medical field are quick to jump to the medication/surgery route, both because that’s what they are taught in medical school and also to “cover their butts.” I am quickly finding out that we need to advocate for ourselves — and to research all of our options before blindly following medical advice. Fortunately, I have a strong faith foundation and believe that God will lead me to the right answers. I know those answers can be found in many places, so I am keeping open ears and an open heart and mind. I will check out that site you mentioned. Thanks again!

        1. Hi there, you are so right. They get very little nutritional training in school so don’t really know much about that. They themselves are still learning. Like the people that I know of who have been able to improve the health of their livers by changing their diets. They first had to get rid of what ever was attacking their liver, hepatitis, drinking even poor eating habits in the case of fatty liver disease. I have seen peoples liver regenerate, now this is just anecdotal information not any studies. I believe, as long as you are not in mid late stage cirrhosis that the liver can improve. Again, not a doctor but things have really been changing in the medical field. I recently learned that a lot of medications out there are made with supplements that we could buy over the counter. I had no idea that magnesium is one of the first things they use in the ER when someone can’t breath. Just an example. Thanks for writing, I appreciate so much!

  2. Hi Karen!
    First I would like to say your site is amazing!
    I am going to turn 26 on the 22nd and I am fairly new to all of this. I’ve had autoimmune hepatitis since I was 14 years old. Did very well for over 10 years. I also was diagnosed last summer with a split spinal cord and scoliosis, all causing leg and arm weakness and numbness, I went a good 6 months of being unable to walk. For now my ability has returned. All testing for that led me to the discovery of low platelets, and the decision for a splenectomy. During they saw I progressed to cirrhosis and have portal hypertension. I still have my spleen. This was all found out November of 2014. I’m fairly stable for now, I’ve had banding done twice for esophageal varices. And am going for my third endo tomorrow. I am forgetful and lose concentration a lot. However I am being told I may be able to survive on medication alone and no transplant. That sounds great but scares me too seeing I’m so young and I know how quickly things can change. I am still hoping at a chance of a future and a family. My doctor is saying it is possible, but I worry. I was told to apply for disability for cirrhosis as well as my spine issues but I was denied twice and now am waiting for a hearing. It is all so frustrating everything that comes along with the illness. Finding your page gives me so much information. Even though I feel I know a lot there is always something to learn and I feel very comforted and not alone when I read you posts. I find hope and understanding. Thank you for all you do for this community and I wish you the best!
    Brianna recently posted…Its Been A WhileMy Profile

    1. Hello there! Thanks so much for writing in. Gosh you sure have been through a lot in your young life. Has the doctor talked to you about diet? Many with cirrhosis are encouraged to stop eating red mead, fried foods, processed lunch meat. Try to watch your salt consumption. There are other ideas that can be found on the internet. Also there are some idea in the upper right hand corner under liver loving diets, it is a drop down box. I have found that many times doctors don’t focus on nutrition. Water is very important to help the liver work. You can also look at heart healthy diets, those are good for the liver as well. Lots of vegetable and fruits are recommended. Thank you for sharing your story, I know it will help others, take care, Dee

      1. Thanks! Yes I’ve been looking into all the diet info on here. My doctor hasn’t suggested much other then very low sodium intake. But I am looking into what else can be done to help myself. Love coming across this blog!
        Brianna recently posted…Its Been A WhileMy Profile

        1. Brianna,
          Just logging on and saw your post. I’m working on a diet plan just for people like us. I loved your pics. Thanks so much for dropping by. Diet has been the most central key, along w medication. If you are using a beta blocker for portal hypertension along with a low sodium diet, it can help so much. Are you using anything for hepatic encephalopathy?
          You’re a beautiful girl and I love you blog. I would love it if you wrote something for me. I’m thinking of you as I put together diet plans. We’ve got to make it fun!
          Good luck w disability and also with your diet. Food alone will not help with platelets. Your spleen is hoarding them. I have a blog on that somewhere here. Honey, 5 years ago, I had zero chance of being alive today. Miracles happen. Keep working toward your dreams. People like us know that every day is a gift. You’ve got a lot to live for!!
          Keep in touch please oh please,
          xo Karen:)

          1. Thank you so much Karen! I actually just made a new blog! I can’t seem to get it all organized where I feel good with it all, I think I got it this time haha.
            I am currently not taking anything for HE. When I told my dr about it in March he didn’t seem concerned yet. It isn’t too terrible but I do see a difference. What would you like me to write for you? I would love to do whatever I can to help!
            Brianna recently posted…GO GO GO GOMy Profile

          2. I’m going to go read it now! I just read on fb where a young woman was 10 years post transplant. She has a little girl! Miracles can happen. Think about what you might want to write about and just tell your story of how you live with liver disease! Email me soon!
            xoxo Karen:)

  3. Hi Karen,
    My 84 yr old mother was diagnosed with cirrhosis 1 1/2 years ago. She likely has fatty liver disease but the docs are not sure of the cause. She has only one kidney and it has been in failure for the past 10 years and was doing well until the liver diagnosis. She was on low dose diuretics for about a year after the cirrhosis diagnosis but they were discontinued when her kidney function started to deteriorate further. She now has weekly paracentsis because she is not taking diuretics. She talks about taking supplements for her liver (alpha-lipoic acid, selenium, Vitamin B complex) but her liver doc told her there is no evidence to support these supplements and to save her money. She asked her nephrologist if she could take these supplements and was told no studies have been done on their kidney safety. So…she is left between a rock and a hard place. I just found your website today.
    She is not a liver transplant candidate and likely not even a TIPS candidate because her kidney simply couldn’t take an anaesthetic stress. Any suggestions? I realize you are not a doctor, but value your opinion. Your website is incredible!!

    1. You’re a good daughter. My daughter helped me a lot too. I only have 1 kidney also. I was born that way. That’s one of the reasons to try and use low sodium diet to keep on the lowest dose possible of diuretics. My liver doctor discouraged supplements and vitamins. I have had to get my nutrition through my diet. It’s hard for us because we become malnourished while trying to eat a liver loving diet. That is that rock and a hard place…
      Please read my blog about vitamins. Liver disease is the same, no matter how you get it. I am not a dr and don’t give medical advice. I can only tell you what my doctors recommended and encourage you to find a doctor who will work with ou on diet and medication.
      She can live a good quality of life with a healthy low sodium diet. I hope she is comfortable. You’re an angel to care for her so. Thank you.. xo Karen:)

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