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Hepatitis C Treatment Hope

Hepatitis C Treatment Hope

Hepatitis C treatment hope
With spring comes hope for a new life.

Who doesn’t love spring? It is Mother Nature at her finest as she parades herself around in dainty dresses of every color. The grass, trees, and flowers all begin budding and bursting forth with new life. The dormancy of fall and winter take a bow and leave the stage as the seeds they had kept tucked away begin to take on a new role. The life cycle of a seed reminds us all of the Hepatitis C Treatment Hope.

I love the story of a seed. A living plant wisely casts off her children in the form of a seed. They float to the ground and burrow in during the harsh weather, waiting their turn. There in the dark soil, where no one can see, lies a crusty dried remnant of last spring’s finery.

I have spent a great deal of my life planting  seeds and watching them grow into flowers, trees, and vegetables. Seeds are hard, dry, and…. well, they are dead. If they are fortunate enough, they make their way to a fertile spot with food, water, and plenty of sunshine. It is then that they will be reborn in the spring looking much like the plants they fell from. There is a miracle in each seed.

This is my first spring in years to be truly alive. Diagnosed in August 2010, I spent that fall and winter in a state of liver decompensation. Considered untreatable with Stage 4 Cirrhosis, I closed down, feeling like a seed that got blown onto a rock. There I waited, scrounging for any food and vitamins that would not kill me. Waiting in the dark time, I was a crusty dried cast off of my former self.

When that spring came, new hope arrived as the FDA finalized the approval of protease inhibitors. Incivik and Victrelis were made available in June. Maybe I would bloom now? But as I started treatment, summer came and went with nothing but more deadness. Anemia, low platelets, nausea, and the insistent rash seemed to drive any potential life deeper underground.

The winter of treatment was long, cold, and harsh. I looked in the mirror and wondered if there was any life left. Then April came. I hit week 40 like a small bud – hope emerging. Then an esophageal bleed came in like an ice storm covering a sprout. Treatment discontinued.

All summer long there were varices bandings. My doctors pruned off the deadness every 4 weeks. Deep inside, the miracle of the seed was still working.  My blood labs showed no sign of the Hepatitis C Virus. I was cured. Outwardly, I was burnt from the frost, but inside I knew there was still life.

Hepatitis C treatment hope for cure
A little sprout of hope.

What a miracle the medical community gave. The treatment and medication were like root killer and fertilizer applied together to save my life. Still no virus detected.  UND, meaning the Hepatitis C virus is undetected! I am reaching my arms toward the sky! I will be the happiest bloom in the garden. I may bloom all summer. I might just bloom all year. All of you seeds that are dormant, listen to my song. You can bloom again!

Where are you this spring? If you are trying to sprout and find yourself covered with dirt, a rock, or the icy of winter – hold on! Spring is coming for you too. Maybe not today. Maybe not this year. But within you lies all that is needed to produce a full grown magnificent plant. I can see you now in my mind’s eye. We are blooming together. A big garden of life.

If you are treating with a protease inhibitor, you may still feel the hibernation of winter. I used the brand new one, Telaprevir. It seems obsolete compared to the Sovaldi and Olysio that are being offered now. Some even have a chance to use a drug with no Ribavirin or Interferon.

The dosage is reduced and so are the side effects. I am so happy for those of you who have a chance to treat Hepatitis C. Your body will begin to heal. Mine has. It truly is a miracle. My heart is with you during this time. New life is about to blossom inside of you. You will feel the strength and warmth of it soon.

I am with you wherever you are as your BFF in the battle, Karen:)

Please feel free to browse topics by clicking here. My story is one of hope. If I can do this, I want to encourage everyone who reads these words that they can too!

Hoping you can find the cure for Hepatitis C link.