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Liver Safe Vitamins and Supplements with Cirrhosis

Liver Safe Vitamins and Supplements with Cirrhosis  

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Every cell in our body is supported by vitamins including our liver!

 Making sure that you get the right vitamins is important with liver disease. But remember, a damaged or inflammed liver cannot handle an overload of vitamins. In fact, taking too many, or the wrong dose can actually cause more harm than good. I have made a list  that eliminates yourl fear about what is safe. First let’s start off with an intro into the why, what, and how of vitamins, supplements, minerals, and all that jazz.

I have studied vitamins and supplements my whole adult life. When my liver crashed I was so surprised when told me to take NO Vitamins. I was totally baffled. I knew that, the FDA’s guideline are waay outdated and the industry is not closely regulated. As a whole, we do not get enough vitamins and mineral in our daily diets. 

This is What I Came to Understand: Our doctor’s like to get to know us a little. I had a death sentence when Hepatitis C destroyed my liver. I was all Gung Ho that I was going to take control of my diet and lifestyle. My doctor didn’t know if I would follow instructions or not. I mean, think about it:  I had already told him I took a lot of herbs and vitamins. So to start me out, he said NO. We had to get ascites drained, bleeding varices under control, and the liver calmed down first. Once he understood that I would be compliant with his orders, we began to talk about vitamins and supplements some more. 

Some websites claimed that herbs were the cure for cirrhosis. Stop, Look, and Listen. I wanted answers and leave no stone unturned when I am looking to stay alive.

What I found, as I’m sure you have discovered, is that the way a body tolerates and uses vitamins and supplements greatly vary. In addition, the method of harvesting, manufacturing, and packaging can affect the strength and purity. So my doctor said NO to everything. Meanwhile I’m reading like crazy, fading fast with End Stage Liver Disease, and fighting to get out of bed. I was NOT going to lay there and wait to die. I had to have some control.

So I made my list of what vitamins and supplements I felt were absolutely necessary for liver health and function. I dug deep in research and then I cross referenced. That death sentence was like getting on a roller coaster that had steep drops, neck breaking curves, and no restraining bar. I grabbed at everything. I took the list to my gastroenterologist.  He was not that impressed, telling me that I could take a low iron children’s multi-vitamin and a Milk Thistle brand that he approved of. I could take vitamin K 2 or 3 times a week when bruising was extreme.

List of Liver Safe Vitamins and Supplements with Cirrhosis

If you are super sick will liver failure, ask your doctor about these:
Children’s Vitamin 
Vitamin K 3 
Vitamin B complex 

Read these tips:

No or low iron, Vitamin K3 helps low platelets, Vitamin B complex helps fatigue and brain fog. For my blog on B12 click here. 

If you are Not super sick the above list is still good, and you can add a green powder or capsules to supplement your diet.

green vibrance safe liver vitamin
This can be mixed with juice!

Green supplement powder is awesome if you don’t have time to juice.  Malnutrition and poor absorption are side effects of liver disease. You knew there would be a warning didn’t you? Well, here it is!

If you are decompensated and have ascites, hepatic encephalopathy, varices, portal hypertension, or renal failure please play it safe and talk to a doctor. READ the label carefully. You want to watch for any “proprietary blends” that they contain. A proprietary blend is a manufacturer’s own concoction of herbs, amino acids, vitamins, or whatever. They do not always publish what is contained in them. We want to see everything it contains!!

While ON treatment Hepatitis C Treatment these are considered safe: 

Vitamin D3 

Green supplement 

Sublingual B 12 

Do not take Milk Thistle while on treatment. The lab results could be skewed by the herb.

Talk it over with your doctor. Let them know you are willing to do what they say. If you do not agree with your doctor, find a new one. Most will respect your desire to research and help yourself in getting well.

So we have learned that by taking a multi-vitamin, you can be confident that your body is getting a lot of the vitamins it needs. Most of the iron you need is in your daily diet because cereals and breads are fortified with iron.

Please do not ignore the importance of what the Liver Safe Vitamins and Supplements with Cirrhosis are. They are a vital link to your wellness. All my love and my best wishes to you in your nutritional health, Karen 🙂

What have you learned about vitamins with Liver Disease or Hepatitis C?

For more on how I made a comeback with diet and nutrition click on my bio here.  For a pretty darn good list of all things liver loving check this page out here.


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