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Hepatitis C and Tattoos

Hepatitis C and TattoosWe get tattoos for various reasons. Some consider it a statement, a tribute to a loved one, a belief, or to a cause. Some do it purely for artistic reasons. They devote a great amount of time and attention to choosing the correct style and size of font, or the picture. For many, a tat is a declaration to the world of their life creed or motto.
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Those with religious beliefs tell the world with a favorite Scripture verse. Scenes from the Bible are popular as well as crosses or images of Christ. I have seen ancient Japanese symbols or words that remind the wearer of a vow or a promise they made to themselves, or to someone important to them. Historically, tattoos have been used in almost every culture

I have watched as a favorite musician added to a “sleeve” of tattoos over a time period. OK. I’ll be specific. John Mayer was on a jumbo screen playing his guitar and I could not breathe. He was wearing a shirt with the no sleeves and we can see his tatted arm while he did his magic. I love the music… and the tat.

I live in a state that only recently legalized tattoos. Many people went into nearby states to get their tats. As a matter of fact, when you cross the state line, the main highways are still filled with tattoo shops. I have heard many people talk about which which ones did the best art work. I would always ask them about safety and sterilization of equipment. Most never even took it into consideration. The art is important, but it does not matter how awesome a tattoo looks if it carries a deadly blood borne illness – like Hepatitis C.

hepatitis c and tattoosThe days of home tattooing are going by the wayside. Television reality shows like L.A. Ink give a behind the scenes look at the industry and demonstrate how easy it is to find a reputable tattoo shop. The industry itself takes pride in how they maintain sterile, clean environments. A good tattoo artist will encourage questions regarding their practices. They believe in maintaining sanitation while practicing their art. However, there are no government regulations for sanitation standards. Dirty tattoo shops and parlors are still out there. If you or someone you know has a tattoo, I encourage you to consider being tested for the Hepatitis C Virus. Check with your local health department to find out how. There are many treatment options for the HCV available today. Your bff in the battle, Karen:)


Hepatitis C and Tattoos – The chance of transmission risk is avoided with safe, clean needles and careful choices.