Guide to Hepatitis and Cirrhosis includes Heptacellular Cancer

Guide to Hepatitis and Cirrhosis includes Heptacellular Cancer 

Cancer Hep C cirrhosis

I rode Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City right after my CT scan. Scared outta my wits!

Heptacellular Carcina or HCC is not a common form of cancer. But it sure can show up if you lived with Hepatitis C as long as I did. Dang it! The end stage cirrhosis did a number on my liver and my recent ultrasound led to a CT scan to take a closer look at the mass they found. Yep. My alpha fetoprotein (AFB blood lab that can support a cancer diagnosis) was high and the tumor board at Nazhi Zudhi sent me to an oncologist today. Your Best Friends Guide to Hepatitis and Cirrhosis now includes Heptacellular Cancer.

This little blog is my re-entry back to the website after a break. I have had several months of nonstop going. The computer crashed. My school year ended with a huge flurry of activity that was beyond ordinary. I started the summer looking for peace and rest. In typical Karen fashion I did not rest. I painted the kitchen cabinets. I taught my granddaughters to use a sewing machine. New curtains, deep cleaning, and reorganizing and the house kept me busy. The storage building was even tidied up when my daughter moved to be closer to me.

HCV paint

I love my farmhouse! HCV didn’t stop me from opening up the windows and painting!

Since the diagnosis on July 14, my MELD score has moved from 6 to 22. I am in the process of being listed for a transplant at Nazhi Zuhdi. First they want to try and use a TACE procedure also known as Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization. To sum this little part up: I am taking sick leave from teaching and will be going with my doctor’s orders this fall.

Now that you know the facts, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You know that’s where I live. Researching and readying myself for this has consumed me. There have been several different parts to it. They seem to layer upon one another, but the focus is the same. How can I survive liver cancer and a potential transplant?

I have rolled up my sleeves and put together a framework of what I think it will take. For those of you who have treated for Hepatitis C, you know exactly what I mean. For those who have survived cancer or a transplant, yeah… I know for sure that you get it. I have heard from several of you privately and in the forums. I sure do appreciate all of your love and prayer.

My reading has been across several different formats from medical journals to cancer recovery books, podcasts, audio, and videos. I am ALL over this one. You will be hearing about it all dear friends in the battle. It reminds me a lot of when I was first diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2010. More conflicting information on the internet. Lots of scary pictures and statistics. I know that somewhere in there is my truth and I aim to find it! I start right where I have had success before.

I am taking the Spirit – Mind – Body approach - 

Right now my body is pretty worn out. I still push on the exercise and yoga. I ache. I’m tired and sleepy. Nothing new there! lol My diet has gone through a major overhaul as I try to gain some weight and get in optimal health for the battle. Thank goodness for my liver loving diet. My doctor’s all commended me on my blood labs.

My mind is like a twister, racing and scooping up thoughts. Some of those thoughts create a gut wrenching fear. I linger on the positive faith filled ones. Forcing myself to be still and listen for peace is like trying to stop a tornado. But I’ve always heard that at the center of the storm, all is quiet. There. Right there in that quiet place I can hear wisdom.

Our inner spirit is where we are full of strength. It always is. It is untouched by the outside world. Pure and eternal, it is the essence of who we really are. I guard my spirit against the shouting voices of anger, fear, and anxiety.

I still know that we must analyze, understand, and organize our body’s process with liver disease. It is also important to just be. Sitting still with no outside noise is refreshing and helps me to center in on the quiet place.

strong battle hep c cancer

Quiet times feed my spirit and help me to chill out!

Now that I have a computer again – Woohoo! – I will be breaking down all aspects of HCC or hepatocellular cancer, MELD scores, UNOS, and how it relates to Hepatitis C and cirrhosis. I hoped it would not happen, but your Best Friends Guide to Hepatitis and Cirrhosis includes Heptacellular Cancer now.



If you logged on to read about Hepatitis C and treatment options, side effects, or questions related to cirrhosis – please read all that you can. By getting treatment and taking good care of my decompensated liver, I have lived 2 years past a death sentence. I believe that every thought leading to positive action can add years to YOUR life too. Let’s keep fighting the fight against Hepatitis C and the liver disease that can come. Treat as soon as you can, eat right, and live every moment to the fullest.

All my love and thanks for prayers, encouragement, and support. Your Best Friend in the battle, xoxoxo Karen:)

I think one of those pics is upside down. Can you guess which one? lol. You know what? Perfection is NOT my aim right now. What about you? Are you setting some goals to overcome your health care struggles? Let’s do it together.