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The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga 

yoga benefit liver cancer transplant
I’m a yogini now. Certifiably so.

I started October with gobs of hope. My high apple pie in the sky attitude seemed to match Sedona, Arizona’s big skies stretching into heaven above. Nestled into the side of the red rock canyon is a yoga school. Every lesson is planned around studying the mental, physical, and spiritual side of yoga. Ohm…… It was a makeover for sure.

Transformation is a more accurate word. For sure, we did bendy and stretchy stuff from day one. Yoga is so much more than contorting into poses. Turns out the instructors there knew a lot more about me than I knew about myself. The focus was more inward than outward.

So at yoga school, we moved into transformative healing through physical movement that required me to be still. Focus on my body. Calm my mind…. And breathe.

Stillness has a healing quality all by itself. Even with my gimpy left foot and leg, I managed to settle into poses. Lying, sitting, or standing – I got still. I noticed everything that was going on in and through me.

sedona liver cancer ihelpc yoga benefit
Big sky and beautiful red rocks

Focus on me. My granddaughter has played Ariana Grande’s hit song, Focus On Me enough that I know that one line. I’m sure the message is totally different than what I experienced at 7 Centers. But I got real with my own truth. These topics may come up in future blogs and you’ll be able to remember where the seeds of thoughts were incubated: 7 Centers Yoga in Sedona, AZ.

The Benefits of Yoga

Being grounded – I allowed myself to fully feel every sensation instead of moving toward thoughts. I’m a super thinker and when I feel mental or physical pain, I tend to push harder and move more than necessary. Yoga teaches us to be strong in our body.

Checking out patterns – By looking for trends in our behavior it becomes clear that there are areas of imbalance. When we get out of balance, our tendency can be to push real hard in one direction or another. Example: I tried to run and threw out my back and created more foot pain. On the upside, my right leg got super strong!

Moving toward balance – Included with physical balance is a mental and emotional balance. By going inward, we can observe our behavior trends and make gentle adjustments.

Expression – Our mind expresses itself in our body. Don’t we know this on some level?  What we may discover is that there are layers that need to be opened up. Understanding that simple truth allows us to listen to our body and accept where we are right now.

Modifications – This became the keyword during the entire journey. We have to give ourselves permission to be flawed. It may mean a physical modification to a stretch. It can also be a mental shift that allows me to just be.

yoga benefits liver cancer hepatitis ihelpc karen
We didn’t have technology so the pics are few.. my fellow yoginis.

All of that and so very much more.  I began a healing process that I’m tenderly protecting every day. I’m receiving a new message about my body and can’t wait to share it with you! For my very first post on yoga when the blog was a baby, click hereLove you so, Karen 

And you thought the benefits of yoga were only about getting a stronger body. 🙂